Distribution Strategy for Content Creators

Purposing One into Many

Content repurposing is the number one way prolific content creators leverage their time and resources. Prominent influencers like Tom Bilyeu, Gary Vaynerchuk, Lewis Howes, and many other online thought leaders produce prolific amounts of content.

Table of Contents

    1. Repurposing from an Article to a Vlog to Social Media
    2. Repurposing from a Podcast to Social Media
    3. Repurposing from an Article to Email and Social Media
    4. Repurposing from Social Media to Articles or Other Formats

While they have the budget to repurpose quicker and at a higher level, there are ways you can leverage their strategy as well.

Audio Article – Content Distribution:

Content creators make it once and leverage that many times through smart distribution strategies.

The number one distribution strategy of content creators is repurposing. One seed; many fruits.
~ LeAura Alderson, iCreateDaily.com

Content Distribution

Content creators can leverage your time by taking an idea you’ve created, then tweak it for distribution to different formats and platforms. Leverage is essential for creators where it can take more time to make things than you could get paid for that one thing if based on an hourly rate.

How Much is too Much?

Content creators new to building your creative brand on social media are often concerned about posting too often or the same thing. But the truth is that most of your friends and followers don’t see nearly all of what you post.

If you have a business page, Facebook only shares your organic posts with less than 2% of your fans, unless you pay to play. If you advertise, then more will see it. So recycle your posts over time, all successful brands and content creators do.

The internet and social platforms, are inundated with billions of content uploads per second.

On Facebook alone, the sheer volume from Pages, Groups, People, and Live streams would boggle your mind.  Now take that and 100x it and that’s what Google organizes so that we can actually find the content we’re looking for.

If you gain a large following anywhere, most people miss your content the first time around, and even if they do see it, the chances of them remembering are minimal.  Unless it’s your grandmother who’s subscribed to your newsletter, but even then… She might forget. (You didn’t hear that from me. ;-))

Less than 2% of your Facebook followers will be served your organic content.

What if People Don’t Like What I Post?

Some content creators are concerned that if people don’t respond to what they put out there the first time, it’s a bad thing, so why bother repeating it? This is especially of concern to creators, whose work comes from within them.

You’re familiar with the sensitive artist who is afraid of putting her work out there. Creators are often perceived as hyper sensitive to critics of their work, but it’s because an artist’s work comes from within them. It’s not the same as sharing something you like from someone else. It always feels personal.

Not everyone is going to love your work. What matters is that you do, so put it out there so that those who love it will find it.
~LeAura Alderson, cofounder-iCreateDaily.com

4 Content Distributions Tips for Content Creators

1. Repurposing from an Article to a Vlog to Social Media:

If you publish a blog article, you could then turn it into a vlog. A vlog is a video blog where you read your article conversationally. That video can be posted on YouTube and social platforms, and then you can also separate the audio clip, and publish it as a podcast.

You can create different captions for social media posts that get recycled over time.  Have one caption for the article on Day 1 (the day you publish it). Later, you will recycle that article again. Next time you can change up the image you use when sharing it, and write a new caption.

2. Repurposing from a Podcast to Social Media

4x leverage:

Here’s an example of how we’ve done this on iCreateDaily Podcast:

  1. We published this podcast episode on our site.
  2. This is the initial Facebook post about the episode.
  3. Here is an updated version, pulling a quote from the episode, yet it leads to the same content. (Remember, most on our page will have never seen the first post).
  4. And this is that last version of the repurposing creating a mini-snippet from the original long video.

1×4: One piece of content—the interview—leveraged four ways. Four different styles and formats of sharing it. Each of which are geared towards finding a new angle and platform for sharing that one original thing.

3. Repurposing from an Article to Email and Social Media:

6x leverage:

Here’s an example of how we’ve done this with an iCreateDaily article:

  1. We published this article on the website.
  2. We send it out in our newsletter with a slightly different intro. (PS you can subscribe at the top of that link if you want to see all this in action) *WINK*
  3. We posted it in our private Facebook Group for Creators with an engaging and shareable meme. (You’re welcome to join if you’d like daily inspiration and a community of like-minded folks!
  4. We published one of the quote images to our Pinterest, which also links back to the article on the site.
  5. On Facebook we used a different image and caption, again linking to the same article.
  6. LeAura published this article on LinkedIn, using just a portion of the content, then linking back to the full article.

