Art from the Heart, Abstract Art, Abstract Heart
The creative process is a process of loving… of bringing your love into the world. Our highest creativity comes from

Love yourself, heart art
What’s Wrong With This Picture? To love yourself isn’t a narcissistic self absorption. It is about respecting and appreciating yourself

mind power, will power, vision
What is the Difference Between Mind Power and Will Power? You’re probably well acquainted with Will Power. You may even

Double rainbow - Transmutation - Positive Energy - Negativity to Positivity #PositiveEnergy #NegativeToPositive #NegativityToPositivity #Storm #Rainbow #iCreateDaily
Transform Negativity to Positivity In today’s tumultuous times, we all need to work harder to create positive energy and to

Positive Thinking is a Brain Event
As much as we’re hugely in favor of positivity, reframing and growth mindset, I discovered that we’d yet to write

Conductor - interludes
Discoveries Within the In Between Ideas often come when you’re busy creating for you’re in the flow of creativity. But

We have several haiku poets in our community and likely others that would be interested in rising to the challenge,

Do you have more ideas than time or do you struggle to come up with new ideas? Whether you’re prolific

Be Your Best Self - Roses Metaphor. #BeYourBest #BeYourBestSelf #BestSelf #iCreateDaily
Do you want to be more of who you can be…? To be your best self? There are plenty of

One of our favorite movie stars is the incredibly talented and hard working, Will Smith. Will isn’t just a great

We’ve all heard of the Law of Abundance concepts popularized in recent times by law of attraction books AND films

self discovery
When Bad can be Good If you’re feeling great right now, that’s awesome! If not so great at the moment,

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