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Best Gifts for Artists

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From A-Z… Alluring to Zainy

What are your favorite best gifts for artists? Whether it’s to gift or to receive, most artists love a variety of things, depending on their needs or whims. Sometimes we’re practical and sometimes whimsical and other times, making a staunch statement as to what we stand for.

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Colorful or Zen? Sweet or Irreverent…?

To help you easily decide on the best gifts for artists on your list… including yourself, we’re sharing this list that’s a blend of Amazon best sellers and our own favorites.

You’ve probably noticed that at iCreateDaily, we tend to favor lots of vivid colors. However, we also have our sparse zen moments where the simple elegance of muted colors or one vibrant color on a pale pallet is the favorite.

Whatever it is for you or the creatives in your life, here’s an artsy gifts list to help you find that special something for that special someone.

Best Gifts for Artists


Deluxe Artist Painting Set

This kit is perfect for the polymathic painter!

It comes with multiple easel options, canvas, brush sets for different paint mediums, sketchbooks, and different types of paint.

It even has a brush storage pouch!

This is great for mixed-medium artists, beginners unsure of where they want to start, or any avid painter.

Deluxe Art Set

And of course… every artist lingers longingly over trays of colored pencils, pastels, markers, and paint brushes. Well, this deluxe art starter kit has it all.

A welcome gift for any budding you can never go wrong with art kits. Seasoned artists also love these because.. well ART SUPPLIES!… and it also makes for a great travel kit.

Acrylic Paint Set 24 Colors + 10 Acrylic Brushes

Devani got a set of these last year as a Christmas gift.  At first glance, the paint tubes look far too small for any large amount of painting.  But they’re extremely thick and pigmented.  They work best when you water down a little bit at a time and then you can layer the color better.

The brushes are pretty standard. The bristles of the larger two brushes started fraying a little bit after a few months, but with good care, they all paint well.  Be sure to store them either standing up right in a container, or a brush kit.


i Art Daily Intuitive Art Journals with Conceptual Prompts

If you love art journals, these intuitive art journals provide additional creative ideas using conceptual prompts to help cultivate your intuitive art.

We also host 30 day challenges using these journals. You can check out our past present and future challenges and also sign up to be notified

90 Day Goals Journal & Planner

Get a head start on your artistic goals for 2019 early!The 90 Day Goals Journal & Planner helps you create daily structure around your goals, while also helping you plan your long-term visions.

Your year is created through your day… When you master your day, you’ll master your year!

Leather Journals

Now… you know we love goals journals. But we also love journals in general, and for that, if you love rustic nostalgia and journaling, you probably love this kind of thing.

There’s something deep in the human genetics that equates leather with wellbeing. Perhaps because for our paleo ancestors, leather meant survival. Then there was Indian Jones and his trademark leather satchel, or the leather moccasin boots that not only make for cozy feet but that also remind us of our pioneer and tribal ancestry.

See also our article on gifts for writers, and also our store of gifts for artists and writers.

Best Selling Creativity Journals

For artsy meanderings through daily journaling, here are some of the current most popular creativity journals.



Paint Pens for Rock Painting, Fabric, Ceramic, Glass, Canvas, Wood

Misulove offers 12 Permanent Acrylic Paint Markers, Medium Point Tip great for DIY Crafts.

No artist can pass by a case of colored pens without wanting to pluck one out and start creating something. Often, just the site of pens inspires ideas of designs to create.

Whether you’re painting rocks, sketching designs on glass, canvas, fabric, wood or paper, these colored markers are up for the task.

However, it’s not clear if they’ll hold up to a dishwasher or washing machine, so test a scrap fabric or spot on your dishware before trying that.

59-Piece Pigma Ink Artist’s Gift Set – Archival Ink 

Archival ink pens are some of our favorites. They write and draw so smoothly, and the ink doesn’t bleed when mixing it with other mediums like paint or oils.

Whether you’re journaling, ink drawings, creating your own mandalas or just doodling we recommend a set of these pens.

This pack includes59 pens in every pen tip size available and every color.  But you can also order smaller packs, singular colors, or singular sizes.  If you’re unfamiliar with pen tip sizes and how to use them, here is a fantastic guide with examples.

Faber Castell 60 Piece Pitt Artist Brush Pen Set Gift Box

Faber Castell is one of the top art supply companies so it’s pretty safe to say you’ll get your monies worth in this 60-piece set!

This set 60 brush pens, 12 different colors, and multiple shade ranges for most of the colors included.

“Pitt” is short for “pittore” which is Italian for “painter.”



Huion Giano Wireless Graphic Drawing Tablet 

Digital art is a vast frontier of possibility, imagination, and animation!  Here is one of the top-selling tablets from Amazon!

According to the reviews, a lot of people have switched from the Wacom Tablet brand to this Huion due to better features and upgraded technology.

