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Art from the Heart – to Create is to Love

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Art from the Heart, Abstract Art, Abstract Heart

The creative process is a process of loving… of bringing your love into the world. Our highest creativity comes from heart and soul channeled through a focused mind. Creativity is art from the heart.

Beauty Beckons

We are of course speaking of beauty and creativity; not the creation of the dark and negative. That is a different story and we do not dwell there, for where we dwell becomes our abode.

We’re also not talking about the darkness of certain plots or characters you may write into a novel… for even those, the writer loves into existence and carefully crafts their tormented souls. Then it is the creation of a beautifully crafted character.

Create beauty… for beauty beckons love and stirs souls.
~LeAura Alderson,®

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Consciously Creating Beauty

You cannot focus on beauty without it touching that universal essence at the core of who you are. Well… unless you are completely closed off from that self; but again, such as those are not receiving this message.

The act of conscious creating is uniquely human. In fact, it’s our human connection with divinity… with the Creator, with nature and the creative universe. To create is to love, and to love is to create.

To create… is to love.
~LeAura Alderson, iCreateDaily®

To Create is to love. #CreativityQuote #LoveQuote #iCreateDaily #ToCreateIsToLove

The Artist

The act of creating beauty is in an of itself, an act of love. To create anything is to invoke… to call forth, that universal essence within you and to set it in motion. The artist gives form and shape… sound and texture to love.

Creating beauty brings out the best in humanity and elevates those around us who are witness to the joy of creativity in motion. That’s what performances and creations and sport are all about and why they’re so entrancing to us.

There is magnificence and an elevated state of being around those who are being the best version of themselves in their creative zone. It’s something magical to witness as years of practice and effort culminate in exquisite expressions of passionate effort through their creative medium.

For the creator, love is expressed through creating and then sharing that creation with the world.

The artist gives form and shape… sound and texture to love.
~LeAura Alderson,®

Art from the Heart - the artist gives form and shape, sound and texture to love. #Artist ArtistQuote #ArtistMeme  #LoveQuote #ArtQuote #Creativity #iCreateDaily

Creation and Imagination

Art is the marriage of Imagination and Creation.

Their core is love. Their union is love. Their offspring is Love. Love is the purpose of their creation. In creating, love becomes a verb. Love is revealed through action… through creation. Love is revealed through art.

Creators lead us to love through the magic and alchemy of the creative process.

Love is the purpose of our universe. To create is to align.
~LeAura Alderson,®

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Art therapy is a powerful thing. Creativity is elixir for the soul capable of elevating and transforming consciousness. To focus on creating is to bring forth something new from within you. To bring to life a part of you.

To create is to flood your being with the elixir of life. To create is to heal.

Creativity is a salve that restores hope to the weary soul.
~LeAura Alderson,


To create is to meditate… where breathing deepens, brainwaves synchronize, heart and mind align and the artist becomes a channel for manifestation.

Creativity is meditation in motion, where the heart’s smile touches the lips and the mind’s eye flows through fingertips.
~LeAura Alderson,®

Creativity is meditation in motion. #HeartWork #Creativity #MeditationInMotion #CreativityQuote #iCreateDaily


To create is to flow love from the heart, ideas from the mind and inspiration from the soul. Creativity… to create is to bring to life a part of you, to give it expression, to feel it, create it and to gaze upon it and acknowledge its existence… to set it free to be more than it was before.

To create is to bring love to life… and life to love.
~LeAura Alderson,®

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