Brand Identity – Your Brand Message to the World


The Who, the What and the Why

Don’t make branding a big deal. Instead, make friends and fans by serving those who love your work.

Purpose is usually a “why”, not a “what”. The ‘why’ is the soul of what we do. The ‘why’ is what moves through us compelling us to create. The ‘what’ is the creation.
~LeAura Alderson,


Thought leader and author, Simon Sinek, is often quoted for his book and speeches titled: Start with Why.1) That’s the concept we use for brand building. The ‘what’ changes more often. The ‘why’ can drive many vehicles of expression to reach its destination.

If you have a hard time identifying your ‘why’ to start with, then you might reverse it for now:

  1. Identify what you stand for.
  2. Identify who will be drawn to that.
  3. Identify why they will be drawn, (and why you must create it).

Coming up with the answers to these simple concepts helps to identify a slogan as well.

The who secret of a successful life is to find out what is one’s destiny to do, and then to do it.
~Henry Ford, inventor-founder, Ford Motor Company

Slogans – iCreateDaily has 3 Slogans(!) 🤔

We’re using the first one more for the podcast and social communities, the second one more for this website and the third one more for goals and mastermind communities focused on producing, and the 4th one is our ‘why’. However, these are also interchangeable.

Here’s the current breakdown on the iCreateDaily branding and slogans, should it help you to see our example.

The iCreateDaily ‘What’ and ‘Who’

1. A movement for creators serious about their work.™

Movement = What
Creators = Who


The iCreateDaily ‘How’

2. The day is the way.™

Daily = How


The iCreateDaily ‘Why’ aka Purpose

3. Create… Connect… Contribute.™

= Our Why
We connect with—and contribute to—others through our own daily creating and creations.

  1. What: a community… a movement
  2. Who: for creators serious about their work
  3. Why: to create, connect and contribute
  4. How: through sustained daily effort

So… 4 slogans can be a bit awkward and we may refine these over time, (glad to hear your thoughts/ideas on this). Some companies would call some of these Vision and Mission type phraseology. There’s often confusion over the differences of vision and mission, whereas Who, What, Why and How are all pretty straightforward. But as always, whatever works best for you, use that.

For more on slogans, you may enjoy this slogan makers article.


KISS – Keep it Super Simple

IMPORTANT: Again… It’s super important to keep it simple—especially at first—and not spend too much time identifying the “perfect” brand! Here’s why: it doesn’t exist. The perfect plan, doesn’t exist because it always changes in the field, and—like us—it evolves over time.

It’s in the journey that the way becomes more clear.
~LeAura Alderson,

As you begin working your plan, then can you better continue to plan your work. Do not waste precious time in theory. Dive into daily doing. It is there that your vision becomes more clear. Come up for air, reassess your direction and dive in again.

Dive into daily doing.
~LeAura Alderson,

If it’s too confusing for now for you to assess your why, what, who and how, then start with whichever one is easiest for you to connect with at first.

So identify your why, what and how.

  • Start, and your art will set your compass.
  • Sustain through daily creation and fans will come.
  • Succeed through consistency and persistency for proficiency over time.

Many of the most prolific artists and authors are actually introverts. It makes sense because the nature of the creator’s craft requires many long hours working alone day after day. The creative process is between the writer and his page… the painter and her canvas… the potter and his wheel… the composer and her piano.

The act of creating is a generally solitary act of wresting the internal cacophony into existence.
~LeAura Alderson,

But here’s the thing. The serious creator would create even if none were to enjoy her creation. She can’t but create. It is who she is. However, what is an actor without an audience; an author without a reader; an artist without a patron?

Creators need fans. And fans need the creator to remind them of the beauty and creativity that’s possible… to uplift, intrigue, entertain and inspire. A fan enjoying a creation brings purpose to the craft.

We believe artists will lead the way in this new era of entrepreneurs and creators. The world needs your art, your craft, your care.  Create daily. Connect and listen to your audience. Build your brand by steadily cultivating a following.

Brand building is a conversation, a caring and a sharing of yourself. Create, share, serve, repeat.
~LeAura Alderson,

Start. Sustain. Succeed. iCreateDaily!

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