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Art & Creativity Challenges – Grow Your Creative Capacity

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Flower Art by Gwenna Baldwin #flowerArt #GeorgiaOkeefe #GwennaBlaldwin

Table of Contents

Encouraging Intuitive Art

Intuitive art through conceptual prompts is about self discovery and expansion. The iCreateDaily Art and Creativity Challenges are designed for more than offering art, writing and creative prompts; it’s also about personal development and self discovery through art and reflection.

These creativity challenges serve to invoke your inner philosopher and muse through conceptual quotes in the areas of art, creativity, personal and business development. Conceptual reflections cause us to raise our eyes in thought, which opens the door to ideas waiting to be explored. If the quote doesn’t initially inspire ideas from which to create, we follow that up with several prompts to spark your imagination.

If any given quote and accompanying prompt doesn’t ignite your creative juices, OR, if you already have something you want to work on, then please, prioritize creating what you’re compelled to create first and foremost.

Above all, these challenges are intended to help you develop the habit of creating daily. The specific ideas and prompts always take a back seat to you and your creative flow.

“He who works with his hands is a laborer.
He who works with his hands and his head is a craftsman.
He who works with his hands and his head and his heart is an artist.”
~Saint Francis of Assisi, Italian Catholic friar, preacher, founder, 1181-1226

Conceptual Prompts

Pondering conceptual prompts connects heart and mind through the chalice of the heart where your inner life is reflected to the surface through your creations.

The river of intuition flows under the bridge between heart and mind. Thinking, feeling and creating brings inner realms to surface as ebullient bubbles rising into the conscious mind, generating greater love, positivity and creativity.

As you walk that bridge and cultivate the habit of daily reflection and creation, you will begin to think more deeply. Pondering in the flow of creating imbues meaning and richness to the moment and becomes that habit for all that you do, adding depth and dimension to life.

Conceptual prompts are meditation in action, fostering reflection, intuition and creativity when engaged consciously with positivity and gratitude.
~LeAura Alderson, cofounder®

Quotes and Prompts

For the iCreateDaily Creativity Challenges, each day’s conceptual quote is followed by the same instructions, but different quote and prompts. Below is an example for context and edification.

To create is to love.
~LeAura Alderson, iCreateDaily®

Ready to Create?

If the above quote already sparks ideas in your mind and you’re ready to create, then CREATE FIRST in your preferred medium before reading further. You can always loop back later to read this.

Need ideas..?

To create from your own inner impressions and responses is to invoke more of your own intuition and your creative muse. But if your muse needs a little nudge these ideas may help.

MUSINGS for Sparks… (choose one that resonates)

  • What colors come to mind when you think of love? 
  • When you think of creativity, what emotions do you feel? 
    • What does that emotion look like? 
  • How might love look like in the abstract
  • What tangible form would you create for love?

Creativity Challenge Participant Creations February 2020

#iArtDaily Challenge Day 1Art & Creativity

“Art is a subset of creativity.”
Chase Jarvis, founder, CreativeLive

Day 1 Prompt Ideas (choose one to create using your chosen medium)

  • Art is VAST and yet… just a subset of creativity. Convey vastness or space.
  • Depict or simply work in your favorite kind of art or medium.
  • Illustrate the role of art and creativity in the world.
  • What is creativity? (Illustrate or write about what it is to you).
  • To what non-art thing or circumstance have I applied creativity?
  • What problem can I improve through creativity?

Joyce E Johnson

#iArtDaily Challenge Day 2Art is a Privilege

“It is not a torment to be an artist. It is a privilege.”
~Louise Bourgeois, French-American artist, 1911-1910

Day 2 Prompt Ideas (choose one to create using your chosen medium)

  • Express gratitude… what does it look like expressed through art? (You may wish to depict something or someone you’re grateful for, or something that symbolizes that feeling).
  • I have the freedom to create. Create something that represents freedom to you.
  • Take any negative thoughts or fear around your art and create the opposite. E.g., if fear, create around courage; if doubt, create a symbol of confidence, etc. It may just be a color you associate with those positives. That can become your color to visualize whenever you need more courage.
  • “Torment” can arise from empathy and artists are often acutely sensitive. Create an image of a yourself or person or being surrounded by protective bright light, while also sending out love and light to others. When you feel negativity, hold this image in view.

