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Conversations With the Universe Are Waiting for You

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“The Universe is awaiting your call. It’s time to create the space to hear It.“

When we’re in conversation with friends and family, we speak and expect they will respond and vice versa. That’s the way conversation works. It’s the same with conversations with the Universe…with self… with soul… with spirit… with God… with Source… by whatever name is most resonant for you. 

It’s just that we’re not in the habit of getting quiet enough to listen to the reply.

And it’s not just our words that are heard and responded to, but also our thoughts. Especially our thoughts, for they are the womb of our words and their health determines what is birthed into our lives. What we manifest… what we create.

There are simple ways to get into the habit of hearing the subtle messages waiting to respond to our seeking… waiting to be heard and received to serve.

How to Have Conversations With the Universe

There are many ways… and no one way. Here are some that always work for me and many others.

  1. Meditation
  2. Prayer
  3. Affirmations, (AKA Attunements, invocations)
  4. Quiet time in nature 
  5. Vigorous activity outdoors in nature
  6. Childlike attitude of awe and wonder
  7. Gratitude
  8. Optimism
  9. Consistency
  10. Creating – and let spirit to lead the creation

Do you think that when you create from the elevated space of any one of these, that it will make a difference in your creation? 

In your state? 

In your peace? 

In your joy? 

In your day?

“Creativity elevates. Creating from an elevated space e x p a n d s your life.”

“Creativity elevates. Creating from an elevated space expands your life."

Daily Practice Integrates Aspirations

And what if you cultivated that as a way of life, weaving it into the fabric of who, what and how you are? And then add in another one… another one positive habit per day or per week or per month until it’s as natural as your next breath.

“The Universe is awaiting your call.
It’s time to create the space to hear It.“

There’s No Better Time

No need to wait. It doesn’t have to be big; doesn’t have to be the perfect timing or circumstances. 

The very best time is now in this moment. Start. Just one elevated thought…emotion…action. 

And then the next. One at a time.

The Universe is awaiting your call.

It’s time to create the space to hear It.

“The very best time is now. This moment. Start. Just one elevated thought...emotion…action.“

Transformation through creation.
☀️🌙 ⭐️

The day is the way.

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