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This is an evolving list of resources we use to do the work we do. Some of these may include links that generate affiliate revenue at no charge to you. However, we’re sharing our top resources regardless of affiliations.





FREELANCE PLATFORMS – for Work or Workers!

These freelance platforms are great for either applying to be a freelancer, or hiring freelancers toward growing your business. You can find just about anything you need from these resources, and we’ve listed them in order of our top go-to’s.

Additional freelance services that our friends and associates use:

Freelance Writers





Ryan Moran’s, Freedom Fast Lane
This podcast is specially tailored to product developers working in the e-commerce space. This could also provide inspiration for creators seeking to sell your creations on Amazon and other eCommerce platforms.

Gary Vaynerchuk – master of social marketing and motivational tirades; Avoid if expletives bother you. We’re not fond of them, but he’s a brilliant businessman and marketer and deep on motivation and mindset.

We’ve written more about favorite podcasts in this article.


Podcast Website Hosting

Podcast  Websites – Podcast Websites is a great all-in-one podcasting platform service, and the one that we use. The owners are awesome and the service is excellent, plus they have all the training videos you need to get up and running.For $10 off per month for life, use promo code: HOSTME

Podcast Community – Podcasters Paradise – Learn how to start, sustain and monetize your own podcast in a community of podcasters led by podcast masters

Best Podcast Microphones:

Getting Booked for Podcasts:

PRINT ON DEMAND (POD) PRINTING COMPANIES – We used Printi for the 90 Day Goals Journals – ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

We had some issues with our files and printing, which was the result of digital images not conveying well to color printing, and while Printi printed these when they should’ve done a quality check first, they absolutely made good on the situation and resent the products free of charge.

We can recommend Printi with the caveat that you check a prototype before ordering in quantities.

Printi used to be PixArt, and when they were PixArt they had a file checking service for a nominal fee of under $5. It would be great if they could reinstate that.

You an read more about printing company options in this article.

And about Printful T-Shirt and other apparel printing in this review article.


90 Day Goals Journal
ToDoIst – Checklist and task management
Toggl – Timetracker – this definitely helps us stay more productive!
Rescue Time – to HELP YOU FOCUS!!

PROGRAMS for CREATORS – Super amazing education platform for creators.


Build a Website

How to Build Profitable Niche Websites

Favorite Keyword Tools Include:

Organic SEO

Podcasts on organic SEO


Tailwind App – Content scheduler saves time with Pinterest and Instagram content scheduler. We use this regularly.


Grammarly – we use this daily, especially great new or less experienced writers. Grammarly is essential in our family of two dyslexic young adults, who are also writers.

Grammarly has many useful features, such as real-time corrections while you write on Gmail, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all your other favorite sites.


Jon’s websites generates over $40k/month

Website Hosting: rocks hosting management with the very best 24/7 chat support. WPX is especially beneficial if you have more than one site, because their monthly rate starts higher than most. WPX is the third hosting platform we’ve used and it is the best one in our experience, for hosting our sites. The 24/7 chat support always goes over and beyond what’s expected, and often help us solve things that aren’t even on their list of services. We love that WPX offers free SSL certificates and make the installation process super easy.
See our Gratitude podcast episode for more on WPX, and article here. also offers great customer service. We especially like using Epik as our domain registrar because their base-line domain prices are the best, without having to have a “bulk” membership like on GoDaddy (about $6 less than GoDaddy), AND their privacy is free. They also have a great design team, and 24/7 support most of the time. – A good all-around host; can be helpful if you just need hosting for one site and if you need a lot of assistance with some simple “plug-n-play’ kind of features. But it’s a higher annual registrar fee at currently around $15 per year, (it’s currently under $9 on Epik). GD also tends to have a lot of upcharges for some basic services, such as privacy and SSL certificates.

KC Web Designer – An SEO and Web design company that helps deliver consistent, sustainable organic search engine performance at both the local and national levels for businesses. By watching and analyzing search behavior and traffic data, KC Web Designer can often see new opportunities to grow your business over time and can contribute other ideas related to offline marketing, public relations, and new product opportunities.