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Gifts for Writers, Authors and Poets

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Artists are easy to buy for… they can always use more paints, brushes, canvases and craft supplies. But when it comes to gifts for writers, well… you’ve got the writer and the keyboard.

But there are things writers love. From large coffee mugs, to journals… cozy writers hoodies to cushions that support the back and art that inspires and motivates… we’ve curated and crafted a list of our favorite gifts for writers, authors, poets, and book lovers alike!

If you have any favorite gifts you’ve received, or gifted, that are not included send us a note and we’ll add your selections as well!



Goals Journals

Members in the iCreate Daily community report writing more consistently and finishing and publishing their books with the aid of a goals journal. We’d love for you to give ours a try. You can download a free PDF of the first 30 days of one of our 90 Day Goals journals.

Multimedia Art Journals

When we’ve hosted the Creator’s Challenges we’ve found that many writers enjoy freehand writing and doodling to get their creative juices flowing. A picture can give writers writing ideas, and vice versa, writing can give artists visual ideas.

Authors Card Games

These decks can be used like regular cards for any kind of card game, and they can also be used for games that teach while testing player’s knowledge of literary legends.

Authors Card Game

In this author’s card game, it’s reminiscent of “Go Fish”, but instead of collecting 3 or more of a set of queens, for instance, you might try to collect all of the Charles Dickens’ books cards.


  • Louisa May Alcott
  • James Fenimore Cooper
  • Charles Dickens
  • Nathaniel Hawthorne
  • Washington Irving
  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  • Sir Walter Scott\
  • William Shakespeare
  • Robert Louis Stevenson
  • Alfred, Lord Tennyson
  • Mark Twain

Women authors in this Deck Include:


  • Emily Dickinson
  • Pearl Buck
  • Edith Wharton
  • Zora Neale Hurston
  • Dorothy Parker
  • Harriet Beecher Stowe
  • …and more!

Storymatic Classic Story Prompts Card Game

These prompts can serve as fuel for your own stories or a fun game with family and friends.

Storymatic has different versions for kids, and one for memories called “Rememories.”

Gratitude Journal with Prompts

Few things can help to keep an aspiring writer upbeat and positive than the practice of gratitude. This 90 Day I’m Thankful Gratitude Journal is complete with daily prompts and periodic extended reflections pages.

Apparel for Writers – Wearable Affirmations

iWriteDaily Long Sleeve T-shirts – Gold Feather Sun

The #1 habit of every successful writer… is the daily habit of writing.

Every day, word by word, every page becomes the chapter that becomes your book or article, writing your creativity into existence.

This unisex long sleeve shirt is perfect for you, or the writers in your life.

iWriteDaily… wearable affirmations and goals!


iWriteDaily Feather Sun Hoodie

More than just wearable affirmations, the iWriteDaily hoodie is an invocative reminder of your aspirations and goals.

Thoughts become habits.  Habits become your life.  If writing…to be a writer is your goal, making it a daily habit will make it so.

Get the unisex pullover iWriteDaily hoodie in black, blue, or maroon… Remind yourself of your commitment. Daily.



iWriteDaily Feather Sun Pillow

One of the biggest problems writers face is the long hours of sitting.  Cushions can not only support your back to improve your posture, but can also add bright spots of color to your home decor.

Gifts for writers can include creative and whimsical, yet practical ways to remind writers of their passion for writing. And cushions… well, there’s always a use for them.

Whether it’s to decorate your sofa, support your back of arms, or pound the chair (or your writing buddy) when the going gets tough, these cushions for writers are great gifts for writers.

Our Favorite Writer’s Mugs

iWriteDaily Feather Sun Mug

Are you even a writer if you don’t drink coffee? 😉

All those books aren’t going to write themselves.

Now get your coffee, and go write!

Don’t worry tea-sippers… We have something for you to raise your pinkies about below. ?

Mara Mugs

Mara Mugs are hefty handmade stoneware mugs in whimsical designs, that hold a decent grande sized brew and feel substantial in the hand.  The size ranges from 120z to 15oz.

We have their heart, rose, mountain, cyclist, and several variations of their sun and moon mugs.

