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Life is the Journey

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If you’re not loving your life then it may be time to course correct, because life is the journey.

If there’s something you’re supposed to be creating but you’ve been avoiding it, are you sure that’s the thing for you? Don’t do something just because you think you’re supposed to, or because that was the plan, and especially not because someone else told you to.

It’s always a good idea to come up for air and assess whether what you’re doing is in sync with your purpose. If not, then it might be time to create a better plan and a way to get there.

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Audio Article – Life is the Journey

I’ll Be Happy When…

Don’t wait until you arrive at your goal… at your destination… at having X number of dollars… or the job, the body, the relationship of your dreams. Don’t wait for happy. Choose it now, wherever you are in your journey because there you are… there… in it!

Fill this moment on the timeline of your life with as much positivity and gratitude as you can. For it will never happen again, and what comes next… each next moment is improved by the love in the present.

If you think about it, the majority of goals are a thin line of time compared to the journey there. In other words, the arrival is a at the end of the timeline of your current goal.

Examples of Life as the Journey

  • Spending two hours preparing a lovely meal that’s devoured in 20 minutes with cleanup to follow
  • Practicing a year for a recital that’s over in two hours
  • Painting for months for an art show that lasts a week
  • Sewing a quilt that’s gifted on Christmas
  • A year of writing to finally publish your book

No dream is a grand as who we become by the effort required to achieve it.

The published book in your hands is the goal, but you must enjoy the writer’s journey in all it’s highs and lows, else why write? The long timeline is where life happens. Wherever you are now is where your life unfolds. This is the place to apply the philosophy you believe in during your most peaceful, inspired and exalted of moments.

The finish lines of our goals are just a dash on the timeline of our lives. But life lives in each day.

Most of us spend far more time in planning, preparations and follow up than in the enjoyment of the arrival at any goal. So we might as well enjoy the preparation as much as the result… the journey as much as the destination.

Don’t wait for happy to happen “when“. Invite Happy to live with you and go wherever you go. 
~LeAura Alderson, cofounder-iCreateDaily

Don't wait for happy to happen "when". Invite happy to live with you and go wherever you go.  ~LeAura Alderson, author, entrepreneur, cofounder-iCreateDaily #Happiness #HappyQuotes #HappinessQuotes #Inspiration

Life is in the Day

Find the love in each day. Bring the love to each day. If you decide to have a good day, you’re more likely to. The day is only bad if you name it so. Even if bad things happen, you can choose to focus on what’s good. And it’s important that you choose because what you focus on is what grows in your life.

The day is only bad if you name it so.
~LeAura Alderson, cofounder-iCreateDaily

A former boss introduced me to this phrase: It’s just another bug on the windshield of life.

And when the really, really bad stuff happens…? Grieve, stomp, shout… whatever you need to do, then, get on with it. Don’t waste precious time on what you can’t change. Instead, keeping moving forward into ‘can’.

Focus on the good and you’ll have more of that.

“Happiness is homemade.”
~Shannon Deanna Schofield, author, beekeeper

Happiness is homemade. ~Shannon DeAnna Schofield #HappinessQuote #HappyQuote #ShortInspirationalQuote #HappinessQuote

When You Can’t Change it…

We’re inspired by the story of Hal Elrod, survivor, author, entrepreneur and inspirational speaker. Hal was clinically dead for six minutes following a catastrophic auto accident at the age of 20. Then a few years later he was diagnosed with a rare a deadly cancer.

Hal saved his own life and that of many others by a simple three word mantra he learned from his sales training with the CutCo Knife company, (way to go Cutco!).  If you can improve the circumstance, then stop complaining and get busy. If you can’t change it, move on and don’t dwell.

That philosophy is summed up in three words.

“Can’t change it.”

If you can’t change it, accept it, adjust and move on.1)

Decide to have a good day, and you will.
~LeAura Alderson, cofounder-iCreateDaily

Decide to have a good day, and you will. ~LeAura Alderson, author, entrepreneur, cofounder-iCreateDaily #AchievementQuotes #Motivation #Goals #Journaling #Gratitude #Mindset

Life is the Journey

If you’re uncertain as to your purpose, no worries! That’s actually common and a normal part of the process. You can never really know the journey until you’re on it. You may enjoy reading more on that in this article.

For now, it’s probably safe to say that if you’re procrastinating, and always placing other things in front of your goals, that’s a good indication that your heart isn’t really in it.

If that’s the case then it may be time to assess and course correct. If you want to go where you think you want to go, you should also plan on enjoying the journey there.

