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Fear and Anxiety and How to Move Beyond Its Grip

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Humanity under construction quote. #GrowthQuotes #HumanityQuotes #PersonalDevelopmentQuotes #EarthQuotes #Covid19Quotes

Many people today are caught up in the negative grips of fear and anxiety, stress and depression... even panic.

It is VERY HARD, to break out of the anxiety cycle, at first. But it is absolutely, unequivocally proven as possible, and it becomes an easier and more rapid alchemical process.

To learn to move beyond fear and anxiety is one of the most important personal growth lessons we can achieve.

The most important thing to remember toward resolving fear and anxiety is that it’s rarely if ever any one solution. To reverse the grip of fear and anxiety is an amalgamation of efforts applied consistently over time, some of which will be covered in this article.

Pushing Through Hard Stuff

A pushup is very hard at first too. But do them everyday and you grow stronger and progressively more capable of doing more without much more effort.

Nothing that leads to our personal development and growth is easy.

At first.

It can’t be, for by definition, to grow, is to push beyond our present place and space to get to the next level.

The crises of today are affecting all of humanity to varying degrees. For after all, it represents uncertain circumstances with unknown outcomes. This level of uncertainty naturally elevate the stress response that’s companion to fear and anxiety. And, it represents change. Dramatic and possibly permanent changes from what was to what’s next.

Change is the other way that we grow for if we keep doing the same things in the same way, we are in spinning a circle cycle rather than a spiral cycle of elevating growth.

“Change is scary because it requires us to move beyond our comfort zone into unknowns. But through change, we grow.”
~LeAura Alderson, writer, editor, creator iCreateDaily.com ®

To learn to move beyond fear and anxiety is one of the most important personal growth lessons we can achieve. #FearAndAnxiety #FearQuotes #AnxietyQuotes #Stress

We Must Deflate Fear

Fear is all puffed up and full of itself… the blowfish posturing to be more fearsome than it is.

It’s best to avoid the news and media. Instead, focus on the wonderful present… the MANY blessings, and your goals for the long term

Examples of Long and Short Term Goals

  • In 5 years I will have published 5 books
  • By the end of this year, my first book will be published
  • My writing goals:
    • monthly
    • weekly
    • daily goals
  • I will take a writing course to study when I’m not writing
    • I will study one hour per day

One blessing in the Covid-19 times is that — unless you’re a frontline healthcare worker — it created more time and space for us to pursue more of our creative endeavors. Chances are we’ve all been crunched for time, and Covid created a pause in the frenetic busy-ness. It’s ALWAYS best to find the good in the bad.

FDR’s famous quote from his 1933 talk is as poignant today as it was then.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”
~Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) 1933 first presidential inaugural address

Humanity Under Construction

We’re in a temporary blip on the screen of life, and we SHALL get through it. Humanity is evolving, and anything “under construction” is always messy.

Do not let fear and anxiety strangle your creativity or paralyze you from working on your goals.

Focus on a future goal and do one thing daily toward that.

We are all a work in progress… W.I.P., individually and collectively. We are humanity under construction.

Which is why perfectionism and self criticism are futile. Instead, adopt the growth mindset of a learner, and see each negative as an opportunity to be replaced with a positive.

“Under construction. Please pardon the mess.”

Do not let fear and anxiety strangle your creative or paralyze you from working on your goals. Focus on your future and do one thing daily toward that. We are all a work in progress... WIP, individually and collectively. We are humanity under construction. #GrowthQuotes #HumanityQuotes #PersonalDevelopmentQuotes #EarthQuotes #Covid19Quotes

Immerse to Reverse the Flow

When I was stuck in the anxiety loop, it was so intense and severe that I was very near collapse. I no longer felt like myself. Things began to shift for me as I immersed daily in interviews with Dr. Joe Dispenza’s.

A trained chiropractor, Dr. Dispenza reversed a prognosis of a life of paralysis from a biking accident. He worked through his own fear and anxiety using the principles he now teaches, and he healed his injured spine. 