What we love about Mara Mugs:

  • 16-20 oz capacity
  • Microwave and dishwasher safe
  • Feels solid and substantial and perfect for mug hugs to warm cold hands in winter
  • The lovely rustic colors and artsy images
  • Many designs to choose from so each family member can have their own
  • Different designs look good together, so you can collect a variety and yet you and your guests and family can keep up with which mug is theirs.

Gifts for Book Lovers and Readers

If you’re looking for gifts for the book lovers in your life, here are some popular favorites.

Books Lovers China Teacup and Saucer, for Coffee, Tea and Cocoa…

Writers are also book readers and often literary fans who will appreciate this book lover’s teacup!

Made of fine bone china, this isn’t the wimpy size for casual coffee and tea drinkers. Rather, this cup hold 16 oz, so about the size of your favorite grande or medium coffee.


Literary Mugs are Fun Gifts for Book Lovers and Writers

And this entertaining and substantial mug is loads of fun for literary fans. Inspire ideas for writers and memories for readers from amongst nine different genre options to please and amuse all the book lovers on your list.

Alice in Wonderland Scarf

This is a cute infinity scarf featuring the infamous words of the cat: “We’re all mad here!” ?

Literary apparel is a great way to strike up interesting conversations at coffee shops. Those who get it will reach out and connect… and they’ll probably have a streaks of mad imagination too!

Jane Austin Coasters

Remember your favorite Jane Austin stories… and because we should all have the sense to drink sensibly!

Just One More Chapter! 

We all know this feeling well.

Just one more page before falling asleep… 50 pages later we’re still wide awake.

This pillow sums it up all the plight of book lovers everywhere who fall into the story and get lost.

Tools for Writers


Fountain Pen Kit

Ahhh… the romance of perfect handwriting!

You can order just the pen (in multiple colors) with a black ink cartridge. Or the whole pen kit with multiple blue and black ink cartridges, an extra fountain nib, and a how-to booklet for writing.

MacBook Pro

Our most favorite tool of all… THE survival tool for writing that we use, the MacBook Pro by Apple. Need we say more?

While Apple products have fallen short in some areas in the past couple years, having converted from PC to Macs years ago, it’s still our favorite operating system by far. But whichever system you favor… these are the keys to the kingdom!

Unique Novelty Gifts

Harry Potter 

No reader’s gift list is complete without something from Harry Potter!

These are popular “heat” mugs that reveal different Harry Potter related quotes and references when things heat up.

When cold, the mugs are black. But when you add hot coffee, tea, or any heated liquid, it reveals images and words.

This image is the Golden Snitch that Harry caught during his first year. The saying on this one, which was revealed in the seventh book, is: “I open at the close.”  If you click through you’ll see other graphic variations.

Writer’s Block Journal

How novel!

Writer’s block got you down? Well, with this handy book, you can write how you feel about that.

Tell this journal all your dark and brooding thoughts about the scary land of Writer’s Block. Then get over it and finish your book.  ?

Novel… TEA!

Perfect for writers and book lovers! The tea is a caffeinated black tea, and the tags have quotes from or about books.

Another mystery, the author of this quote below, is very hard to find… There’s a story ready to brew. If you discover the origin, please let is know! ?

“Never judge a book by its movie!”
~J.W. Eagan

I Before E Mug 

Grammar Nazis and editors will appreciate this, as well as any dyslexically spelling-challenged writers.

Funny how we never thought of these alternate reality words when memorizing these slogans!

In case you didn’t get the memo, more stuff always helps you write better.  So don’t be shy… We’ll accept all responsibility for the brilliant ideas you come up with while shopping. 🙂

And… we’re just getting warmed up! More to come, so please share your faves too so we can add them to this list. What writer’s gift would you wish to be gifted?

“I really think writing things down and getting your goals on paper… there’s something magical about that. I’m a person rooted in science… but when you set your intention and map out what you want to do, that part of getting it in writing seems to be a catalyst for manifesting.”
~Thom King, Serial entrepreneur, founder: Steviva Brands, iCon Foods, GuyGoneKeto

Create the life you want to live, one day at a time.

The Day is the Way.


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