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30 Day Intuitive Art & Creativity Challenge – February 2020

creativity challenge, 30 day art challenge


30 Day Intuitive Art &

Creativity Challenge

February 1 – March 1, 2020

The February 30 Day Intuitive Art & Creativity Challenge will help you establish a daily creative habit.

“I am amazed and so thankful for everything I have done since I started my first challenge in January 2019! Thank you so much!”
Sandra Malan-Bowles, artist

What art do you wish to pursue?

  • Create art for 30 days
  • Write for 30 days
  • Build a daily habit of creating
  • Explore creative mediums
  • Stretch your photography skills
  • Create a portfolio of work
  • Start the year with a creative habit
  • Accountability in your art/writing goals
  • Start or finish a book
  • Just make more

Make space for creativity.
What would you like to create in 30 days?

This Creativity Challenge is FREE.

The only cost to join is to order the art journal in use for this challenge:

iArtDaily Intuitive Art Journal ~ Volume 2

Once you join the Facebook group, you can participate in all future challenges with or without a new art journal.

See the FAQs below for answers to common questions. You’ll also see creations and testimonials from previous participants!

What is the iArtDaily Journal?

  • ? ART JOURNAL – quote prompts encourage spontaneous artistic expression and intuitive art creation for both writing and visual arts.
  • ? SLIM SPIRAL BOUND – sleek design for travel portability. Journals open flat for ease of use.
  • ? SMOOTH UNCOATED PAPER – Sturdy 100# smooth paper, feels good to touch, works for all mediums.
  • ? DAILY PROMPTS – 30 daily quote prompts as concepts to inspire intuitive artistic expression.
  • IMPROVE YOUR CREATIVITY – create something every day for 30 days and watch your talent flourish. 

The investment in this art journal is small.
The reward of your creating daily?

This Creativity Challenge is FREE. The only cost is to order the iArtDaily Intuitive Art Journal ~ Volume 2 #ideas #design #writing #DIY #quotes #drawings #thinking#hobbies #motivational #thoughts #GoalsJournals
#GoalJournal #GoalPlanner #video

What past participants have shared about previous 30 Day Creative Challenges:

“Very good journal to keep all my thoughts and artwork daily during the challenge.
I love this journal! I am almost done of a 30 Day Art Challenge and iArtDaily journal is made perfect to encourage you to create every day.”
~ Liliya Harpe, visual artist

“Everything starts with a first step this challenge is such a step for me.”
~Birgit Black Sink
, painter, art teacher

“This book and the 30-day challenge for me were amazing!!! I really learned a lot about meself as a soul and as an artist. I definitely think everyone who can, should take this challenge. Even if you don’t think you have a bit of artistic blood in your body.”
~ McCollonough Ceili, writer, artist, creator

“I really feel the prompts and musings are perfect. They flow, often I am getting to the same place the following day that the next days prompt also has gotten us to. In sync.”
~Sally Kirkpatrick, writer, photographer, visual artist, creator

The What, Who, and How’s of this 30 Day Art Challenge

Whether your art is painting, photography, writing… or a blend of these, this is about setting aside time each day to do more of what you love.

Included in this 30 Day Creativity Challenge

  • Supportive and encouraging daily emails
  • Daily posts in a private Facebook Community just for Challenge participants
  • Support and encouragement from fellow artists and your hosts
  • Personal growth through your commitment to creativity
  • Ideas to help spark more of your own creativity
  • Accountability by sharing your work
  • 30 Days of creating!

Creator Challenge Benefits

1. Daily Conceptual Prompts and Ideas:
Each morning we’ll email you the daily prompt as a meme (image with quote) that corresponds with the iArtDaily 30 Day Art Journal Volume II. Conceptual prompts foster intuitive art and development and expand awareness and creativity.

You can order your art journal here. The journal is a requirement for this challenge.

2. Facebook Group:
You get access to a private Facebook Group for challenge participants only. The power of like-minded/interest communities for accountability, support, and encouragement is valuable. 

