The Transformative Power of Gratitude Chances are if you’ve arrived at this article, you’re already interested in gratitude and aware

Matthew McConaughey Quotes
Sharing these Matthew McConaughey quotes, by one of our favorite actors. Not only is Matthew an exceptional actor, he’s also

Creating yourself on the canvas of your life is your ultimate work of art. Each day is your canvas. The

Do you love positive, motivating quotes, articles, stories and movies, or do they make you feel worse? If positivity causes

What is Creativity to You? #Creativity #WhatIsCreativityToYou #Photography
Recently, two creators in the iCreateDaily Facebook community shared uplifting posts on how daily creativity has transformed their lives. That

If you’re not loving your life then it may be time to course correct, because life is the journey. If

Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, Roman emperor, Stoic philosopher, 121-180 AD
This article and collection of Stoicism quotes was inspired by a reread (listen to) of a favorite audiobook, The Obstacle

Autumn Forest Trees - beautiful autumn colors from aerial view. #TimberPoem #AutumnTrees #FallColors #ForestInFall #iCreateDaily
Struggle is a part of the human experience. We enter this world through struggle. Just the process of birth is

Personal transformation through creation.
Creativity is about so much more than art. Those who engage in creating regularly experience tremendous personal transformation through creation.

If you’re an entrepreneur, you may not like marketing. If you’re an artist or writer, you may not like business,

Little ballerinas dancing
The ‘Nothing’s Gonna Steal My Joy’ Dancer A must see if you haven’t yet, this inspiring video of a 6

Tell the Story of Your Art #ArtStories #TellAStory #ArtistStories #DogPaint #CuteDog
Naming Artwork can dramatically increase the interest and salability of your artwork. Give your art a story, and that increases

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