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A Positive Attitude of Gratitude Changes Everything

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Positive attitude of gratitude changes everything #AttitudeOfGratitude #PositiveAttitude #Positivity #Inspiration

It’s Not Fluff… it’s REAL and it Works!

Never underestimate the power of a positive attitude. Over and again have we experienced first hand how an attitude of gratitude changes everything.

Recently, my husband Coleman and I each spent over 7 hours (for a collective 14+ hours!!!) embroiled in tech support for a glitch in our connection to our email and websites.

Gratitude changed annoying to enjoying.

No One’s Fault

It was no one’s fault… just a combination of glitches between the many pieces of the technological puzzle. The pieces involved ISP, LAN, host, email, Apple mail, and two different tech supports teams, each consulting with their lead techies, plus Coleman and me.

This was NOT in my plan today, and I already felt behind. I already had more to do than the day is long. We’ve all been there and no one ever wants to spend hours on tech support. It’s never convenient. But if we can’t change it we might as well accept it.

As I progressed through the frustration and irritation and even entertained uncharitable thoughts of blame, I realized this was not helping anything. This agitation was not a state I wanted to be in, so I reframed my thoughts, which changed my experience of the day, and so much more!

Gratitude, not Grrrrr…attitude

Calligraphy Art by Martha Grow

Calligraphy Art by Martha Grow

Reframe to Reclaim Your Day

So I went from irritated, inconvenienced, and frustrated to finding the fun and the positives using the tool and habit of a positive attitude. Positive attitude of gratitude isn’t airy fairy nonsense. It’s real and it works.

Reframe and reclaim your day, simply by what you choose to focus on. To reframe negatives to positives retrains your brain.

My Reframe

“In reality, it’s truly… TRULY, amazing that all these pieces usually work out just fine. That we are talking in real time with people all over the world, sharing screens and “chats”, all trying to hone in on a glitch between phone, email, computer, internet service provider (ISP) and local area network (LAN) and hosting and Apple Mail and a dozen different email accounts and websites.”

WOW!! SUCH AN AMAZING TIME WE LIVE IN. I still marvel that voice and images travel through wires over mountains, under oceans, through air and space. That it all connects us and helps us to share, collaborate, and co-create is all the more amazing.

So I am grateful for all of that, and even the setback, and it’s always remarkable to me… how it is that a positive attitude can make such a difference.

Come what may, your mindset can make or break your day.
~LeAura Alderson,®

Come what may, your mindset can make or break your day, so choose a positive outlook and your day will improve. #PositiveAttitude #AttitudeOfGratitude #ReframeNegativity

A Setback is a Setup for Something Better

That setback was actually a step forward because it gave me:

⭐ A break in my busy-ness to step back and assess if I am on track with my goals and how I might do it better.
⭐️ The idea for this email and a corresponding article.

A Positive Attitude and Gratitude is Contagious

The moment I shifted from thoughts of what we were missing… of the loss of time, never to be recovered… the moment I shifted to appreciation, and a positive attitude of gratitude, my body relaxed. It’s hard to let go of a plan and not bemoan what is lost. But I did. Almost immediately, the tension evaporated and Coleman and I even fell into some bantering humor about it all.

My gratitude moment happened mostly internally, other than to maybe utter one remark about it. Yet we both relaxed into it fairly quickly. We were so glad for the great support and the opportunity to finally resolve the issue.

A positive attitude of gratitude is contagious. So is a negative one.

That’s why it’s so important to surround yourself with friends and family who will nurture and feed your positivity, and likewise, you, theirs.

The moment you release what isn’t, is the moment you begin living in the potential of what is.
~LeAura Alderson,

Positive attitude of gratitude changes everything. The moment you release what isn't... #Positivity #AttitudeOfGratitude #GratitudeQuote #PositiveQuotes #Inspiration

Good News in the Midst of Hassles

What happened next while still on the support call in the thick of issues, UPS arrived with a couple boxes.  Excitement!! We received a shipment of the new 90 Day Goals Journals (we have three new editions) in one box, and advanced reader copies—ARCs—of Coleman’s latest novel in the second box!