Vickie Light Altheide

“It is not a torment to be an artist. It is a privilege.” To go a step or two further, I would say that being an artist is not only a privilege but it is a right. The torment is not believing that you are a creative being. It is the beast that attempts to talk me out of my creativity. My critic has horns. What does yours look like? It is a torment not to express myself. You see, my critic is not as scary after all. How could I ever let it torment me, give it that much power.”
~Vickie Light Altheide

“The torment is not believing that you are a creative being. It is the beast that attempts to talk me out of my creativity.”
~Vickie Light Altheide

iArtDaily - Art & Creativity Challenge, Vickie Light Altheide, artist. #CreativityChallenge #ArtChallenge #CreativeChallenge CreativePrompts #ArtPrompts #WritingPrompts

#iArtDaily Challenge Day 3 – What is the Point?

“To be great, art has to point somewhere.”
~Anne Lamott, author, teacher, born-4/10/1954

Day 3 Prompt Ideas (choose one to create using your chosen medium)

  • What is the purpose of my art?
  • The purpose of this creation is to…?
  • What is the purpose of today?
  • Word association: Remember also, word association as a component of conceptual prompts. Example: when you hear or read the word:
    • “Great”, what’s the first word or thing that comes to mind?
    • Or “Somewhere”, what word pops into your head?
      Then… create something around that thing, place, etc.

La Nita Glass

Day 3 yaaay! I have been thinking of my post all day and not dreading it. It was really exciting thinking about it and couldn’t wait to get home and write. I decided my focus through the course of this will be I Am statements. So today my focus was being grateful, tomorrow being joyful. I set my tone for today by thinking on all that I am grateful for. Because of that I didn’t feel heavy today. Today I Am Joyful. On that note I know I will sleep well tonight. Hope you all do the same.
~La Nita Glass

#iArtDaily Challenge Day 4 – Trying Things

“Being an artist… a lot of what it really means is trial and error. Trying things that don’t work… that’s how you learn.”
~Autumn de Forest, child prodigy artist, philanthropist, humanitarian

Day 3 Prompt Ideas (choose one to create using your chosen medium)

  • How have my failures helped me grow?
  • What was a funny creative failure?
  • I learn from failure and dance with it!
  • Art expands my thinking. Create something that represents expansion.

Shannon DeAnna Schofield

 I’ve learned more from failure than I ever have success. I’m so happy with my piece today! I’m glad I thought to give it the time it and resources it asked for.
~Shannon DeAnna Schofield, poet, author, beekeeper

#iArtDaily Challenge Day 5My Goal as an Artist

“My goal as a artist is to create art that makes people look at the world in a different way.”
~Autumn de Forest, child prodigy artist, philanthropist, born-7/9/1994

Day 5 Prompt Ideas (choose one to create using your chosen medium)

  • My goal as an artist is…?
  • What experience or feeling would I like people to have from my art?
  • My art proffers these feelings and experience
  • What helps me see things in a different way?
  • Depict a positive way that I see the world.

Becky Slonaker 

“My goal as an artist to help little kids develop their creativity and imagination through art. We are losing art programs in our schools and I have developed a space in my art gallery/studio that allows them to do just that. It is my greatest privilege as an artist.”
~Becky Slonaker, artist, teacher

#iArtDaily Challenge Day 6 – An Instrument

“Art is an instrument for peace and creativity.”
~Yaacov Agam, world renowned Israeli kinetic artis

Day 6 Prompt Ideas (choose one to create using your chosen medium)

  • For me, art is ___________. (Depict in your medium).
  • Art as an instrument – (actually or symbolically).
  • Convey “peace” creatively or symbolically for you
  • Your favorite instrument.

Janelle Teitlebaum, artist

A bit of zentangle for peace and creativity today.

iArtDaily Art & Creativity Challenge, Zentangle by Janelle Teitlebaum, #iArtDaily, #ArtChallenge #CreativityChallenge #ZentangleArt #JanelleTeitlebaum

Sandra Malan-Bowles

“Creativity imbues peace and inner alignment.”
~Sandra Malan-Bowles, artist

Karen Akers

Becky Slonaker

#iArtDaily Challenge Day 7 – To Touch Art…

To touch art is to touch the mind; to touch the mind is to touch a life.
~ J. David Arnold, president, psychology professor, Eureka College

Day 7 Prompt Ideas (choose one to create using your chosen medium)

  • Envision a mind touched by art.
  • Depict a life touched by and immersed in art.
  • The flower attracts the bees she needs by being all that she can be. Same for the artist.
  • Imagine touching many lives through your creativity, positivity and growth and the positivity ripple effect through generations.

