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The Rise of Empaths and Empathic Creators

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Empaths can feel as others feel. #Empath #Emathic #Puppy #Kitten #PuppyAndKitten

Many artists and creators are empathic. If you’re an artist of any kind, it probably won’t surprise you to discover—if you haven’t already—that you’re an empath. However, empaths can be found in all kinds of endeavors, including science.

The research that has been done to date estimates that 1-2% of the population are empaths. However, scientific analysis of empaths is still slim. Subjective traits are challenging to study and label, plus not many candidates vying to fund such studies.[1]

If you can relate to a good number of the listed empathic traits, then you’re probably an empath. However, do not wear that as a label that limits your capacity or excuses radical mood swings. Rather, use empathy as a gift and a tool to help others and yourself.

Becoming aware of having the kind of emotional intelligence that is empathic through the experience of deep empathy, can help you to understand your pain and struggles. Awareness fosters understanding toward learning why you feel as you do, which brings comfort and relief.

Empaths can learn how to protect yourself so that you are not depleted but rather connected to an infinite well of energy flowing through you.

What is an Empath?

Empath, is a heightened awareness of—and sensitivity to—feelings, ones own as well as that of others.

Empaths have a keen or heightened sense of empathy, able to feel as others feel as if their experience were your own.

Empaths Can Be Hyper Sensitive

Beyond empathy, another characteristic of empaths is a proclivity to be hyper sensitive. As with any kind of subjective trait, empaths range from super-human to mildly empathic and everything in between.

Empaths feel everything more intensely, the heights and the depths, the light and the dark, the good and the bad. They can become overwhelmed with the intensity of feelings, or that of their environment and others in it.

The mature empath works from intuition and objectivity
serving as a channel and alchemist
rather than a sponge.
~LeAura Alderson,®

The mature empath works from intuition and objectivity
serving as a channel and alchemist rather than a sponge. ~LeAura Alderson,®
#Empaths #Empathic #Empathy #Sensitives #Intuitives #Indigo #Alchemists #Intuition

Empath Characteristics

  • Feel deeply and intensely; hypersensitive
  • Feels others pain – can be on one or all levels:
    • physically
    • emotionally
    • mentally
    • spiritually
  • Identifies with others pain and joy:
    • Cries or laughs easily to movies and books, fiction or non-fiction
    • Easily sensitive to, and impacted by the moods and feelings of others
    • Bleeding hearts… feeling the pain of humanity… of the world… of injustice and loss
  • Joyful hearts… feeling the joy and happiness of others as if it were ones own
  • Quick to take things personally because one feels things deeply and personally
  • Absorbent to the energy of any environment, good or bad, thus important to immerse in positivity.
    • Empathic children are especially vulnerable and need greater protection until they are stable on their own.
  • Empaths as Psychic –
    • lower form – solar plexus
    • element – water – essential, yet destructive if not managed
    • can be erratic and volatile
    • greatly affected by outer forces
    • seeker
    • perceptive
  • Empaths as Intuitives –
    • higher form – Ajna center
    • element – air – life force – more accurate transmission
    • have learned to stabilize the impact of energies both inner and outer
    • can redirect and transform energy
    • healer
    • wisdom
    • knowing

Alchemy, Not Absorption

Many creators are also empaths, which sensitivity makes it all the more essential to not get drawn into and absorbed by the negativity of our times. Negativity negates creativity and blights the light of optimism to the detriment of the bearer.

Vision Keepers

Creators need to be the vision-keepers of compassion, beautify and positive creativity. These are all opposites to the pervasive negativity, and essential toward helping humanity move more fully toward that.

Empaths especially need to avoid embroiling ourselves in the in campaigning against that which we do not agree with. Empaths are rarely crusaders, and vice versa, for empaths are receptive and absorptive so that we may transmute and radiate.

Negativity blurs and distorts vision and blocks creativity. By focusing on bringing more of the good into your heart and home environment, and from there, everywhere you go and connect, you are serving as vision keeper and alchemist, helping to transmute negativity into positivity.

