Personal Development Goals – Creativity and Growing Through Doing

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If you’re learning how to swim, the fastest way to learn or teach swimming is to get into the water. Similarly, the fastest way to achieve your personal development goals is to dive into doing.

Book learning is are great—and important—but to get involved in doing the work in your area of interest, will accelerate your personal development most.

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Audio Article – Personal Development Goals:

In my family, we’re lifelong learner always listening to audiobooks, podcasts, presentations, interviews and reading. We also enjoy learning through courses and conferences.

However, it is in the experience of living life and the business of doing the work you love that you discover more of yourself. Be careful not to delay the business of creating the life you want to live.

You may never feel ready to embark on the journey of your dreams. Therefore you must start. Plan a little, then do a lot. Plan and then do some more.

It is in…

…singing that you discover song.
…writing that you discover story.
…painting that you discover art.

It is in the doing that you discover yourself.

~LeAura Alderson, Cofounder-iCreateDaily

Growing into Yourself

It is in the doing that you are expressing being. In expressing being, you’re getting to know yourself. Personal growth comes quickest when learning is coupled with doing. Discoveries in the doing fuel growth and anchor experiences that percolate into wisdom.

Planning personal development goals is about so much more than goal setting. The creative process is as much about creating yourself. In creating, discover, heal, and grow.

The human brain developed over eons through movement and action. Learning through movement is still the physiological process of how the brain learns best. Learning through movement is also learning through doing.

“Personality development occurs over time through the experience of living your life. Add intention with a focus on purpose and passion, and your life will soar.”
~LeAura Alderson,

Personality Integration

Personal development is integration through conscious learning, implementing and growing through application. You can love art and study art, but in order to paint—should you wish to be a painter—you must paint.

Our education system needs to evolve to nimbly incorporate more interest-based, creative experiential learning. Until then, many families are choosing to homeschool in order to provide this kind of hands-on learning for their children. For most it is an extraordinary experience with favorable results.

The artist is poised to explore the inner regions of her soul, discovering herself through her creative process.

To bring art to business fuels creativity. To bring business to art stimulates personal development through integration of heart and mind.
~LeAura Alderson,

The Synthesis of Self

Ultimately, personal development is the integration of body, mind, emotions and soul into a synthesis recognized as the personality.

A well-integrated personality is the goal of the best parenting and education. For adults, the best personality development continues through engaging in creativity, business, and the pursuit of learning. Expanded consciousness and greater self awareness is the result.

“To create, is art. To bring your creation to the world, is business. Both are creative endeavors that bring growth. Each, is a leg of your stride to success, both needed for a full step forward.”

~LeAura Alderson,

The Artist Entrepreneur

So if you’re an entrepreneur, don’t neglect to incorporate beauty and artistry into your endeavor. If you’re an artist, don’t forget to include business for your art to thrive.

Beauty expands perspective, and engages us more fully. So too does business. To marry the two is to create a beautiful business that is an expression of our personal creativity.

The “personality integration” of your business includes both, art and entrepreneurship. Artist entrepreneurs employ both and in the process, reach personal development goals unimagined. Learning through doing accelerates growth beyond what you can get from any book, conference or course.

“It is in the doing that the way becomes more clear.” 

~LeAura Alderson, Cofounder,

In an awesome interview with prolific fantasy fiction author, Joshua Robertson, for the iCreateDaily Podcast, which we’ve linked here, Joshua said:

“We should always do more and expand beyond our comfort zone to truly discover who we are.”

~Joshua Robertson, Fantasy fiction author, entrepreneur, LMSW

Your Greatest Work of Art

Consider what’s possible if you approach your life with the focus and efficacy of a well run business. If that sounds dull to you, don’t worry. What comes next is to design your life as your greatest work of art.

It’s interesting to reflect on our lives in this way. Not only interesting, but importantly. Vitally. If we don’t happen to our lives, purposefully, with intent, then life will happen to us.

“Your life is your greatest work of art, and your most important business.
Do not leave it to chance, create a beautiful life with purpose, on purpose.”

LeAura Alderson,

Growing Through Doing

Personal development is the effect of a life well lived. In creating, connecting, cultivating and contributing, we are developing more fully into ourSelves.

If you enjoy the more meditative and esoteric perspectives, you may also enjoy this topic on our sister site,

For some reason… “Master Yoda” just inserted his voice in my head on this one. Funny how insidious that little guy has become in our culture! May your work grow to become ubiquitous too!

Master Yoda would say it as:
Do. Find yourself you will.

~LeAura Alderson,

Create the life you want to live, one day at a time.

The Day is the Way.


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