Gwenna Baldwin 

And now for something completely different. This is a photo of me, taken as part of an art book project called “Water Dance”. I was one of several “water dancers” to participate. The word “ripples” in the prompt reminded me of water. Then I read Shannon DeAnna Schofield’s poem and this project came to mind. I also wrote a poem that was included with my series of photos in the book:

Water is life giving
I see a baby, safe, floating in her mother’s womb
Or destructive
Terrifying grave of
a sunken ship
Water can be
Or Devine promise
Storm beating down,
Raging flood
Or miraculous drops
Falling from
Of dancing mermaids
Singing their siren song
I am hidden
And revealed

#iArtDaily Challenge Day 8 – Art Inspired with Love

Art, when inspired with love, leads to higher realms. Love art, and that art will open for you the inner life.
~Meher Baba, Indian spiritual master, 1894-1969

Day 8 Prompt Ideas (choose one to create using your chosen medium)

  • Art inspired by love.
  • What “higher realms” would you create?
  • What is ‘The Inner Life’
  • What will open The Inner Life for you?

Sally Kirkpatrick 

I glued wallpaper onto the backs of each compartment in this display box. I’ll be placing items I find in nature in it. As I find them, I can also change them. Touching nature, making art, touching life.

Image by Sally Kirkpatrick

#iArtDaily Challenge Day 9 – Effort into Art

It is the artist’s privilege to turn any effort into art. 
~LeAura Alderson,

Day 9 Prompt Ideas (choose one to create using your chosen medium)

  • To what mundane task can I bring artistry?
    • How will that change the experience for me and/or others?
  • The artist brings ideas and vision to life, through images and story. What vision in your mind would you bring to life today?
  • Want something more concrete? Create something around the word ‘artist’:
    • An artist (painter, writer, dancer, musician, etc)
    • A self portrait of you as an artist
    • A painter’s palette 
    • An instrument of trade for your chosen branch of artistry

Barbara Franke, artist

“All the art I do is inspired by what I love- beautiful scenery, glorious sunsets, interesting faces, the rush of water, all Gods creations – flowers, birds, animals. Trying to recreate these opens my most inner, deepest, passionate and creative, me. My inner life.”
~Barbara Franke, artist

Gwenna Baldwin, artist, dancer

Day 9. So, A couple days ago, I was moving rock and digging in preparation for garden planting – very mundane activity. I was NOT thinking about those rocks, but was dreaming about the beautiful flowers that will be there. ? Not really sure if this is finished yet, but hope you get the idea.
~Gwenna Baldwin, artist, dancer

Gardeners dream in flowers.
~Gwenna Baldwin, artist, dancer

#iArtDaily Challenge Day 10 – Your Portfolio

“Portfolios are everything, promises are nothing. Do the work.”
~Chase Jarvis, photographer, entrepreneur, creator of CreativeLive

Day 9 Prompt Ideas (choose one to create using your chosen medium)

  • Imagine and depict your dreams as a portfolio of postage stamps to the universe. Envision “sending them off”, perhaps one each day or all at once. Create whatever you will around this.
  • As of today, you have a portfolio of approximately 9 new creations. Imagine those arranged to present toward getting the creative job of your dreams. Create around that.
  • Create a 10th for today, that represents how you feel as a result of creating consistently for 10 days.
  • When I push through and just do the work, even when I don’t feel like it I end up feeling ________________.

Martha Grow 

This was a bit of work and planning.

#iArtDaily Challenge Day 11 – Art is… Nature is…

Art is man’s nature; nature is God’s art.
~Philip James Bailey, English poet, 1816-1902

Day 11 Prompt Ideas (choose one to create using your chosen medium)

  1. What does human nature as art bring to mind?
  2. What does my artistic self look like in writing or illustration?
  3. If I could extract my artistic nature and splatter it on page or canvas:
    a. What would that look like…? 
    b. What colors would be predominant…? 
    c. Would it be more abstract or more defined?
  4. Convey a favorite something in nature

Misty Foster 

Difficult to do justice to God’s art. But my version of the tree of life.

