The 1%… it’s Your Time to Shine

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The One Percent

It’s your time to shine, one percenters!

No, not the politicized version. There’s another kind of 1%.

We’re talking about the ones who quietly work and write and build and create—often while others play—day in and day out. These are the brave souls who toil tirelessly without certainty as to whether their creation, their endeavor, their passion project or side hustle will ever find its place in the world.

If that’s you, it’s your time to shine. To let the world see your work… to begin sharing and posting your creations, even if you think it’s not ready.

It’s your time to shine…. to let the world see your work… to begin sharing and posting your creations, even if you think it’s not ready. Each thing you do will grow into a body of work and learning that can only accrue over time, and for which there is no shortcut.

One thing we hold to be true: you will never regret pursuing your creative aspirations. 

Once you start the habit of creating daily and assessing  your direction, weekly, monthly and quarterly, you will never regret it.

Set your sails in the direction of your intention, then man the helm.

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Audio Article – Your Time to Shine:

The light does not shine only when someone is looking. Now… wherever you are, it’s your time to shine.
~LeAura Alderson,

The 1%… Dreams and Dreamers

Most people talk about their dreams when they’re young. After awhile, they talk less about them as “life” settles in, and they forget to dream. More importantly, they forget to act on their dreams.

The 1% is really about the percentage of people who do something with what they have… who make more of life than they’ve been given. People who have a vision of who they want to be in the world and the determination to make it real.

If you’re struggling now and don’t feel “shiny”… don’t feel like you’re able to shine or capable of shining, take heart. Every success story has many, many years of incubation, cultivation and preparation behind it in some form or another.

So if you’re at a place where your dreams feel vague or dingy compared to you vision for them, take heart. Every mansion starts out as a messy construction site. Same thing for every dream, vision, or aspiration. Every creator starts out with inadequacies that diminish over time, even as skills and volume of work grow.

Imagine if you create daily for one year, where you will be at the end of that? And fast forward to five years from now of creating virtually daily… where you will be. That’s how you’ll get there, one day at a time.

The day is the way to create the life you wish to live.™

It’s easy to dream, but hard to make it real. But while dreams dissolve your art lives on.
~LeAura Alderson,

The Extraordinary One Percent

It’s common knowledge that many people buy courses and programs that they never use. No matter the industry, the general statistics indicate that the percentage of those who do is as slim as one percent.

It’s challenging to find actual research statistics, however, multiple course creators we know have stated over the years that only about 1-10% of the people who buy their courses actually do anything with them. Given that and the familiar 80/20 Pareto’s Principle (also averaged as 90/10), it’s safe to say that this number is close enough to convey the point.1)

If 100 people spend $2000 on a course on how to achieve their dreams, statistics are that only about 10% will even complete the course. Of those 10% (now 10 people out of 100), only 10% will take action and use what they’ve learned. That’s 10% of 10 people… so that’s 1 person.

Just 1 person out of 100, or 1% is likely to take action. Just 1% of those who paid a lot of money for the guidance, will ever do anything with it to change their life and circumstance.

100 people spend $2000 each on a course:

  • 10% of those 100 people actually complete the course.
  • 10% of those 10 people actually take action and implement the course.
  • 1% of those 10 is just 1 person.
  • Just one person in 100 will take action to fruition.
  • Be that person.
  • Be that 1%

That’s a statistic to aim for… being that 1%… the extra-ordinary one percent!

To live an extraordinary life takes extraordinary effort. You… your life… extraordinarily worth it.
~LeAura Alderson,

Become that Vision of Yourself

Become your best vision of yourself. It’s easier not to. It’s easier IF you are satisfied with being less than you can be… with being less of yourself… with letting your dreams fall by the cluttered wayside of forgotten dreams.

But one thing I know for certain. No one regrets every effort to be more… to become more of their latent destiny… to be the 1% of those who are living their dreams and rising into the occasion of their own life.

Remember, now is your time. It’s your time to shine!

Become the vision of yourself you always knew you could be become.
~Tom Bilyeu, cofounder-Impact Theory & Quest Nutrition, born-March 30, 1976

Not Feeling it?

If you don’t yet feel like you’re thriving… if you feel burdened and anxious… inadequate or fearful of the future… if your burden looms heavy, as we wrote about here, take heart.

To continue pursuing your dreams daily, while making regular tweaks to keep yourself on course, including if that requires a pivot in your course, then so be it. If you keep at it daily with intention, purpose, drive and a love for what you’re doing or want to end up doing, the laws of physics dictate that you must arrive.

So take heart for no storm lasts forever, and even the damage of devastating storms is generally repaired over time.

So get outside if it’s nice. Immerse in a beautiful nature setting if possible. If there’s nothing like that near you then visit a plant store… buy a plant or flowers. Enjoy fresh air and the space to think and breath and reflect.

Look up. Looking up signals to our brain to engage though and to elevate. Hike a hillside or mountain if you can, or go to a high lookout point for an expansive view.

These simple things invoke clarity of reflection and a shift in perspective. And consider… how this is your time to shine… this is your time to head in that direction. Daily.

Create the life you want to live, one day at a time.

The Day is the Way.


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