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Contributing Writers and Artists

Lynda Suzanne Wright, Raleigh NC

Lynda is an Artist/Photographer, a retired vocal music educator, and professional singer. Born and educated in Texas, she has lived and worked in Texas, Oklahoma, Mississippi, South Carolina, and North Carolina, where she now resides with her husband, Jeff.

She has traveled extensively both for leisure and while touring as a singer, and during and after those trips has written and made art about them all!

Her local Raleigh NC studio is Signs of Life:  Through My Eyes – Lynda Wright, Artist and Photographer, and you can find her work by that name on Facebook as well.


Artist’s Statement:

What inspires my creations is my history as a hunter-gatherer of sorts.  I travel, read, collect, observe. When the light is right and the colors and shadows draw me in, I photograph, paint, or scan an antique autograph, all of which find roles to play in my art. The act of visually diving into each image through its layers is the sort of alchemy that compels me to come back to creating, day after day.

As a retired educator and professional singer, I have always known there are myriad avenues of communication, and through the years, my body of visual art emerges to be a great part of my true voice.

Bottom Line: I can no more separate the facets of my artistic life than I can the aspects of my family and personal life. They are organic and they are one. Looking back, the only “stuck” moments in my artistic journey occurred when I allowed myself to listen to those who did not understand my journey. There is always someone who wants you to “just focus on ONE thing”. I’m not wired that way.

Enjoy Lynda’s awesome article on prompts for drawing here.