#iArtDaily Challenge Day 12 – Art Touches the Soul

Art touches the soul… art is communication… it reaches out from the canvas and passes through the eyes of the viewer right into his heart where it can leave an imprint of beauty that can make the spirit sing.
~Nina Baldwin, American artist, author

Day 12 Prompt Ideas (choose one to create using your chosen medium)

  • Communion between art and soul.
  • Communicate about the deeper meaning of art for you.
  • Create an imprint of beauty.
  • Create around what makes your spirit sing.

Sheree Greek 

Day 12 entry- My shorthand version of the quote

#iArtDaily Challenge Day 13 – What is Art…?

What is art? Nature concentrated.
~Honore de Balzac, French novelist, playwright, 1799-1850

Day 13 Prompt Ideas (choose one to create using your chosen medium)

  • What is art to me?
  • What is nature concentrated?
  • Create your version of a fractal image.
  • Concentrate your focus on a singular aspect of nature, such as a dew drop, an atom, or a spiral… anything from DNA to the Universe

Shannon DeAnna Schofield

 #iartdaily day 13. My lucky number! I woke up this morning with my mind in the right place.


A bee, to me, is the prettiest thing
Buzzing along peacefully in early spring
Gathering nectar and pollen to share
All is done with great love and care
I admire them, truly, for all they do
Respecting their work, my love is true
Their journey is short but oh so sweet
With their toil, a little honey I keep
They are each individual working for the same
When there is a problem, they are all to blame
We could learn a lot from the honeybee
If you take a moment you will clearly see
All they do for nature and us all
We must help them before they fall
It is easy to help them if you’re inclined
Planting herbs and flowers is so kind
A simple thing to help a bee
Also saving humanity

Shannon DeAnna Schofield 2-13-2020

Gwenna Baldwin #iArtDaily Day 13.

Spirals, golden ratio, Fibonacci, sacred geometry- found everywhere, from DNA, to molecules, to plants, the sea, to the universe. One of the mysterious miracles of creation.

#iArtDaily Challenge Day 14 Art is Like Therapy

Art is like therapy; what comes up is what comes up. It may be dark, but that’s what comes up. You may want to keep some of it in a drawer… but never judge it. 
~Nick Bantock, US based British artist, author,

Day 14 Prompt Ideas (choose one to create using your chosen medium)

  • Create something healing or related to healing
  • Imagine creating from your heart to another
  • Create contrasts of light and dark

Joyce E Johnson

I have spent many years in an art therapy group. Dark things do come up. It’s a release. It’s a reckoning. And it’s good. It doesn’t always feel good. But it’s good, good for the heart!

#iArtDaily Challenge Day 15 Art for Art’s Sake

“The veracity of ‘art for art’s sake’ is more accurately expressed as ‘art forour sake.’”
~Che Baraka, American mixed media artist

Day 15 Prompt Ideas (choose one to create using your chosen medium)

  • What does it mean to do art for art’s sake?
  • Illustrate what art does for me. It could be via an emotion, place, thing or state of being.
  • Meditate on truth and create something that represents truth to me. It could be a universal truth, a personal truth or a law of nature.

Nadine Gumas, needle work: Knitting and Crochet 

I prefer yarns that are soft, nothing too scratchy. After all, the item should give you pleasure, not make you dislike it. I remember when my grandmother taught me to knit, that most items were scratchy and not pleasant to wear.

Yarns have come a long way since I was a child. Merino wool is a wonderful example of soft wool. If you don’t absolutely have to have natural fibers, a good way to go is with acrylic yarn. My pictures today show items made with acrylic yarn.

#iArtDaily Challenge Day 16 Encouraging Intuitive Art

Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it.
~Salvador Dali, Spanish surrealist

Day 16 Prompt Ideas (choose one to create using your chosen medium)

  • Create something that’s purposefully imperfect
  • What is my relationship with perfectionism, and does it serve or delay me?
  • When I accept what isn’t, I can get on with what is. What is real for me now?

