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Personality Isn’t Permanent is Epic and Transformative

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Book Review

The new book, Personality Isn’t Permanent, by Benjamin Hardy isn’t just a must read for creators. It’s a read and reread, a study and implement book.

And what does this have to do with creativity and creators? Everything. Creators are uniquely connected to the concept of creating something from nothing… of bringing ideas to life. Benjamin Hardy’s new book helps us grasp the extent to which we’re not only capable of creating the life we want to live, but that’s the only way for us to achieve it.

We achieve the life we want to live by becoming the person we aspire to be. Personality is not fixed, it’s mutable, so best to guide that change where we want it to go rather than wait for it to happen to us.

This is not a paid review or a commercial. While we collect pocket change as an Amazon affiliate at 4% of retail, (that’s 52¢ if you buy the audiobook), obviously, at that rate, there’s no monetary motivation.

If you’re already familiar with articles here, you’ll see the alignment of thought between the iCreateDaily philosophy and that of Benjamin Hardy’s well researched book.

The bottom line? Personality Isn’t Permanent is an epic, transformative and vitally important book slated to be cited for years to come.

This is my favorite book of 2020.

“Your future should be the predictor of who you are today, not the past.”
~Benjamin Hardy, organizational psychologist, author, philosopher

Benjamin Hardy Quotes from Personality Isn't Permanent #BenjaminHardyQuotes #PersonalityIsntPermanent #metamorphosis #Visioning #YourFuture

An Employee Development Book

When John Allison was the CEO of BB&T, they implemented an Atlas Shrugged study course for employees around the AS concepts of personal responsibility.

Corporations around the world will accelerate their business by helping to uplift the personal and professional lives of their employees if they do the same with Personality Isn’t Permanent: Break Free From Self-limiting Beliefs.

If you want to elevate your employees and your company, ditch the personality tests and replace it with this book.

“Confidence is built by making progress in an intentional way.”
~Benjamin Hardy, organizational psychologist, author, philosopher

SOURCE: ICreateDaily Podcast

A Book for Universities

Personality Isn’t Permanent is going to shake things up and break the stagnate hold of the old approaches. Universities will serve their students well if they use this as a textbook for a much needed new kind of training. Studying PIP will teach students how to think and develop their minds from the inside out.

It’s the rare educational institution that teaches students to achieve their goals through goal setting, action taking and thought transformation. Personality Isn’t Permanent, will transform students and professors alike, which will in turn, affect and elevate families as students go on to teach these principles to their children.

More than developing minds, Personality Isn’t Permanent teaches us how to cultivate our thoughts to have the mind we wish to have and the life we wish to live.

The Truth About Personality Tests

This book reveals the truth around personality tests and assessments that will shake up the corporate and entrepreneurial worlds.

They’re limiting. And, they aren’t real.


…unless we believe they are.

Dr. Benjamin Hardy says:“I believe that personalities should be created. The challenge with the current view is the idea that it must be discovered. When you seek to discover your personality then your whole goal becomes to confirm who you really are.”

[Please let that sink in for a minute.]

“But when you seek to create, then you become the creator and your goals become the shaper of your personality versus your personality being the shaper of your goals. And that’s crucial because your goals can transform you in so many beautiful ways.”
~Benjamin Hardy, organizational psychologist, author, entrepreneur

Consider what old story you’ve been telling yourself that doesn’t belong to you if you’re willing to let it go. What label have you accepted as yours… that you’re ready to release?

An New Era Personal Development Book

In 1937, Napoleon Hill published his ageless tome, Think and Grow Rich. In 2006, Carol Dweck published her landmark book, Mindset. Simon Sinek published his famous and ubiquitous Start With Why in 2009.

It’s time for a new book to help us take personal development to the next level of human possibility. In 2020, Dr. Benjamin Hardy does that with his own landmark book.

Personality Isn’t Permanent is an essential book for your personal development bookshelf, and will transform your life if you read it and heed it.

Please also join us for this powerful conversation with Dr. Benjamin Hardy on the iCreateDaily Podcast.

Get your copy of Personality Isn’t Permanent: Break Free From Self-limiting Beliefs And Rewrite Your Story from Amazon or from Penguin Random House.

“You become who you choose to be.”
~Benjamin Hardy, psychologist, author

You can read the first chapter for free.

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