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The Creative Muse Lives in the Den of Daily Doing

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Have you ever stared at a blank screen or page awaiting your creative muse to rain inspiration upon you? If so, you’re not alone. This article may help you with that along with the muse quotes woven throughout and with more at the end.

But first, if you’re new to this term, we’ll explore the definition and origin of creative muse.

What is the Creative Muse?

Muses were the ancient Greek goddesses of inspiration, in particular, governing literature, science, arts and innovation. The Muses were thought to imbue their essence in poetry and music as recounted in oral myths through the centuries of ancient Greek culture.

Today, the word muse can refer to anyone or thing which inspires creative inspiration and creation.

Stuck or in Overwhelm?

For many creators the challenge is having more ideas than time, which often leads to overwhelm. Either too many projects going on at the same time, or never starting because of not being sure where to start. Either scenario can lead to feeling overwhelmed and stuck.

However, the opposite but still common dilemma is the dreaded creative block. Creative blocks, aka, “writer’s block” and “artist’s block”, often lead to procrastination, under the guise of waiting for the creative muse.

Whether you get stuck from the overwhelm of too many ideas, or high and dry in the desert of creator’s block, the same solution serves to get you going in the right direction.

Daily doing reduces obstacles to progress and invites the Muses to take up residence.

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Audio Article – Den of Daily Doing

Daily doing beckons the creative muse.
~LeAura Alderson,®

Creative Muse Quotes - Daily doing. #CreativeMuse #MuseQuotes #Muse #YourMuse #Creativity #DailyDoing

The Creative Muse Prefers the Prepared Mind

How to Boost Your Creativity, Productivity and Success?

The short answer is to create daily.

You can pursue writing prompts, art prompts, rituals and caffeine (my favorite is “butter coffee“), all of which help. But ultimately, the more you swim in the sea of creativity, the more you’ll be immersed in oceans of ideas.

To mix metaphors, your consistent daily effort tills the soils for the seeds of ideas your muse may plant. Disciplined effort over time will result in a flourishing garden of creativity

Daily Diligence

Everyone falls into creative voids on occasion, but the habit of creating daily will see you through. It is in the maturing of your craft through daily diligence that gets the job done.

Daily doing beckons the creative muse, and is the hallmark of the true artist and craftsman, who works because he loves, and loves because he works bringing his art—and his heart—to life.

All the paints in the painter’s kit… and words in the writer’s head… all the songs in the composer’s heart… remain as seeds of ideas unplanted. None become anything without daily diligence, dedication and determination to do the work.

Creative dilemmas are diminished in the den of daily doing.
~LeAura Alderson,®

Creative dilemmas are diminished... #CreativeMuse #MuseQuotes #Muse #YourMuse #Creativity #DenOfDailyDoing #DenOfDoing

Playing with “D” Words…

Well… because we are writers, after all and words are our tools and toys. ?

The den of daily doing is furnished with diligence, dedication and determination. Over time, these become the well worn favorites that decorate the artist’s dwelling… as comfortably familiar as her favorite duds.

In the den of daily doing, the creative fires are always stoked, and the muse is often in residence.

To be successful at bringing more of our creativity into the world, we don the craftsmen’s hat and “turn pro“. Because, as Louis Pasteur famously said:

Chance favors only the prepared mind.
~Louis Pasteur, French microbiologist, 1822-1895

Louis Pasteur Quote: Chance favors only the prepared mind. #CreativeMuse #MuseQuotes #Muse #YourMuse #Creativity #DailyDoing

Marry Your Muse

The craftsman carefully brings her creation to life, loving it into being over solitary time in meditation through creation. Create daily for a week and you’ll notice the difference. Expand that to creating daily for a month and your new habit is established.

Create daily for a year and you’ll have married your muse for life.

The creative muse lives in the den of daily doing. With head to task does she appear, a presence felt strewing star dusted ideas with abandon. And some… some land on my paper.
~LeAura Alderson,®

The Creative Muse... strewing star dusted ideas...
#CreativeMuse #MuseQuotes #Muse #YourMuse #Creativity #DailyDoing

Tools That Prepare the Mind Attract The Muses

If you feel stuck, here are some ideas for getting unstuck. However, the best advice from the greatest and most prolific writers is consistently consistency.

7 Tools of the Artist Craftsman

  1. Vision
  2. Action
  3. Learning
  4. Caring
  5. Practice
  6. Persistence
  7. Patience

The Artist’s Task: to bring ideas to life.

To be successful at earning a living from your craft, if that is your goal, don the entrepreneurs hat and see the craft of business as yet another art and act of creating.

7 Tools of the Entrepreneur

  1. Vision
  2. Action
  3. Learning
  4. Caring
  5. Practice
  6. Persistence
  7. Patience

The Entrepreneur’s Task: to bring ideas to life.

The Artist Entrepreneur… and the Entrepreneur Artist

The world of the artist and the world of the entrepreneur are not so far apart. The successful artist is she who can find the joy in creating both.

Over time he can hand over some of the things that aren’t his favorites… that are not his strengths to others so he can focus all the more on the art he loves most. Until then the most successful creators are those who embrace the middle way of the artist entrepreneur.

You will get there, if you are consistently persistent over time.

Keep creating daily and the creative muse will become your best friend and constant companion. The more you create, the more work you will have to share in the world. Learn and implement daily, and the craft of your business will also thrive.

Imagine what you will accomplish at the end of a year through the simple discipline of daily creating.

But if you get stuck, these writing rituals and drawing prompts may help awaken your creative muse.

More Muse Quotes

Pros don’t make excuses or wait for muses. They create a plan and work it daily.
~LeAura Alderson,®

The professional does not wait for inspiration; he acts in anticipation of it.
~Steven Pressfield, author, Turning Pro, b.9/1943

Steven Pressfield Quote: The professional does not wait for inspiration... #CreativeMuse #MuseQuotes #Muse #YourMuse #Creativity #StevenPressfieldQuote #InspirationQuote

Daily doing creates a structure for the nebula of creativity to inspire and take form.
~LeAura Alderson, cofounder-®

Daily Doing Quote... nebula of creativity... #CreativeMuse #MuseQuotes #Muse #YourMuse #Creativity #DailyDoing #CreativityQuote

When you keep your commitment, the muse returns.
When you keep your commitment, the work happens.

~Seth Godin, entrepreneur, author
AltMBA, b.7/10/1960
The Muse returns when you... #CreativeMuse #MuseQuotes #Muse #YourMuse #Creativity #Artists #Writers

The artist doesn’t wait for inspiration. She acts in anticipation of it’s apparition.
~Steven Pressfield, author, Turning Pro, b.9/1943

The artist doesn't wait for inspiration... #CreativeMuse #MuseQuotes #Muse #Creativity #Inspiration #Artists #Writers

Pros don’t make excuses or wait for muses.
They create a plan and work it daily.
Then ideas flow and muses bestow.

~LeAura Alderson,®

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