Once you’ve ordered your iArtDaily journal from Amazon, you can sign up for the Creativity Challenge group here.

I was inspired to do this little piece (author unknown) after going on a mushroom walk today.I so enjoy the freedom to enjoy this adventure and then freedom to create art from the experience.”
~ Martha Grow, calligraphy, visual artist, creator

3. 30 Days of Doing ART!
What can you accomplish in 30 days of creating your art and dedicating yourself to doing what you love to do? At the end of the 30 days, you will be inspired and amazed.

Whether your art is painting, photography, writing… or a blend of these, each day you’ll get to have time doing more of what you love.

4. Community Support:
Creating within a supportive artistic community makes a big difference. You will benefit from the encouragement, ideas and creative inspiration that comes from being surrounded by other creators.

Your creativity will thrive in an environment that supports you doing the work you want to do. 

Your creativity will thrive in an environment that supports you doing the work you want to do. #ideas #design #writing #DIY #quotes #drawings #thinking#hobbies #motivational #thoughts #GoalsJournals #GoalJournal #GoalPlanner #video

5. Accountability:
You are accountable to yourself only. However, just the fact of being in a community of artists sharing daily, helps boost your own resolve and inspiration to do the same. Sharing your work in the group helps you achieve your creative goals.

6. Inspiration:
We cannot overemphasize the benefit to you in committing to 30 days of creating daily. You will be inspired by the other creators, you will discover more of your own creativity, and your own art ability, imagination and inspiration will expand.

7. Exposure to your art:
In addition to the opportunity to share your art with others, we may also share member creations with the larger iCreateDaily audience (with permission and attribution of course).

8. Growth:
You will learn and grow, you will gain ideas and improve your skills, and most importantly, you will have cultivated the habit of creating daily. The community and hosts may contribute ideas to help you in your artistic endeavors and interests. All you have to do is ask.


Anyone creating anything, no matter your level of experience.

This is about creating and creativity, not skill and expertise though you’ll likely learn from other members during this time together.

The focus of this Challenge is helping you establish a creative habit using the iArtDaily 30 Day Intuitive Art Journal. This is perfect for writers, poets, photographers, visual artists, new or experienced artists… anyone who is seeking to create more.

“I am proud of my consistent journaling and daily creative endeavors.”
~Victoria Simon, writer, previous challenge participant


Conceptual prompts are ideas or concepts that inspire creative imagination, ideation and reflection.  We use quotes as concepts to invoke intuitive creativity from the inside out.

Conceptual prompts allow the creator to decide what meaning to assign and design accordingly.

Reflecting on conceptual prompts helps to awaken slumbering intuition.

Ready to join?


This Creativity Challenge is FREE. The only cost is to order the iArtDaily Intuitive Art Journal ~ Volume 2 #ideas #design #writing #DIY #quotes #drawings #thinking#hobbies #motivational #thoughts #GoalsJournals
#GoalJournal #GoalPlanner #video


Click here to join or click on the photo below and you will be asked for your:

  1. Email address
  2. Amazon order number

Frequently Asked Questions

“What happens if I miss a day?”
“What if I don’t have time?”
“If I’m on vacation can I still participate in the 30-day art challenge?” Etc.

Don’t worry. Life happens.
But remember, this is for YOU!

It’s about developing the habit of daily creating as a part of your normal routine.

If you miss a day here and there, just hop right back into the creative flow at your very next opportunity.

Want to join but afraid you don’t have time?

Even 5 minutes of writing, sketching, drawing, painting, etc., begins to set the rhythm of this daily habit.

In time, you will expand your ability to create more each day.

Daily steps in the direction of your dreams is a proven path to success.
~LeAura Alderson,

Don’t delay your dreams!

We look forward to seeing your shared thoughts, ideas and creations!

If you have any questions, we’re here to help… don’t hesitate to ask!