Quotes are wonderful tools for ideas, reflection, motivation, inspiration, and creative prompts. In fact quotes as conceptual prompts are our

The artistry of creative cooking is a world of scrumptious, soul-satisfying delight. As children, most of us are told not to play

Chef Movies: get inspiration for creative cooking enjoyment at home from these best chef movies. #BestChefMovies #CookingMovies #CookMovie #ChefMovie #MovieReviews
For Foodies, Cooks and Connoisseur Movie Fans Movies are one of the favorite relaxing recreational interests in my family. We

If you’re learning how to swim, the fastest way to learn or teach swimming is to get into the water.

Time to share some ‘face the fear quotes’! We recently procrastinated on a situation at home because it was easier

When we started iCreateDaily on July 28th, 2017. A number of creators indicated they were eager to create daily as

Creative business advice for artist and entrepreneurs
TABLE OF CONTENTS: Audio Article – Creative Business AdviceYour Children Can’t Support You (yet)You Would Never Neglect Your ChildrenWhat Did

Determination Ends Stagnation Everyone goes through it at some point or another. If you’re feeling stuck in life and in

Tweak them, revise them, update them and refine them, but you should never give up on your dreams. Why? Because

Guitarist in nature; Create More, Consume Less, Creation Vs Consumption, Creativity Brings Happiness
Creation Versus Consumption for Success and Happiness It could almost be a Law of Nature. Perhaps it is. A universal

Steven Pressfield Quotes
…to Help You Be Your Best One of our all time favorite writer-authors, we had to share these powerful Steven

New Year Haiku - Light Follows the Dark. #Haiku #NewYearHaiku #HaikuPoem #NewYearsHaiku #Poetry #iCreateDaily
iCreateDaily community member, Beth Murphy kicked off the 2021 by sharing a New Year Haiku. Haiku is a great way

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