Overcoming Adversity
Adversity Doesn’t Define Us… It Reveals Us I wrote the subtitle above and then figured someone somewhere has probably said

Habits become the structure that frames your day. Structured days become the scaffolding that uphold your life. Every decision has

Feeling overwhelmed
Brain Overload from Information Fatigue is Real Feeling overwhelmed is a common malady in today’s frantically paced world. Overwhelm, also

Creating Beauty In doing your work… the work of your heart, more of your light is revealed. Light is consciousness…

Jeff Haden Quotes
Many of these inspiring Jeff Haden quotes were discovered in one of his articles on Inc.com where Jeff is a

Flying Dreams Meaning - Common Meanings #FlyingDreams #FlyingDreamsMeaning #DreamsMeanings
Have you ever had dreams of flying? Did they happen in childhood or adulthood? Do they still occur? Do you

personal brand identity
Integrating Passion, Purpose, Artistry, and Business In today’s maze of options and noise, people everywhere are seeking work-life balance. Balance,

Methods for the Creative Mind Ideation tools can be complex or uber simple. You can probably guess which approach we

Life is a marathon, not a sprint. #LongHaul #InItForTheLongHaul
We often use the analogy of life as a journey, for indeed it is. Another familiar metaphor is that it’s

cut flowers
Many People Don’t Yet Know. Do you? If you’ve ever struggled to answer this question: “What are you passionate about?”,

What is the Purpose of Life? #PurposeOfLife #WhatIsMyPurpose?
What is my purpose in life?” Have you asked this question lately? If you’re not sure, that’s perfectly normal. In

A good habits list is a handy tool for helping you up your game and improve your life. Substituting just

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