On track with purpose. #OnTrack #OnTrackWithPurpose
The best way to stay on track with purpose is to set goals and work them daily. I’m fairly good

The Symbol of Water as Emotions #WaterSymbol #Emotions #EmotionalNature #SymbolOfWater
The symbol of water is a familiar one across all religions and spiritual traditions. Water unifies all life on planet

Dynamic movement creates a dynamic life. The more dynamic the movement the more dynamic the life. You have the power

LeAura and Coleman Alderson
Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe in your dreams? I believe in you. Seriously. But let’s back up

A Garden Poem by Shannon Schofield #AGarrdenPoem #GardenPoem #GardenPoetry
Poet, beekeeper, business owner and gardener, Shannon DeAnna Schofield says, she loves “waking to dancing words”. These are the words

The power of focus is the one thing above all else that will help you achieve your goals. That and

Choose. Bad habits are a form of addictive behaviors. So are good habits. When the autonomic system takes over, the

A Perspective on Lenses The saying “looking through rose colored glasses”— or “rose-colored lenses” — is familiar to all of

Seasons of Life - iCreateDaily.com
What’s Your Season of Life? The seasons of life concept relates different times, phases and characteristics of life to the

Giving Advice
Advice May Be Ill Advised Yep… there’s irony in that heading… advice about not getting or giving advice. We write

How to Be Fantastic? #BeFantsastic Goowill
You’re Free to Be Fantastic! Look, we’re not talking about being upbeat all the time. No one is. However, we

Dream Big if That’s Your Thing. Most people start out their lives with big dreams.  The biggest reason most people

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