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About iCreateDaily

Welcome to the iCreateDaily Site, we’re a mother-daughter team:

Left: Devani Alderson – Right: LeAura Alderson

LeAura Alderson and Devani Alderson, and your co-hosts on this journey of creativity and productivity.

iCreateDaily is for artists in every genre of creating, from musicians to writers, crafters to inventors, bloggers to entrepreneurs…

If you are into creating anything, this is for you.

iCreateDaily is about creating, cultivating, committing, connecting and contributing.

We started the iCreateDaily brand to encourage creatives to do the work that matters to you, and to support you in that through inspiration, education, resources, encouragement and community.

The world needs your creativity now more than ever, and today, there are more opportunities for creatives to bring your work into the world than ever before.

It is art that brought the world out of the dark ages during the Renaissance.

It is art from all creative endeavors and entrepreneurs that will lead our society into the next evolution of human potential.

We are the iCreateDaily hosts, LeAura Alderson and Devani Alderson, a mother daughter team from a family of creative entrepreneurs.

We work in the areas of media publishing, writing, marketing, investing, real estate, ecommerce and product development.

Our favorite thing is to hang out with aspiring and inspired people and to help others do more of the work they love; to grow their creative endeavors.

The stories, gold nuggets, and quick inspirational conversations are to help get you going and motivated to work on your own projects through a community of creatives committed to creating daily. So… Whether you’re tuning in on a commute, getting ready for the day, or checking out the video podcast version on YouTube, we hope you find the spark to create.

If you have comments, questions, or ideas for articles that you’d like to see here… names of people you would like to hear on the iCreateDaily podcast, please let us know at! We check all messages.

Thank you for joining us on this journey!
~ LeAura & Devani


More About Our Family

The Alderson Family: Coleman, Nikolai, Zeus, Caspian, Devani, LeAura & Zoya

We are a small family of entrepreneurs and our goal is to grow our businesses while helping others grow theirs. That’s what we love to do! We are a media publishing company with online properties—websites—as well as products and authors of books, in our areas of interest, which include:

  • Gardening, Farming & Growing Things
  • Creators: Artists, Writers, Inventors, Founders & Entrepreneurs
  • Holistic Health, Fitness, Wellness, Nutrition and Alternative Medicine
  • Meditation & Spirituality
  • Baby Boomers & Seniors Reinventing their second half
  • Dogs – especially Rottweiler mix (and soon to be Maltese)
  • Positive stories site for spreading love and goodwill

Our passion is to help you become all that you can become.

Our Goal is to Create…

  1. Platforms for sharing the stories, expertise and wisdom from “the crowd”… from unsung heroes and untold stories. We believe there’s a vast reservoir of knowledge and experience in the world amongst those who may never be in the limelight, yet whose wisdom, expertise and stories can help others.
  2. A supportive resource for helping other creators and entrepreneurs grow personally and professionally.


You can reach us via email to us.