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How to Cultivate Creativity?

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Reframe Your Mindset

How do you cultivate creativity? What thoughts, feelings and activities tend to foster your creativity, and what dampens it?

Can you cultivate creativity when doing tasks you don’t love but need to do?

Every creator, business owner, and artist eventually needs to do tasks they don’t love.  For the most artistic and creative, sometimes the thing we avoid is the tasks that are business oriented.  Some left brain folks avoid the artistic side.

The more you employ creativity, the more good it will do for you and your life.

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Audio Article – Cultivating Creativity

For me, one of the business tasks I don’t “love” doing is creating product ads, copy, systems (and selling in general).  Yet, to build a successful brand and help others in building their brands, it’s a skill I need to develop.

Whether I hire an expert, take a course, “hack school” my advertising education, or a mix, if I want to uphold my end of building our brands it really helps to enjoy the process.

This is summed up so well in one of our favorite quotes from Denzel Whitaker’s character in ‘The Great Debaters’ movie:

“We do what we have to, so we can do what we want to.”
~Denzel Whitaker; character-James Farmer, Jr, The Great Debaters movie

No matter in what area of life you’re working to excel, there are harder tasks you must do, until you can afford to replace yourself though your successes. But why make it more frustrating by disliking it?

Starve the Snarks Sharks

As much as I hear many of the cliched phrases of “Enjoy the process!” or “The journey IS the destination!” it took awhile for the real message to skin in.  Have you experienced that too? You read those seemingly corny and generalized quotes, nodding in agreement while never really owning the power of the message.  I’m so guilty of doing that.

Sometimes, I’m the one who needs those “corny quotes” the most.

I’m caught up in everything I haven’t done, and I listen to the devil on the left shoulder. My personal Snark Shark talking me down and laughing at my own dreams. You might have one of those in your head too. It’s the same voice that seductively talks you into every distraction you later feel guilty and shameful about.

Other times I’m so caught up in the end vision that I want right now,  that I miss the opportunity of growth right in front of me saying: “Hey! This way, kid! What you think you’re looking for is on the other side of those tasks you’ve been avoiding.”

Feed what you want.. starve what you don’t.

“Struggles are the training grounds of greatness.”
~Devani Alderson, cofounder-iCreateDaily®

Giggle Your Monsters Back to Hiding

The struggles are the training grounds of greatness.  Our creative light allows us to find humor, lessons, and even gratitude within our natural life dips or momentary roadblocks.

Through the struggle I learn, and in the learning, I grow. I learn that figuring out the hard stuff brings a feeling of achievement that I wouldn’t have experienced without the struggle.  Then there are times the vision gets clouded and The Monstrous Resistance Dragon, that Steven Pressfield talks about in The War of Art, rears its head in a flaming challenge.

Of course, this is the part in a Disney movie where some gorgeously glossy stallion gallops to the scene and the Knight in Shining Armor attacks the dragon… saving you from the peril. Ugh.

Chivalry is wonderful, but I prefer the Pixar films where Boo and her cute lil pigtailed self isn’t scared of Monsters in Monsters Inc. She sees right through their BS and owns the whole story. Like a boss!

Be like Boo. Face your monsters and giggle at their silly attempt at derailing you.  Scare the Monster back into hiding before it can scare you. When you face your fears, they disappear!

“When you face your fears, they disappear!”
~Devani Alderson, cofounder-iCreateDaily®


Reframe Your Mindset

Once you’ve addressed your resistance, in whatever form it crops up, you can work on training your mind out of that.  It’s fairly simple to change your state momentarily. But we’re talking about lifelong habits and it’s not often that we can have one battle with Resistance and assume our Dragon will just sleep for the next century.  Oh no… life will test you a lot.  

We’ve talked about reframing before, and you can read this article for a more in-depth perspective on reframing. The basic idea is turning what you perceive to be a negative into a positive. Look for it and you will find it.

The Struggle

Don’t like doing the accounting for your business but can’t outsource it yet? Okay, but of course you like knowing how much you’ve earned from your work. Or, how you could increase your revenue by decreasing expenses.

The Reframe

“Accounting is not my zone of genius, and I look forward to when I can outsource that. In the meantime, I like knowing how it works and how to grow my bottom line, and I know that I grow stronger through the struggle. I enjoy discovering the story the numbers tell.

That’s just one example of a reframe.

“I tend to believe whatever you decide to look for you will find, whatever you beckon will eventually beckon you.”
~Amy Krouse Rosenthal, writer, author, 1965-2017

My Reframe

Just the other week, I was in a creative writing flow and the thought of running ads was annoying.  I needed to analyze the results, numbers, charts, columns of data.

Does that sound like something an artist type is into?! And have you noticed how your writer’s blocks disappear and the words fly out through your fingertips when you really should be doing something else?

Yet, this week, after listening to some podcasts of other successful advertisers, and creating new artful graphics and branded images… I gleaned new ideas and inspiration and was excited to dive back into ad creation!

Instead of tying the action into everything I don’t love doing, I decided to make it an artistic adventure.  Instead of thinking things like “Ugh, I hate numbers I suck at this.” I simply reframed it.

I started asking myself things like:

  • What types of images speak to me when I’m scrolling through Facebook?
  • How can I make our ads feel fun and not like an interruption for our prospective audience?
  • If I use our brand visuals instead of stock imagery, would the results be better?
  • If I were our potential community member, what would I want to see?
  • How can I cultivate creativity and make these more like art?

I’ve observed that I enjoy my work and take more care into the artistry when I focus on connecting with more creators and sharing things they may love. That simple shift turns it from a chore into a creative endeavor… the time flies and the results are so much better.

Now this task of advertising is not ‘an annoying task on my to-do list.’ Instead, I actually got excited about tracking the results and discovering people who connect with our creations.

“What you’re looking for is on the other side of what you’re avoiding.”
~Devani Alderson,®

The Power of Gratitude in The Struggle

This video from Ryan Daniel Moran, founder of Freedom Fast Lane Conference and owner of, is the perfect message to end on.

We watched it as a family the other night and I was captivated by the idea that we have the power to change how we view situations.

We can experience gratitude and joy from within our struggle instead of waiting until it’s over.
~Devani Alderson,®

“There are two sides to everything. The problems we feel in the moment, and then the positives that we think about in the rearview mirror.  We feel the problems and we long for the positives. We rarely if ever, pause to appreciate the positives while we’re still in the problem.”
~ Ryan Daniel Moran;

There are two sides to everything. The problems we feel in the moment, and then the positives that we think about in the rearview mirror.  We feel the problems and we long for the positives. We rarely if ever, pause to appreciate the positives while we're still in the problem." ~ Ryan Daniel Moran; #quotes #gratitude #life

For more from the master of reframing to change your brain, your life and your health for the better, check out our favorite, Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Create the life you want to live, one day at a time.

The Day is the Way.


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