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Freedom Poems to Set Your Spirit Free to Be

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Freedom poems

We’re just getting started with our own collection of freedom poems here. Please send us yours — either your own or your favorites by others — and we’ll include them here.


Freedom rings across the land
Flags flying in the breeze
All we hold within our hands
We think it came with ease

Those before us paid our way
So nice of them to share
The precious flag they displayed
It cost a lot, my dear

My mind is free, voice is heard
Freedom oozes from my pores
My heart can fly just like a bird
Whether rich or poor

We are free to do as we please
As we navigate this life
Some folks, they will disagree
When freedom is applied

The freedom we use everyday
My dear, it has a price
Call your heart to be swayed
Before you know its strife

You’re free from cause, not effect
As you make your own choice
You don’t know what to expect
When others hear your voice

Think ahead, let them hear
Free your heart and mind
Be tall and true, do not fear
Always be so kind

Freedom can cost everything
Exercise with love
Fly so high with golden wings
As you hover far above

Do this now and you will know
Your heart will wholly sing
Free your heart, watch it grow
Letting freedom ring

~Shannon DeAnna Schofield, poet, author, gardener beekeeper, b.2/23/1977


Freedom was an untied lace.
Freedom was a red blouse.
Freedom was a plate of chicken.
Freedom was saying no more.
Freedom was the start,
then the end and the restart.
My freedom may not look like yours
but damn…it felt good.

Amalie Stoneman, multi-talented, multi-disciplinary artist, practicing poet

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