Choosing, is in and of itself, a positive action. Most people don’t choose negativity, they just let it happen to them. Choosing is proactive. Choosing takes responsibility, which means that while you may not be able to control all that happens, you can absolutely control how you respond to it and perceive it.

Most people don’t choose negativity; they just let it happen to them. Don’t be most people.
~LeAura Alderson,®

Most People Don't Choose Negativity...

A Moment of Gratitude Changes Everything

And the grace continued. The next day, I wrote a gratitude email to the tech team. Which led to more cool things.

It struck me deeply that our website hosting company stuck with us in trying to resolve the problems we were experiencing. It turns out it was not their fault or their responsibility, yet they diligently persisted in working hard to help us resolve the issue for many hours over a series of days.

I wrote them a gratitude email, and they responded with two free months of hosting!!! WOW! WPX Hosting Company is the best of three that we’ve used. They always go over and beyond (best if you have two or more sites).

This stepping back to reflect on the positives with gratitude and appreciation, led to this article, to a video testimonial for our hosting company, to two months of free hosting, and to a new podcast series in the iCreateDaily line: new weekly short segments called “Gratitude Breaks”.

While we’ve not yet had the time to create those episodes consistently, we’re definitely aspiring to.

Living in Gratitude

That’s how we choose to live our lives. Perfect at it? No. On the journey and growing? Yes!

Observing the power of this super simple concept to vastly change lives for the better is what inspired us to create the I’m Grateful – 90 Day Gratitude Journal (you can get a free 30-day PDF download version here).

No matter what’s going on in life… whether in the world or in our own lives, the one thing above all that helps us feel better, see better and think better is to remember the many blessings.

If you’re struggling and you want more positivity to boost your mindset, you will enjoy these positive quotes.

Gratitude brings peace and imbues every cell of your being with a gentle grace.
~LeAura Alderson,®

Gratitude brings peace and imbues every cell of your being with a gentle grace. #AttitudeOfGratitude #PositiveAttitude #PositiveQuotes

Turn a Set Back into a Step Up

What was created from relaxing into what was, rather than resisting it turned a set back into a step up. If I had held onto the frustration and tension, chances are that I would have missed the opportunity to appreciate the human beings on the other side of the chat window, going over and beyond the call of duty.

Relax into whatever is, and make the most of it.
~LeAura Alderson,

An attitude of gratitude changes everything. No matter the circumstance, remember the Serenity Prayer and then relax into what is. #PositiveAttitude #AttitudeOfGratitude #SerenityPrayer #RelaxIntoWhatIs

If I had chosen the low road of negativity, I would probably still be talking stink about the hassles and casting blame even though there was no one to blame. If the topic of hosting companies came up, I would likely launch into our saga, with additional dramatic flare woven into each telling.

But that is not the life we choose to live. Negativity clouds all who come in contact with it.

For every negative, seek out the positive and that is more of what you’ll see.

You may enjoy this iCreateDaily Podcast Gratitude Break Episode on this as well, or this one on Gratitude and Joy.

For an incredibly inspiring foray into gratitude, joy and so much more, you will definitely want to tune into this special video featuring Matthew McConaughey. LOVE this… he’s so strong in his truth. ❤️

Choose a positive attitude and positivity will find you and seek you out.
~LeAura Alderson,®

“Joy is always in process. It’s under construction. It is in constant approach, alive and well in the doing of what we’re fashioned to do.”
~Matthew McConaughey, actor, visionary, b.11/4/1969

Find more Matthew McConaughey quotes.

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And remember…

An attitude of gratitude changes everything. Most people don't choose negativity... they just let it happen to them. Don't be most people.. #PositiveAttitude #AttitudeOfGratitude #ChoosePositivity #Negativity #PositivityQuotes /3

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