1×6: One piece of content—the article—leveraged six ways. Does it take time? Sure.

But you know what takes more time? Constantly slaving over making stuff that no one really sees. That’s exhausting.  We don’t love exhausting stuff… We love doing work that scales… making more with less, and giving people time to read and share our work. Right? 😉

“We love doing work that scales. Making more with less.”
~ LeAura Alderson, iCreateDaily.com


4. Repurposing from Social Media to Articles or Other Formats:

No website? No problem. We still recommend getting active with a Facebook Page at the very least. You can write shorter pieces of content, post photos, and do live streaming around the ideas or art you create.

Alternately, you may have a website, but discover a topic of interest to your audience by the comments and engagement one of your social posts elicits. In fact, tuning into the social conversations is a very rich source of content ideas that will directly serve your audience. but you like to create content on social media first, then you can do this.

6x Leverage:

  1. Take any form of post from your Facebook Page (status update, livestream, photo)
  2. Create an expanded version of that post as a video, article, or audio snippet
  3. Share it in an email newsletter
  4. Share to any other social media you are on for your business
  5. You can share your work to your personal profile from your business Page

Create content from your audience’s conversations, comments and questions, (that you then share starting back at #1).

We haven’t done this version for iCreateDaily because we started with a website, and in general if you have a website already, we would recommend starting there as your hub and online home. However, we do use snippets of community conversation in articles.

Any 3rd party platform you use (namely social media) could decide to kick you off for any given reason, or no reason (it has happened). Which leaves you stuck without a way to reach people you’ve built connections with.  But, if you just don’t have the time or resources to get a website up and running now, then you can start with social media and build from there.

If you decide that you don’t think you’ll ever need a website, you can actually run your business for free from Facebook! Facebook is continually increasing its capacity to serve businesses, such as making it easy to add “buy” buttons, a shop and even an email collection option.

The World Wide Web – Built By You

This folks, is the World Wide Web. The vast virtual Universe. Sidenote: Do you think those little bots are wondering: “Who made us? When was the Big Bang? Is there life after viruses?”

As much as I loathe spiders, their webs are the best representation of what’s going on in the Internet when you begin to connect all your work. You develop a cohesive network that all leads back to home base: Your website.

It doesn’t matter what kind of content you create, this works perfectly from articles to vlogs to whatever future form of creation that gets invented in the future.

Create your content.  Build your web. Catch your flies. GROSS!! Okay, don’t catch flies, ladies, and gents. Catch fans! Give them a way to find you online. Connect with really awesome people who love and adore you till the end of time, your tribe! 🙂

“The secret of leadership is simple: Do what you believe in. Paint a picture of the future. Go there. People will follow.”
~ Seth Godin, prolific author & entrepreneur


Resources for Getting Started:

If you’re still looking for how to get started on either launching a website, podcast or hosting, here’s what we use and recommend.

If you are interested in monetizing your website, then you will really enjoy this interview we did on the iCreateDaily Podcast with Amber Bracegirdle one of the co-owners of MediaVine.

We hope this made your job of maintaining your brand presence and feeding the “hungry” Internet beast easier! While this can all seem like a lot, it’s all about building your brand—and your dreams—just one step, one day at a time. And if you think about it, it’s a whole lot easier than running a retail store that you’re tied to every day of the week!

The Internet brings the world to you. Your tribe is there. You just need to help them find you.
~LeAura Alderson, iCreateDaily.com

You may also be interested in this content creation mastermind podcast. As always, please let us know what topics you’re interested in learning more about.

Content repurposing is one of the ways people like Tom Bilyeu, Gary Vaynerchuk, Lewis Howes, and many other online thought leaders produce prolific amounts of content.  While they have the budget to repurpose quicker and at a higher level, there are ways you can leverage their strategy as well. Their distribution strategy is to make it once and leverage that many times.


Contributions from the Community

By James Matichuk, artist, writer, pastor
My “I Create Daily” practice lately is to write a tweet length poem every day. I write it on Twitter and then cut and paste it to my facebook profile. Some serious, some religious (cause hey, that’s me). Others are pretty goofy. This was my one from today:

I shattered the glass,
bashed the blinds,
bruised my knuckles,
and knocked over
a stack of
But I killed that fly.
Then I washed
my hands
and went to bed.
Cleanliness is Important.
~By James Matichuk, artist, writer, pastor

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