You… a Brand with Purpose

We’re having fun with this theme of branding.  What’s fun about it? Well, today, more than ever you have the opportunity to create a brand with purpose. You. Your brand. Your purpose, custom made to doing work you love, that expresses who you are, what’s important to you and the purpose you conceive and perceive.

Your brand is free to express the purpose you conceive and perceive.
~LeAura Alderson,

Business is evolving from larger impersonal corporations to the solopreneurs of creators. Artist entrepreneurs are a thing… are becoming increasingly, a very big thing. Imagine, a world with fewer mega corporations and more tiny ones.

Brands that are comprised of one or few originators tend to be more purpose driven. It’s easier for solopreneurs to be a brand with purpose… easier to connect to your reason for being; connect to what drives you when it’s your work, your origin, your passion, your purpose.

When the creator is closer to the creation, there’s more connection to purpose… to soul.
~LeAura Alderson,

We're having fun with this theme of branding.  What's fun about it? Well, today, more than ever you have the opportunity to create a brand with purpose. You. Your brand. Your purpose, custom made to doing work you love, that expresses who you are, what's important to you and the purpose you conceive and perceive.

A Diamond Metaphor

A clear diamond reflects all the colors of the rainbow, and yet the diamond itself is basically clear. When you get clear on your purpose, to the extent that you can grasp it thus far, that becomes your diamond through which all your other endeavors are reflected.

Another way of saying is that all your other endeavors will reflect your purpose when you’re clear on what that is. If you’re not sure, don’t worry. We’ll help you discover that next, and then share with you the purpose of iCreateDaily.

It is in deep thinking that we discover the diamonds in depths unknown.
~LeAura Alderson


Discovering Your Brand with Purpose… Your Diamond

The most important thing to remember, is that if you’ve not yet identified a purpose, you’re in the majority, so not to worry. Most people don’t know their purpose. In fact most never ask. That you’re here reading, reflecting, and contemplating, means that you’re already in the top 10%.

We like to keep things as simple as possible. When it comes to finding purpose, you can discover a lot about your purpose by simple questions and exercises.

Discover Purpose

To help discover your purpose, ask yourself these three questions:

1. What am I compelled to do above all else?
2. What legacy do I wish to leave?
3. What brings me the greatest joy?

Find the intersecting answers and you will be closer to connecting to purpose.

~LeAura Alderson,

Branding to Purpose – Imperfectly

Do not worry about whether this is perfect… whether this is “it”… your big, all encompassing purpose. Don’t worry if you’re not yet completely clear on you purpose. This is the beginning of an ever-expanding landscape of the puzzle of your life, and the picture you see today, will evolve to encompass more while growing in clarity.

The clearer the diamond the more light it reflects. Same for us.
~LeAura Alderson,

This is a start. Find the connecting points to the answers you come up with and work on developing that. Now that you’re asking, pondering and meditating on these questions, the deeper answers will begin reflecting back to you. You will notice people, ideas and things you encounter showing up in your day that will help to clarify your vision.

By setting your intention, which is a part of what branding to purpose is, both your subconscious and conscious areas of your mind go to work on helping you make that happen.


Devani and I had been incubating on refining the iCreateDaily purpose and slogans. Like a parent nurturing their child’s growth, we’ve given it structure and purpose with the intent to remaining open to whatever it is to become.

When we received a comment in a post from a community member. That comment is quoted below, and catalyzed the new slogan that fits perfectly with the intent of the iCD brand.

The detours—and hijackings—in our lives, aren’t detours on the path. They are the path. They aren’t interruptions in the day. They are the day.
~Lynne Hundley, artist

This is why we keep saying, “It is in the journey that the way becomes more clear.” Because that’s the way life works. Lynne did not set out to make a post that would lead to our discovery of our most focused slogan. We did not plan or set out to discover a slogan on a specific time, day or way. It was the setting that in motion that set the rest to work. Which is why it’s so important to get into the habit of daily doing and daily reviews.

Building a business is like being a parent. You give your ‘child’ structure and principles, while remaining open to whatever it is to become.
~LeAura Alderson,


iCreateDaily’s Purpose – a Diamond Metaphor

For iCreateDaily, our purpose—our “diamond”—is to create, connect and contribute. We express our “colors” through creating, and we do this through the body or vehicle of media publishing companies.

Simply, our purpose is to create, connect and contribute.

You could say that our “one thing” that we do as a family brand of companies, is content creation. However content is not our purpose, but rather one of our colors… one of our expressions of purpose.

Our purpose is creative contribution… to contribute to the world by contributing to the lives of others through what we create and the connections we make.

iCreateDaily Purpose

Purpose = Diamond = Create, Connect & Contribute
Expression = Facets = Content & Creations
Form = Setting = Media Publishing Companies

As we were working on this ourselves, we’ve refined our brand slogans. Our slogan has been,
“A movement for creators serious about their art.” That is still our slogan, however, that will now be the exclusive slogan of the iCreateDaily Podcast.

iCreateDaily ~ a movement for creators serious about their art.

So…, as we are evolving our vision for iCreateDaily, our slogan has also morphed to include a new one for our brand—a brand with purpose. And we’re using the original one for the podcast. The new slogan for iCreateDaily is:

The Day is the Way™

Our purpose is to create, connect and contribute through daily doing. The Day is the Way.™

Start. Sustain. Succeed. iCreateDaily! 

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