We are not familiar with digital tables so we recommend doing some comparisons online.  Here’s an article with a pros and cons chart.


Adult Coloring Books Set

This set of 3 coloring books are perfect for stress release, cultivating a meditative art habit, and relaxing your body.  With all the intricate designs, you’re sure to get inspired to make your own art!



Fair warning, while looking at some of these kids arts and crafts kits, it was hard not to want some for ourselves.  Most of these are great for kids around or under age 12, and each listing on Amazon will give you the precise age range for the product.

Often time kids like to mimic or try out what their parents do, so if you’re an artistic parent, these art kits for kids can provide a creative bonding experience with your children! Or good for keeping them creatively amused on something other than TV and electronics!

Crayola Inspiration Art Case

A perfect kit for the young budding Picassos’ in the home!

This art kit for kids between 4-6 comes with a range of Crayola markers, pencils, crayons and paper.

The kit in the picture to the left has 15 blank sheets of paper, but Crayola sells other theme variations, some with coloring pages. You can also get a Mickey Mouse, Cars 3D, and Incredibles 2 kits for the Disney and comic movie fans.

Scratch Art Rainbow Mini Notes 

Scratch art is so fun and relaxing! These notepads come with one wood stylus, 125 4×4 sheets, and endless creativity.

The perfect stocking stuffer or treat for the kids… or ya know, yourself. 😉  It’s hard not to get sucked into these unique art projects.

Create Your Own Sand Art

Oh… the places your child’s creativity can go!

One of my favorite things as a child was the sandbox. If I’d known about colored sand art, I’m sure it could’ve occupied me for hours of creative fun.

Bottle sand art is so cool because it looks a lot like the art found in Dr. Seuss’s books.

Note: this is not kinesthetic sand, so it’s going to be messier and not “stick” together, so this would need to be for a playroom or outdoor area easier to clean.

For the kinetic sand kit, you can find options like this National Geographic moldable play sand.

Lulu Jr. Illustory Book Making Kit

Not only can your child write and draw their own story, but they can mail it to the Lulu Jr. company where it’ll be turned into a hardcover illustrated book!

It’s almost 2019… no one is stopping anyone from writing, creating, and publishing.  No matter the age!



Is treating your home like a canvas acceptable behavior? Absolutely.  Here are our favorite artistic home decor items for splashing the walls and furniture with color.


iArtDaily Vibrant Wall Art

Art and home design go hand-in-hand.  Create a sacred space and place to live your creative life.

This iArtDaily wall art is not only decoration but also a commitment to your creative spirit and dedication to creating your art… Daily.

Declare your craft. Decorate your home.

iCreateDaily ~ Teal Wall Canvas

Success rituals of top creators often include invocations and affirmations, along with the habit of creating daily, are the rituals of the most successful.

When you surround yourself, your environment, and your space with uplifting reminders of your dreams and goals, you’re one step closer to creating your new reality

This iCreateDaily wall art comes in 4 different colors: teal, purple, maroon and blue.


iheArtDaily Mug

Art from the heart. Coffee from our heart to yours.  heArt art. We’re all about art and hearts.

Creating from the heart is where our most authentic work comes from.

Drink your coffee. Make your art. Create from the heart. We believe in you!



Artsy Socks!

For the fanciful artist art lover, these art masterpiece painting socks are very popular gifts. Inexpensive yet nice, practical yet whimsical, you can’t go wrong with artsy socks for the artist on your gift list.


Whatever – Unique Decorative 10″ Wall Clock

Because when you’re creating daily… It’s Whatever O’clock!  *Shrug.*

This clock is perfect for anyone who’s completely unconcerned with time.

Mythical Creatures Drawing Game & Animal Art Ideas. 150 Prompt Cards for All Ages & Imaginations.

Okay, the cover makes us want a Unicorn-Pheonix-Lion-Fish too!!  This prompt deck is great for both artists and writers.

There are so many mythical creatures to stir the imagination in this set.

String Art Kit – Tree String Art

Artists can turn anything into a canvas… Including a random board! 🙂

Complete with nails, a board, string, and a tree pattern stincle, this art kit is a fun project for kids and adults!

Vincent Van Gogh Art Ceramics Mugs

Sippin’ on a starry night while painting!

These ceramic mugs, in various Van Gogh printed paintings are perfect for any artist!

It’s almost like painting with one of the greats… Almost.

Gifts for Photographers

We love this travel mug for photographers.

And here’s our own creation—Devani’s idea—”Lens life chose me“, modeled by “hers truly” too!

What’s on Your Gift Giving or Wish List?

There are so many epic supplies, kits, tools, and tech for artists these days! We’d love to hear your favorites to give and receive, so send them on over and we’ll add them to the list.

Create the life you want to live, one day at a time.

The Day is the Way.


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