Dr. Joe truly understands the body’s stress cycle—physically, emotionally and mentally—getting stuck there and how to get out of it. He did it for himself and now helps many thousands of others as well using scientific tracking for proof of efficacy and results.

You can see a couple videos below.

“Life always waits for some crisis to occur before revealing itself at its most brilliant.”
~Paulo Coelho, Brazilian lyricist & author, b.8/24/1974

Knowledge Fosters Understanding and Healing

Immersion in the learning, mindset and understanding of what was happening, and then how to get out of it has been a huge blessing for my life at a time of extreme crisis. That along with exercise outdoors in fresh air and nature, music, creating and contributing, amongst other things including natural remedies, all contributed to my healing. 

I was in a very, very bad negative loop that was spinning in on itself in an all-consuming black hole of fear and anxiety that turned to panic. That spun increasingly out of control for a couple months of little to no sleep, which made it dramatically more difficult.

Peace and Solace

When I climbed my way out of the abyss of fear and stress, I got to the other side better, stronger, happier and more at peace. You can too. 

Tremendous spiritual and personal growth is on the other side of anxiety when you learn to escape that barbed treadmill of fear.

I started with these videos (below) then just devoured more of Dr. Joe’s content via interviews and keynotes for free on YouTube plus his Rewired series on Gaia.com. He explains the vicious physiological and psychological cycles of the autonomic nervous system’s stress response and how to break out of it. Illuminating and elucidating.

Then, as a part of recovery, I employed numerous remedies, for it took more than one thing to break the intensity of that negative anxiety-fear-panic loop.

So Create

Stress closes off the creative centers making us feel less inclined to do that which we need most to do to break the grips of fear and anxiety. So even if you don’t feel like creating, create anyway. Take a brisk walk or bike ride in nature if your can and chances are this will begin to help break out of that negative loop.

Change Your Vibration

Put on some favorite uplifting music, preferably with headphones, so that you get absorbed into it, and start creating. I use the same go-to music when I really need to elevate. It works every time and my brain is now trained such that it immediately responds favorably to it almost every time.

This is your “work” now… to heal and grow through this. In so doing you will get to the other side, where peace and solace live, no matter the outer circumstances.

Walking and Exercise

When in the stress cycle we’re trapped in the “fight or flight” “animal brain” and that creature needs to MOVE. So get out and move vigorously, preferably in the healing environment of nature. Walking, biking, hiking, yoga, all of those are great example of movement to pursue.

Immerse daily and it will really help. Like pushups for the mental-emotional nature. It’s not easy, but gets easier.

We push to get out of the vicious negative loops by changing what we do and how we do it… by feeding our psyche empowering, elevating content and not mucking around in the yuck. Again and again until the transformations begin to happen more quickly, and eventually, the negative loops cease altogether.

The more we do the more we can do.

The Physiological / Psychological Process

This first video below is a short clip that explains in just six minutes, what’s happening to us when we get stuck in the stress/anxiety/panic loop.

These are empowering, informative and healing truths. 

Anatomy of Fear, Anxiety and Panic

In this short 6 minute video clip, Dr. Joe Dispenza explains the physiology of the fear-anxiety-panic loop and how that is transformed by breaking that cycle.

Replace Fear With Love

Try not to worry. Worry stifles love. Fear constricts creativity. So how to stop that cycle? Move beyond fear and anxiety, by focusing on gratitude and love.

FDR’s famous quote from his 1933 talk is as poignant today as it was then.

“The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”
~Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) 1933 first presidential inaugural address

You Shall Not Pass!!!

Thinking of the evil grips of fear brings to mind Gandalf in The Lord of the Rings shouting to the Balrog from the pits of hell:


Here’s our version:


#GandalfQuote #FearQuote #YouShallNotPassQuote #LOTRquote #LordOfTheRingsQuote #Balrgo #GandalfBalrog

Fear is a Dark Force

Fear is a dark force that blocks the love and light from hearts and minds. By nature, fear constricts  and limits. Fear is instinctual and tethers us to our animal brain, and feels like a dog chasing its tail (obsessively), or barking in fear at the unknown. 

