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Favorite things

To keep on track with your goals requires immersion in learning and growth by those who are where you’d like to be… who represent your aspirations, and/or who are sharing their brand of wisdom culled from their unique life experiences. Toward that, we’re creating a weekly round-up of our favorite things to share.

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If you’re planning a trip to a place you’ve never been before, you do what you can to learn about that place from others who’ve been there before.

We learn most from experience. The next best thing is to learn from the experience of others… from those who are where we’re going. Toward immersion with successful kindred creators, we’re sharing some of our favorite things from this week.

Sharing Inspiration

The greatest insights come from experience, not from school.
~Scott Belsky, entrepreneur, executive, author, investor, creator

Favorite Things – Sharing Inspiration


The Messy Middle by Scott Belsky. We love that Scott Belsky started as a creator as founder of the platform for creators, Behance, which he sold to Adobe for $150 million dollars in 2012. And now… he’s returned to Adobe as an executive on a mission to continue serving creators.

Creative block is the consequence of avoiding the truth. And when you pierce the truth, it flows.
~Scott Belsky, entrepreneur, executive, author, investor, creator


Ryan Moran’s podcast, The One Percent with Dr. Loretta Bruening. This is a very insightful podcast with interesting insights on what motivates and impacts us to do the things we do. Dr. Bruening is also author of several books, including the one most referenced in this episode, Habits of a Healthy Brain.

In nature, there is no free happy chemical. To get more, you have to do more.
~Loretta Bruening, PhD, researcher, author

Tim Ferriss with Samin Nosrat, Master Creative, Master Teacher & Chef. This episode speaks a lot to the power of visioning, and also the essentiality to being okay with mistakes, imperfection and letting go of self criticism.

You achieve things when you plant a seed and you’re really clear about it. Specific goals come to life.
~Samin Nosrat, Master Creative, Master Teacher & Chef, on Tim Ferriss’s Podcast

The more clear I am about what I do want to do, the more easily I can say ‘no’, or make a better decision about where I’m headed.
~Samin Nosrat, Master Creative, Master Teacher & Chef, on Tim Ferriss’s Podcast

Interview Shows

Bedros Keullian with Tom Bilyeu on Impact Theory. Talk about kick-in-the-butt inspiring… if you’re feeling unmotivated and stuck, this should help push you off your chair and into action. Now, with a net worth of over $100 million, the odds were stacked completely against Bedros. Learning how he fought his way from poverty and poor self-image, to success and charity.

If you grow your emotional and adversity quotient, you will be a well-rounded human that can deal with anything.
~Bedros Keuilian, founder and CEO of Fit Body Boot Camp International

Musical Inspiration

If you need some incredible music to get those creative juices flowing, the Now We Are Free track from Gladiator’s soundtrack is one of our all-time favorites.  Hans Zimmer’s composing mixed with Lisa Gerrard’s vocals are a sonic masterpiece! šŸ™‚

Get the full Gladiator album on iTunes or on Amazon.

Thought Provoking

The Brain and Learning

Featuring 4 minutes of invocative inspiration on learning.

Rap Inspiration

#Truth!!  This is a powerfully poignant message from David Brown of BoyInABand.

Immersion Eliminates Diversion

So… be sure to immerse yourself each day in the positivity of working on your goals, nurturing  your mind and spirit, and associating with those who are doing as you are doing and aspiring to, because as Dr. Bruening says:

We are born to wire ourselves from life experience.
~Loretta Bruening, PhD, researcher, author

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