Sandra Malan-Bowles

#iArtDaily DAY 16: ink and paint “My purposefully imperfect flowers”

#iArtDaily Challenge Day 17 Stored Honey

Art is the stored honey of the human soul.
~Theodore Dreiser, American novelist and journalist

Day 17 Prompt Ideas (choose one to create using your chosen medium)

  • What is the nature of the human soul?
  • What is the nature of art?
  • What does stored honey represent?
  • What is the stored honey of your soul?

Janelle Teitlebaum, artist

“Honey, of course, makes me think of flowers. I chose to try watercolor because it’s lovely qualities to depict flowers. I have very little experience with watercolor. I had difficulty figuring out how much water to use and being patient to let areas dry before continuing. I’d like to explore this medium further.”

#iArtDaily Challenge Day 18 Art Begins with Resistance

Art begins with resistance, at the point where resistance is overcome. No human masterpiece has ever been created without great labor.
~Andre Gide, French author and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature

Day 18 Prompt Ideas (choose one to create using your chosen medium)

  • Depict a point of resistance in my life
  • Convey the victory from overcoming resistance
  • What growth is on the other side of my comfort zone?
  • Create around something I labored over, almost gave up and salvaged through perseverance. 

Barbara Mitis Welch

“I just thought about art and resistance. I believe that some artists work and work on a piece, others make a line and (I saw Picasso do this) voila! a bull! We have to have such a combo of work, patience and belief in ourselves. But this makes me laugh. I may put it up on my inspiration wall.”

Barbara Franke 

“Today I thought of the desert… how harsh and resistant it is to human comfort, and how no place is any more beautiful and spectacular. Living there takes great effort, recreating in painting does as well. My humble attempt at a desert evening sky.”

#iArtDaily Challenge Day 19 A Different Order of Reality

Art is man’s constant effort to create for himself a different order of reality from that which is given to him.
~Chinua Achebe, Nigerian novelist, poet, professor, 1930-2013

Day 19 Prompt Ideas (choose one to create using your chosen medium)

  • Do you agree or disagree with this quote? Please elaborate or convey visually.
  • What does our urge to create a different reality portend?
  • What thoughts arise for you from the concept of ‘creating a different reality than “is given’?
  • Simply create something beautiful and share it’s significance for you. 

Nadine Gumas 

“Day 19- Artists create a different order of reality every time they create. This is another mandala that I made with cotton thread and then framed.”

Misty Foster 

“So this one I call my mistake canvas. As the back ground was done on accident and I fell in love with it. It took me a long time before I decided on what I wanted to add over the back ground. It my favorite so far.”

#iArtDaily Challenge Day 20 Clouds Add Color to My Sunset Sky

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky. 
~Rabindranath Tagore, a Bengali, Indian polymath, poet, musician and artist, 1861-1941

Day 20 Prompt Ideas (choose one to create using your chosen medium)

  • Create around clouds and sky
  • Create around a sunset sky
  • Create around storms

Sally Kirkpatrick 

Moss takes in the rain
Gifts you with green
From grey clouds
To expressive Flora

Gwenna Baldwin

#iArtDaily Day 20 Dark clouds add beauty and contrast to art and to life. What is that saying about no mountains without valleys? Without the dark, there can be no light.

#iArtDaily Challenge Day 21 Attention to Detail

Art is born in attention. Its midwife is detail.
~Julia Cameron, American artist, author and teacher

Day 21 Prompt Ideas (choose one to create using your chosen medium)

  • Present the birth of art from your mind or heart.
  • Create a symbol that represents focus for you.
  • Create a detailed piece.

Beth Murphy, writer, Haiku poet

Haiku of the day
Summer beach roses’ scent
Drawing the creative wind within
The Moirai whispers.

So I went with the prompt tonight. I do love the beach rose. It wound up here in New England somehow in the late 1800’s. I chose it because it always reminds me of summer. I looked up and learned some fun facts about my beach Rose. It’s hardly and buoyant and can stay intact in seawater for months…probably how it made it here during the Canton Trade .

Moirai are the three fates who preside over humans…
I thought I might try something a bit abstract in my Haikuing since the natural world is still the same cold and still.

Story update: Wrote half hour moving her along tunneling downward .I think maybe 3 or 4 more days of writing and my character life will tick upwards .

Joyce E Johnson 

Sometimes I like to look up the definitions of words in a quote to help me make sense of it. Or understand it better.
“Taking special care of something” = attention.
“Helps bring something into being or assists its development “ = Midwife. Makes sense to me. Now. Not sure why I drew that hand other than the details come through the hand when painting.