“Design. Story. Symphony. Empathy. Play. Meaning. These six senses increasingly will guide our lives and shape our world.” 
~Daniel H. Pink, A Whole New Mind: Why Right-Brainers Will Rule the Future

Who is the Expert on Empaths?

We posit the perspective that, since science hasn’t yet studied empaths comprehensively, that it’s a concept best left to each individual to decide and glean for themselves. You may be able to take a test that will indicate your empathic proclivities, yet, for most, this wouldn’t be so much revelatory as it would be confirmation.

This is a new article that will be evolving a we have time to embellish it with further insights… that of our own and our readers.

Are You Empathic?

Please share your perspectives and experience on empaths and empathy.

Over time we will incorporate those into this article to become an expanding resource for people seeking more information on the empathic experience as shared from direct experience.

Two things that great leaders need to have: empathy and perspective.
~Simon Sinek, British-American author, speaker, b.10/9/1973

Films, Books and Resources on Empaths and Sensitives




  • The Empathy Museum, created by Australian philosopher Roman Krznaric, the Empathy Museum is a traveling arts exhibit that literally allows people to walk in someone else’s shoes. 


Books by author, Judy Dyer, including:

Books by Dr. Judith Orloff, including:

Book by Dr. Christina Lopez

  • Over the Edge“Over the Edge is about opening up to the energy around us and letting it transform us.”
    ~Christina Lopes, DPT, MPH, empath, Coach-The Heart Alchemist, author


Empath Poem: So God Made an Empath, by Shannon DeAnna, Schofield. #Empaths #Empathic #Empathy #Sensitives #Intuitives #Indigo

Comments from the Community

Shannon DeAnna Schofield:

Every time I read about empaths I get chills. I only recently found out I was. About 5 years ago I was in a bad place and sought spiritual counseling. My shaman friend took my hands and immediately let go. She said I was a powerful empath and I really need to tap into that and use it on myself to heal.

I read a couple books, (Highly Sensitive… the one you included in this article). I still struggle with overwhelm, it’s a constant battle not to feel things I don’t want to feel. It takes a lot to sort through these feelings. Are they mine? Am I responding in kind to someone else? Have I absorbed the negative that surrounds me?

I retreat to my woods and my words. I ask my soul questions. And I get answered in poetry! How cool is that?!

~Shannon DeAnna Schofield, author, poet, beekeeper, homesteader, entrepreneur, b.2/23/1977

Sally Kirkpatrick

Feeling intensely my whole life, I gave in about twenty years ago and let my emotions be. I’m learning to refine that, but I was always beating up on myself for having them so much more than others.

A balance, a time for listening and being still with them.

Life can be more painful for empaths. My son experiences life this way too. And we are working on his understanding of the real gift that it can be.

But until you do understand and are mature enough in it’s power, the pain of living can be debilitating.
More research really should be done.

~Sally Kirkpatrick, retired school teacher, writer, nature lover, volunteer

The more you journal, the more you will be clear on who you are.
~Kirk Duncan, cofounder – 3 Key Elements

How to Know if You’re an Empath

If you want more information on empaths, and how to know if your are an empath, this video by Kirk Duncan of 3 Key Elements, may help.

Empaths can feel like they’re going crazy with sensory overload from the feelings of others. So how do you get a handle on all of this? You journal.

Understanding and Maturing Your Empathic Sensitivities

Christina Lopes, DPT, MPH does a great job of defining and delineating the characteristics of empaths in this video.

What’s especially helpful and important about Christina’s information in this video is how she identifies temporary signs of being an empath that negatively impact empaths until you’re able to transcend the effects as you mature and grow stronger in your empathic sensitivities.

Similar to our helps empaths learn how to evolve beyond the negative impact of empathic sensitivities.

How to Not Absorb the Stress of Others as an Empath

As a psychiatrist and empath, Dr. Judith Orloff, is a leading expert on empaths.

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