Personal accountability is a goal for many creator. To be answerable to oneself... be one's own boss is empowering and freeing. #SelfAccountable #BeYourOwnBoss #PersonalAccountability #iCreateDaily #Feedback #SelfCriticism
Personal accountability is an ultimate goal of most creators. Why? Because self accountability is autonomy. It’s about answering to oneself…

Transformation Through Creation – Divinity in Motion You are a creator. You have the power to create the life you

If you’ve ever been slighted, betrayed, wronged or hurt by another, it helps to realize that it’s not personal. I

Jay Samit-Serial Entrepreneur
Jay Samit is on a mission to help create more entrepreneurs… more individuals creating wealth through their ideas, creativity, ingenuity

We can never underestimate the power of gratitude to transform tough things into tolerable. Two forces for good —gratitude and

If you are asking the question,
Approximately 8,100 people per month search the term: “What is the point of life?” Another 90,500 people per month search the

Love what you do, when you can't do what you love. #LoveWhatYouDo #DoWhatYouLove
If you haven’t landed that dream job yet, don’t fret, for the jobs we don’t love are bootcamp to get

The less at ease we are with ourselves, the more inclined we are to seek external validation, stimulation and significance.

Nature Nurtures Our Nature and Feeds the Soul If you’re looking for an article on nature vs nurture, that’s not

Spring Haiku, purple flowers, flower haiku poem #HaikuArt #HaikuPoem #SpringHaikuPoem #SpringFlowerArt #SpringPoems #SpringMemes #SpringQuotes
Spring haiku poems are a fun way to shed the winter doldrums and cast your vision toward spring dreaming. Traditionally,

Creative Writing Prompts - Journal Prompts, journaling prompts
Whenever you find yourself at the whim of creativity, waiting for your muse to appear, creative writing prompts can be

You CAN do hard things. Woman pushing bike uphill. #DoHardThings #YouCanDoHardThings #Effort #iCreateDailly
You can do hard things. And when you do, you will transform yourself and your life. This probably won’t be

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