Life is the journey.
~Multiple authors

Life is the journey, not the arrival. If you're not loving the journey, it may be time to course correct. #JourneyQuotes #LifeIsTheJourney #Inspiration #Determination #ShortInspirationalQuote


What if you’re certain that what you’re doing or planning is definitely what you want to be doing? If you’re on track with purpose but still procrastinating, then you’re avoiding doing the hard work of the deep dive.

Easier to play in the shallows than to swim in the deep, but going deep makes all the difference. Immerse. When we take the time to go deep on anything that interests us, we become more interested and more engaged.

Life’s a Trip!

If your dreams seem so far away, remember to find the joy in the journey, because you are there… you are in it. So even if it’s not what you wanted… not yet what you’d hoped for, don’t let one more precious day go by without finding the good in it.

Make today count.

Appreciate the scenery along the way, and the richness of life, for even the depths of despair give way to hope and light and love and beauty… to the heights of the human experience.

If you’re planning a cross country trip, from New York to San Diego, it’s a long drive. You will enjoy that drive far more if you plan interesting stops along the way.

Same thing for your life goals. Set waypoints where you take time to reflect on the life goals you’ve accomplished today, this week, month, or this year. Enjoy and celebrate how far you’ve come, as well as the lessons and experiences along the way.

It is in the journey that the way becomes more clear.
~LeAura Alderson, author, entrepreneur, cofounder-iCreateDaily

Life is the journey. No matter when you're reading this... if you’re way behind where you wanted to be at this point in your journey, don’t worry. From this moment forward, based on where you are today and where you want to go, just start heading in the direction of your dreams. #JourneyQuote #Goals #Dreams #NeverGiveUp #ItsInTheJourney #LifeIsTheJourney

In the End

Consider an imaginary scenario where you had one day left to think, to sing, to dance, to walk, to hug, to love, to eat, to enjoy a sunset. Hopefully, you wouldn’t waste that precious day in regret, in “what ifs”, in squabbling, and all the multitude of petty things we humans can get caught up in.

On your last day, hopefully, you would remember to enjoy every aspect of the day. You would remember to love and express love for those whom you hold dear in your heart, and the things on this planet that you appreciate.

If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.
~Vincent Van Gogh, Dutch Post-Impressionist painter, 1853-1890

Vincent Van Gogh Quote - If you truly love nature. #JourneyQuote #VanGoghQuote #VincentVanGogh #NatureQuote #BeautyQuote

Committed and Accountable

There are few things more effective toward keeping us on track than accountability. If you’re not tracking your progress, how will you know where you are in your journey? If you are committed, you will want to be held accountable.

Hold yourself accountable to yourself… to your journal… your work…. to an accountability partner. Commit to yourself, and don’t let yourself down.

Most importantly, hold yourself accountable to finding the joy in the journey. Daily journaling is a super simple yet profoundly effective way to not only plan and track your progress, but also to remember to slow day and appreciate and recount the treasures of the day.

Gratitude is so effective at invoking gladness that we created a 90 Day Gratitude Journal with prompts.

Send us a photo of your iCreateDaily 90 Day I’m Grateful Gratitude Journal in use with your order number, and we’ll send you another iCreateDaily journal of your choice for free. You can find them all pictured at the end of this article.

Seeking gratitude from within the struggle helps you find your way out.
~Devani Alderson, cofounder-iCreateDaily®

Seeking gratitude from within the struggle. Hold yourself accountable to finding the joy in the journey... and you will find it. #Gratitude #GratitudeQuote #Struggle #inspiration #Perspective

The Day is the Way

It’s easy to feel down for a day if you fall short of your goals. However, don’t beat yourself up over that. Instead, pick yourself up and get busy planning and doing the next most important thing on your list. It only becomes an issue if you miss your goals day after day.

Commitment and accountability help shorten those down days and increase progress. You schedule your important commitments, so commit to and schedule time to work on your goals each day.

Progress leads to purpose. The pursuit of purpose inevitably leads to progress.

“We first make our habits, then our habits make us.”
~John Dryden, English poet and playwright, 1631-1700

Progress leads to purpose. The pursuit of purpose inevitably leads to progress. We first make our habits, then our habits make us. #Habits #Goals #HabitsQuotes #GoalsQuotes #LifeIsTheJourney

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Hal Elrod and “Can’t Change it” Philosophy

You can find many renditions of Hal Elrod’s story on YouTube and in his books on Amazon, and we highly encourage you to do so. Meanwhile, here’s a short ~4 minute clip to get you going.

If you’re inspired by that, do yourself a favor and definitely watch and/or listen to the second video. It’s Hal Elrod with Tom Bilyeu on Impact Theory, and it is sure to elevate and inspire you.

Hal Elrod… elevating the consciousness of humanity.

This is a must watch interview… gift this to yourself.

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