Humans are part animal and part divine. Our angel self can remind the animal self that all is well with the soul… and all will be well in the world. 

We are simply humanity under construction. We are evolving, and often, it is messy.

Let us transmit love, beauty, creativity and hope through a faith that good shall prevail, and let us be that beacon of love. Every time our thoughts stray into the dark recesses of fear and worry, let’s gently — or like Gandalf, fiercely unequivocally — redirect them. Turn to love and gratitude, envisioning love radiating out from our hearts and minds to a world in need.

We begin where we are with what we have and whomever is right in front of us, and then we expand that circle outward until it encompasses this beautiful blue-green planet… blemishes, flaws and all. 

Let us meditate upon love and beauty and then create that wherever and however we can. We will not be depleted, for Love is a renewable resource, the more you use it the more you have of it.

All strife, fear, pain and negativity is an absence of love… of light. 
~LeAura Alderson, writer, editor, creator iCreateDaily.com ®

What Would Love Do?

Poem and excerpt shared by iCreateDaily group member, Shannon DeAnna Schofield:

It was a hard day. I took a shower to reflect and be grateful and words danced in my head., put on my favorite iHeartDaily tank and snuggled with my journal. I thought about a question LeAura Alderson asks me often. 

“What would love do” I have an answer…


What is it love would do
On this dismal day
Raise its head to the skies
To pray for earth today

What is it love would do
As anger fills the air
Raise its arms to hold you
Showing you it cares

What is it love would do
As buildings fall aflame
Raise its ears to listen
Careful not to blame

What is it love would do
As peace fell to its knees
Raise its eyes upon you
To see you honestly

What is it love would do
As we disagree
Raise its hands to yield
Agree to let you be

What is it love would do
Time and time again
Raise you high to heaven
It is love who always wins

Shannon Schofield, poet, beekeeper, homesteader, b. 2/23/1977

Thank you, Shannon! So grateful for you!

Poem and excerpt shared by iCreateDaily group member, Shannon DeAnna Schofield:
It was a hard day. I took a shower to reflect and be grateful and words danced in my head. I thought about a question LeAura Alderson asks me often. 
"What would love do?" I have an answer...
#Love #PoemAboutLove #WhatWouldLoveDo #Inspiration #Optimism #PositivePoetry

Start Your Day Positively

Also visit this compilation of Dr. Joe Dispenza Quotes and videos for further reinforcement.

Getting rid of fear and anxiety is big topic, that’s vitally important in today’s chaotic world. There is so much heightened societal inflammation in this fast paced era, and it’s fueled by negative media. Vastly better for us to focus on and immerse in as much positivity and proactivity toward our goals, now more than ever.

Focusing on your future by taking positive action towards your goals helps alleviate anxiety about the future.

I need to write something closer to a 10k word article on the bigger picture of remedies I’ve employed over time. However, those shared in this article are the quickest, yet most powerful and accessible chunks of it. Please give it a go and let me know how it’s working for you.

You may also find useful information in this article on our fitness site for more natural remedies to help alleviate fear, anxiety and panic.

And remember, this is NOT medical advice of any kind. Rather, this is sharing from the trenches on what’s worked for me and thousands of others.

The best way out of anxiety is action.
~Peter Shankman, entrepreneur, author, b.8/6/1972

The Vision of Beauty

Let’s focus on the vision of beauty and move forward.
~Dr. Bruce Lipton, epigenetics biologist, author, b.10/21/1944

SOURCE: Imaginal Nation – The Future of Cells, Humans & Civilization

Imaginal Nation – The Future of Cells, Humans & Civilization

An entrancing 8 minutes that beautifully explains these transformational times we’re going through. It’s our time to recreate ourselves.

When it feels like everything is falling apart… it’s probably actually metamorphosis.

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