Barbara Mitis Welch 

The kind of detail I love to try to reproduce is water, glass and reflections. They are so difficult, but you feel accomplished when you get it right. Trying to flex my flabby artistic muscles on a spoon

#iArtDaily Challenge Day 22 A Work of Art, is…

“A picture is a work of art, not because it is ‘modern,’ nor because it is ‘ancient,’ but because it is a sincere expression of human feeling.”
~John F. Carlson, Swedish-born American Impressionist painter

Day 22 Prompt Ideas (choose one to create using your chosen medium)

  • Something modern
  • Something ancient
  • An expression of human feeling

Sandra Malan-Bowles

#iArtDaily DAY 22: A Work of Art, is…
Yesterday I cut a part out of a previous painting I was not happy with, and changed it a little. From what was left I made a collage today! If you look carefully you will see a flower pot and 3 lilies.

Sandra Malan-Bowles, artist

Barbara Mitis Welch

Yesterday my quarterly jewelry magazine arrived (always a happy dance day), and there was a featured artist who is influenced by archaeology and uses junk she finds to make her stunning jewelry. Ancient and modern… and influences for me as well. I’m going to try to work on a piece like that today.

Jewelry created by Barbara Mitis Welch
Jewelry created by Barbara Mitis Welch

Trish Manning Bowman

Here is my first attempt at watercolor pine trees. I didn’t think to tape the paper down? not too bad for just painting without watching a video.

#iArtDaily Challenge Day 23 The Purpose of Art

The purpose of art is to bring people into presence.
~Jim Carrey, actor, comedian, screenwriter, musician, producer, painter

Day 23 Prompt Ideas (choose one to create using your chosen medium)

  • What is the purpose of art?
  • What brings me into the present
  • Convey the energy of people you’d like to spend time around

Barbara Franke 

Maybe something others don’t get to experience is the lenticular clouds that seem to hover over or cap off our mountain (Rainer). Not sure what Jim Carrey was saying in his quote but I’m bringing you into the presence of our mountain I guess…

Sally Kirkpatrick 

I find my presence in rivers, the forest, trees, sky, rain. Any part of nature. Water, rivers, the ocean, these are where I find myself. Participating in an activity in the rain or a cold stream energizes my very being.

#iArtDaily Challenge Day 24 Life Itself

What was any art but a mould in which to imprison for a moment the shining, elusive element which is life itself.
~Willa Cather, American frontier writer, 1873-1947

Day 24 Prompt Ideas (choose one to create using your chosen medium)

  • Art is a mould for creativity.
  • A symbol or other depiction of life itself.
  • Catch the moment.

La Nita Glass

Day 24!
It is never easy to say good things about myself. This has been empowering. So I’ve added a link to some writing I did a little while a go. 

Empowering journaling by La Nita Glass - I am Talented. #Journaling #SelfEmpowerment #IAmStatements

Also my first try at drawing and painting.

Art on the left by La Nita Glass, writer, teacher, artist

Barbara Mitis Welch 

Missed yesterday… I was in jewelry creation mode. I took a break and started this. I hated coloring books when I was a kid. I made my own, and I think my parents thought I was a weird kid. When the 60s albums came out with all their artwork, I showed my parents. I’m sure then they KNEW I was a weird kid.

Barbara Franke 

This made me think of a still life… captured (imprisoned) forever in art form. … the plant will not die the fruit not rot, the bottle not get dusty. So this is what I painted today… mostly with water paints.

#iArtDaily Challenge Day 25 – Art Distills Sensations

Art distills sensations and embodies it with enhanced meaning.
~Jacques Barzun, American historian

Day 25 Prompt Ideas (choose one to create using your chosen medium)

  • Capture and convey tour experience of a fragrant flower
  • Envision a pollinator creature and flower in communion
  • Trees communicating with each other
  • A butterfly on the nose of a surprised creature

Misty Foster

As so often happens life gets in the way and I haven’t been able to post or do any art for a couple of days. At which point my control issues wanted to take control and I was having difficulty getting into the right frame of mind to do art. Finally just took a few deep breaths and decided to doodle. Went with colors and shapes that spoke to me. Thanks again for keeping me focused.

