The 1%… it’s Your Time to Shine

The 1%

No, not the politicized version. There’s another kind of 1%. The ones who quietly work and write and build and create—often while others play—day in and day out, without certainty as to whether their creation will find its place in the world.

The light does not shine only when someone is looking. Now… is your time to shine.
~LeAura Alderson

The 1%… Dreams and Dreamers

Most people talk about their dreams when they’re young. After awhile, they talk less about them as “life” settles in, and they forget to dream. More importantly, they forget to act on their dreams.

It’s easy to dream, but hard to make it real.

The 1% is really about the percentage of people who do something with what they have… who make more of life than they’ve been given. People who have a vision of who they want to be in the world and the determination to make it real.

The 1%… Extraordinary

If 100 people spend $2000 on a course on how to achieve their dreams, statistics are that only about 10% will even complete the course. Of those 10% (now 10 people out of 100), only 10% will take action and use what they’ve learned. That’s 10% of 10 people… so that’s 1 person.

Just 1 person out of 100, or 1% is likely to take action. Just 1% of those who paid a lot of money for the guidance, will ever do anything with it to change their life and circumstance.

To live an extraordinary life takes extraordinary effort.  ~LeAura Alderson

It’s easier not to. It’s easier IF you are satisfied with being less than you can be… with being less of yourself… with letting your dreams fall by the cluttered wayside of forgotten dreams.

But one thing I know for certain. No one regrets every effort to be more… to become more of their latent destiny… to be the 1% of those who are living their dreams.

Become the vision of yourself you always knew you could be become.
~Tom Bilyeu, entrepreneur, visionary


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