Ideation Tools for the Creative Mind

Ideation tools can be complex or uber simple. You can probably guess which approach we favor.

Ideas can come in a flash… a flash of inspiration, of awareness, of reflection… and they can disappear as quickly. Ideas are ephemeral entities that live in the vaporous ether that permeates, envelopes and protects life on our planet. Ideas can come and go like clouds on a windy day. Here now, gone in a minute, before they’ve had time to precipitate their essence into your conscious mind.1)

The ideation process helps you find, gather and grow your ideas. From our experience, the simpler the ideation process, the better for successful replication.

If you’re not yet in that place where ideas flow freely, this article may be the first place for you to go before continuing on here.

The more you act on your ideas, the more ideas will flow to you.
~LeAura Alderson,

Ideation tools can be complex or uber simple. You can probably guess which approach we favor. Ideas can come in a flash... a flash of inspiration, of awareness, of reflection... and they can disappear as quickly. Ideas are ephemeral entities that live in the vaporous ether that permeates, envelopes and protects life on our planet.

The Idea Garden

We live in the woods, love nature and are into gardening, where it’s easy to see wonderful lessons in garden metaphors.

When you’ve laid the foundation for your garden, you don’t keep digging up new ground each year and starting over. In fact, each year you get better at simplifying the process and building on the previous successes. The more you grow the more you can grow. Same thing with the ideation process.

The ideation of a fertile mind is self generating through planting. Ideas are like seeds. The more ideas you bring to life, the more ideas you have to bring to life. Ideas that have energy, drive and daily momentum behind them, will grow.

The more seeds of ideas you plant and nurture in the garden, the more ideas you will have. Ideas are fed through daily doing. In turn, like the garden, the ideas feed you.

“Though I do not believe that a plant will spring up where no seed has been, I have great faith in a seed. Convince me that you have a seed there, and I am prepared to expect wonders.”
~Henry David Thoreau


If you’re an ideator… the sort to have imagined “six impossible things before breakfast“, then skip down to #2. If you need help generating ideas, continue on to #1 first. Remember, there are lots of elaborate and “corporate” techniques online you could choose. Our preference is simplicity, so this is super simplified to save you time.

1. A Simple Ideation Process – Idea Generator – (TIP)

Thought generates ideas. Ideation expands those ideas. Plant your ideas on paper to anchor them for further development.

  1. Thought – conceive and brainstorm
  2. Ideate – expand to plant
  3. Paper – journal to anchor

T.I.P: Short, sweet, simple, and it works.

If you’re still struggling with generating ideas, you might choose a creativity journal, (or search for whichever style best suits you).

The best ideation process is to immerse in your work, and also to step back and engage your mind in something entirely different. The ideas live there, in the micro and macro. Practice viewing from both, and you will get better at creatively relevant ideation.

However, the more you do the work of your art… your business.. the more ideas will naturally flow to you. Once you’re in the flow, you won’t likely need the ideation process. Instead, you’ll go straight to the next step, the ideation tool.

The best ideation tool is a simple journal.
~LeAura Alderson,

2. Ideation Tool – An Idea Journal

If you’re a prolific ideator with more ideas than time, then write them down. All of them. Each one that comes your way, even if they seem silly.

Creativity journals have prompts, which can be helpful. However, for storing and tracking ideas, something simpler, without prompts or distractions is best.

Keep an “Ideas Journal”, like this one or other simple format. Write all of your ideas down in the same journal or notebook until it’s full, then start another one.


Your Ideas Journal

  1. Format: simple or blank  pages
  2. Header: Write the idea title, date and context for how it came to you
  3. Description: Write down any accompany thoughts thus far
  4. Leave it: get back to your work at hand.

Then you must have the discipline to set it aside. You’ve created the outline for it so that you should be able to easily slip back into the idea when you’re free to. For now you need to redirect your focus, unless… unless your mind is flooded with this new idea, such that the creative muse will not be silenced. Then go with it and continue. Just beware.

“Creating daily is to plant a seed that becomes an orchard for your future.”
~LeAura Alderson,

Beware the Shiny Object Syndrome

The temptation for ideators and creative minds is to thrill at working on the next new idea…the shiny object syndrome at the expense of finishing the one at hand. In order to advance your work and grow your business to sustain you and to have you feel complete and accomplished, you must also bring projects to completion and profitability, and the only way to do that is to stay focused on one to five primary goals at a time, one at a time.

It is now anchored or “planted” in matter, so you will not lose it.

The more you write down your ideas, the more ideas you will have. More than that, the more you act on your ideas, the more ideas will flow your way. But… it’s best to work on one idea at a time, and no more than five in the same time period.

The more ideas you bring to life, the more your ideas will flourish. And like seeds to plants and plants to harvest, each idea brought to fruition can give life to so many more.
~LeAura Alderson,

This concept of working on more than one thing at once is a good fit for most creators. It’s the antithesis of the recommendation by Geoff Woods and the One Thing concept. However, Chase Jarvis on Lewis Howes’ interview, describes how working on lots of things can be helpful, so ideators will enjoy this especially.

This link goes to that time mark, but you’ll probably enjoy refreshing to the beginning to get the entire episode. We love and admire both of these guys, and what’s important is to find what way that works best for you, based on which keeps you most positively productive.

The bottom line? Always do whatever process works best for you. Everybody is different and every expert is speaking from his/her perspective. If you’re in the beginning of your creative journey, the one thing that should serve you most as you discover the best ways for you to ideate, create and succeed, is to set quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals, and then work it.

The fastest way to anchor an idea is to write it down.
~LeAura Alderson,

Remember to Anchor Your Ideas

Ideas can evaporate as fast as dreams upon awakening, like mist to sunlight… like wind to a delicate seed. So it’s important to take action to anchor ideas into your conscious mind through tangible anchors. Shine the light of mind on that idea before it evaporates in the day. Take that idea and store that seed safely by first writing it down until it’s ready to be planted.  An ideas journal is an essential tool for a creator.

Writing down ideas is also an essential survival tool of BBS – Busy Brain Syndrome. Get it out of your head and onto paper before you lose it, and so that you can get back to the work at hand.

Access to the creative realm is only a thought away.
~LeAura Alderson,

3 Steps to Bring Your Ideas to Life

When you’re ready to start your next project, because—you know—you’ve finished one of your current ones, you can just go to your Ideas Journal and find the next most viable idea that you’d like to work on.

  1. Identify the idea/s to focus on first
  2. Identify the steps to completion – plan your journey through monthly, weekly and daily goals
  3. Do that daily and you will arrive at your destination

The more you create in the world, the more ideas will trust you and seek you out.
~LeAura Alderson,

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