Art by Misty Foster

Gwenna Baldwin 

#iArtDaily Day 25: “Art distills sensations”

#iArtDaily Challenge Day 26 A State of Soul

“Art seems to me to be a state of soul more than anything else.”
~Marc Chagall, Russian-French artist of Belarusian Jewish origin, 1887-1985

Day 26 Prompt Ideas (choose one to create using your chosen medium)

  • What is your vision of your soul?
  • Art flowing from the soul into existence.
  • An angel transmitting healing to someone or to the world.

Joyce E Johnson, artist

I really like this quote. Of course I looked up the definitions. And the alternate version is this. Art purifies a feeling containing it with intensified significance. Or more simply art makes our feelings seem more important. It validates our feelings. I created this scene using some paper I used for a mask on a piece a few days ago.

Shannon DeAnna Schofield

Yes it does! I’m really happy with my finished piece. I love the way my words look with all the colors. I have done a couple poems this way and think I should do them all. Haha I’m going to need a 4′ canvas to get my political poem on!

As I wrote my book telling the story of the birth of each poem I realized that’s exactly what happened. I could never have that moment again. I’m so grateful to have been able to capture that? I’m still working on this project, just gotta go back over the words and some finishing touches. I want more of that neon pink and green? Here’s the words. Y’all prolly know this one by now. It’s one of my favs. I had to shorten it to fit on the canvas but this is the whole poem


I’m thankful for the chance I get each day
To live and laugh and love and play
Even to cry and weep and fuss and muss
Most days I don’t, some days I must
To cry tears of joy for a rescued kit
To sigh in delight at coffee’s first sip
To relish in the scent of a gardenia flower
To feel the strength of Hope with all its power
To know when the world gets too heavy or cold
I can count on my friends to be so bold
To lift me and love me and help me fly
To grab my tail feather and with me soar high
To know my heart beats every hour
To know within me lies all the power
To share all of this love and light
Without reservation, fear, or fright
Even on the days I fuss and yell
Though that’s not the story I’d like to tell
It’s truly within my power to share
All of this love, concern, and care
I can share all the bad things
It’s true, I know I can
That’s not what God wants of me nor any human
So on this day I’m thankful for you
I’m thankful for the bees and the sky so blue
I’m thankful for the joy I found today
I’ll use it like paint to color all grey
You can do this too
Today you can start
With any second of the day
With every beat of your heart
You have all the power and you know it’s true
All that love and light that’s right inside of you

Shannon DeAnna Schofield

#iArtDaily Challenge Day 27 The Hero’s Journey

“In everything that can be called art there is a quality of redemption.”
~Raymond Chandler, American-British oil exec-turned-novelist, screenwriter, 1888-1959

Day 27 Prompt Ideas (choose one to create using your chosen medium)

  • A hero
  • A journey
  • Redemption

Gwenna Baldwin

#iArtDaily Day 27. The name of this piece is “Life’s Journey;Redemption “. It’s actually one I started a while ago, but it fit so perfectly with today’s quote, that I decided to work on it some more and finish it. Giving no explanations, make of it what you will. ?

Joyce E Johnson 

The road map to redemption has twists and turns. Potholes (after all I’m in PA) and road work. Detours and distractions like playgrounds and shopping. I may add a few things like good intentions and an art studio/gallery. Silly, yes. But it was fun.

#iArtDaily Challenge Day 28 A Sacred Space

NOTE: We discovered an error in the journal where the Day 28 quote is the same as the Day 25 quote. So… we’re using this one instead.

“The artist’s sanctum is a sacred space where healing occurs. Pains are released in drops of color and waves of sound, springing joy to life from infinity.”
~LeAura Alderson,®

Day 28 Prompt Ideas (choose one to create using your chosen medium)

  • Depict a sacred space for you.
  • Pains are released
  • Joy springs to life

Martha Grow 

This Joseph Campbell quote is certainly true for me. My sacred spaces are art and nature. Returning to them after an absence is like coming home.

Shannon DeAnna Schofield 

Sacred space. Everything about my current project is sacred to me. A sunrise, the forest, and these bright colors! It probably doesn’t look like I’ve made much progress. But I’ve worked on this off and on yesterday and almost 2 hours this morning. I started in pencil because I dread messing up this gorgeous background. I set the trees in pencil first. I didn’t like my branches so I switched up and plan on practicing my branches today. I really want this to be good so I’m taking my time with it. I’m happy with my progression.

#iArtDaily Challenge Day 29 Art for Art

Art for art’s sake.
~Victor Cousin, French philosopher, founder-eclecticism, 1792-1867

Day 29 Prompt Ideas (choose one to create using your chosen medium)

  • What is the sake of art?
  • I create because I must.
  • What is the benefit of art in my life?
  • What does creating and creativity do for me?

Shannon DeAnna Schofield 

This guy right here has been my secret lover this week. Constantly whispering in my ear “come play with me”. I’ve woken up thinking of him (yeah I guess he’s real now Haha) every morning. I’m itchy to get my hands on him. As with any new relationship, it’s awkward, but I’m making it work. After laying the words in pencil, I went over with paint pens. One set was too thin, the other too thick. I decided to use both rather than go get a new set. I’m not ready to try the branches yet because I’d like some advice. I’m going to help a bee buddy today who’s an art teacher and hope she can direct me. My WIP this week surely has me pumped! The challenge might be over soon…. but I’m just getting started ?

Martha Grow 

Art doodles. Just because.

#iArtDaily Challenge Day 30 Springing Joy to Life

The artist’s sanctum is a sacred space where healing occurs. Pains are released in drops of color on waves of sound, springing joy to life from infinity.
~ LeAura Alderson,®

Day 30 Prompt Ideas (choose a different prompt than you did for this quote on Day 25)

  • Depict a sacred space for you.
  • Pains are released
  • Joy springs to life / something joyful
  • Create using drops of color
  • Depict waves of sound

Gwenna Baldwin 

#iArtDaily Day 30 – “Joy Springs to Life”
A day late , but here it is. Dancing is one of the most joyous things I do. And it is literally joy springing to life. I did a watercolor from this photograph (of me dancing)- y’all don’t laugh ?. Learning. My pic in the next comment.

Nadine Gumas 

Day 30- I enjoyed this 30-day challenge. Thank you LeAura Alderson and everyone for making it fun to participate. I experience great joy when I make something for someone else. At the beginning of this challenge I started a cowl for my daughter and here it is at the end.

Sandra Malan-Bowles

#iArtDaily DAY 30: Springing Joy to Life
What an amazing 30 days! It’s great to be part of such a wonderful and supportive art community! Special thanks to LeAura Alderson!

Nita Glass 

La Day 30?Loving myself more today then day one. #iartdaily. Thank you! This has been the most awesome and productive 30 days I’ve had in a while.

La Nita Glass - Journaling. #PositiveAffirmations #CreativityChallenges

Misty Foster 

Finished. I had so much fun with this 30 day art challenge. Thank you again for all the feedback and encouragement.

Barbara Mitis Welch 

The garden is a place where healing occurs. My final doodle – ode to a spring garden. Thank you all! I had a good time.

Janelle Teitlebaum 

Drops of color. Trying out new Dewent Graphik line painter pens.

Barbara Franke 

What’s more healing then salt and fresh air.

Joyce E Johnson 

This is my back porch. My sacred place. I spend most summer nights out there just sitting or drawing. And listening to and singing with music. Not sure what my neighbors think about me singing. I live in town and the houses are only about four feet apart.
Perspective on the one set of stairs is off. But other than that this is how it looks. Btw I designed the porch myself and my husband at the time built it.

Sally Kirkpatrick 

Drops of color. Super happy with this little experiment. Drops of food coloring on page of journal. Then I closed it for a time. Love the rich color, the symmetry and it looks like a child holding a doll. Or a potted plant. Or whatever you see in it.

Susanna Holman

Me, being me, I had to keep at it for a while longer. I hope to plant sunflowers again. Gardening is a steep learning curve in the edge of the desert after living up north. The grasshoppers attacked everything last summer, but more made it than the year before.

Shannon DeAnna Schofield 

Forest was angry with me yesterday. He was jealous of my practice canvas Haha. But this morning we had a nice date and I had the confidence to set my branches. I decided not to fret over them much and just let them flow. We can always cover up ugly branches with “happy little leaves” ~ Bob Ross. This project still has a long way to go but I’ve learned so much about paint and brushes and myself as an artist. Yay!! Y’all I feel like an artist now❣️

Martha Grow 

On joy!

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