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If You Believe it You Can Achieve it

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Dream Big if That’s Your Thing.

Most people start out their lives with big dreams.  The biggest reason most people don’t make it into their vision of their life? They don’t believe it. They don’t yet truly see themselves in their future vision. The truth is that if you believe it you can achieve it.

Not everyone has big dreams, and that’s perfect, because it might get a bit crazy if everyone was pursuing big dreams. Visionaries also need implementers and admins, managers and assistants of all sort, and cheerleaders, supporters and encouragers.

Performers need an audience to enjoy their creations. The audience is mostly comprised of people who aren’t doing the performance but who are there to appreciate and immerse in inspiration. They play an essential role as well, for they magnify the creation and help our dreams come to life.

If Your Dreams Are Compelling…

If your dreams compel you, then let them propel you into a future together… the future you long for. Believe it and you can achieve it… if you do the work to manifest your dreams. Daily. Obsessively. Intently and intensely.

Color the pages of your dreams with belief born of daily inner and outer work. Daily visioning, planning and effort.

It’s like fitness. Anyone who wants to be more fit, can do so. But it won’t happen without them. No matter how much wealth we have we cannot outsource our own health and fitness. Only we can do that for ourselves.

It’s the same for our emotional, mental and creative workouts. We have to show up daily and do the work. When we do, we are transformed.

Seeing is believing, but believing is also seeing.

If your dreams compel you, then let them propel you. Obsessively. Intently. Intensely. Daily.
~LeAura Alderson, cofounder – iCreateDaily.com®

Table of Contents

What if You Believed it with All Your Heart?

If they did… if they realized that it was really and truly possible, they would do everything in their power to make it so. Because the thing is, if you believe it, you can achieve it. In fact it may just be that you have to believe it to achieve it, and then work diligently to make it so.

If you fully believe that you can achieve your dreams, then nothing will stop you from the daily diligence and hard work required to make them real.

Ask Yourself…

“What would I do of I realized I could not fail?”
~Jana Stanfield, Singer, songwriter-What would I do if I were brave?

Audio Article – Achieve It! 

If You Believe it…You Can Achieve it

If I believe,
I can achieve.

If I believe I can,
I achieve.

If I believe it,
I can achieve it.

I believe I can achieve.

And so I do.

~LeAura Alderson, iCreateDaily.com®
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It’s Proven to Work

Science and individuals have now studied and proven beyond a doubt that humans have the power of mind to create changes in our brains through visioning. The best pro athletes employ visioning as an integral part of their training.

Studies have shown that mental practice can replicate the same brain way synapsing of someone actually playing a piano. Further, that those who practice it mentally over a period, including non-piano players, can then go and play that song on the piano in reality.

The Best Way to Succeed

It can be very hard to imagine yourself in the future of your dreams. It takes imagination, determination and a tremendous amount of belief in your dreams to put in the work necessary to see it through.

To achieve your dreams requires work. But… you’re going to be working anyway. To achieve requires sustained focus over time. But well… this is YOUR DREAM, so focusing on that which you most want in your life should be a pleasure.

If focusing on your dreams each day through the thoughts you create and the efforts you make doesn’t create a riveting focus for you, then perhaps it’s not your thing.

The best way to succeed at this is to break it down into manageable goals and hold the vision of where you want to go, even as you dive into the journey of daily doing. And to remember that doing something toward your goals each day, one day at a time is the only way to arrive.

Doing something toward your goals each day, one day at a time is the only way to arrive.
~LeAura Alderson, iCreateDaily.com®

Doing something toward your goals each day, one day at a time is the only way to arrive.~LeAura Alderson, iCreateDaily.com® #IfYouBelieveItYouCanAchieveIt #GoalsQuotes #OneDayAtATime #TheDayIsTheWay

Becoming in the Journey

You will go through changes when you commit to your dreams.  The journey of becoming is a journey of discovery. You cannot predict all that will come your way, but a common theme amongst those who set out on the journey toward their dreams is how sometimes the surprises along the way often become “the thing“.

Believe to Achieve

Conceive an idea.
Perceive possibility.
Believe and do.
Act and achieve.
Conceive. Perceive. Believe. Achieve

~LeAura Alderson, iCreateDaily.com®

Just Start

So don’t worry about having it all figured out before you start. Even the best of plans need tweaking in the field of experience. Just set your sites on your goal… your horizon.

Identify the next most important steps toward that, then head in that direction through daily actions. You will discover more of w hat you need along the way.

It is no coincidence that the horizon is ever in the distance. Yet… When you mark your next horizon by your goals, you will stand upon the markers of horizons past, and cast your sights to the next one.

The perfect plan does not exist.

“I see the goal, I reach the goal and then I see another.”  


The challenge is to keep on going when the going gets tough. And it will get tough. You will struggle. At times you will doubt yourself, your sanity and your capacity to achieve your goals.

Every rainbow is preceded by rain. Every road has bumps and some have detours. It’s uncommon for everything to always work out perfectly, in fact we’ve yet to hear of any success story that wasn’t preceded by failure stories and obstacles of all shapes and sizes to overcome.

A cool correlation to exercise is that for the muscle to grow stronger and better requires that it first fail and be torn down, so that it may rebuild. Same for us and our plans and dreams.

If you do a bicep curl every day on just one arm, and add in a couple extra reps per day, that one arm will grow leaner, strong and more defined that the other. Chances are you will notice a difference in just a couple days. It’s the same with all progress.

Daily steps in the direction of your dreams is a proven path to success.

If you believe it… and you keep on going daily, you will achieve it! And here’s the thing: what’s the alternative? To give up… to settle for less?

No, that’s not you.

Is it?

YOU are worthy of your dream for it originated from within you. Now go make it so. You’re the only one who can.
~LeAura Alderson, iCreateDaily.com®

YOU are worthy of your dream for it originated from within you. Now go make it so. You're the only one who can.~LeAura Alderson, iCreateDaily.com® #IfYouBelieveItYouCanAchieveIt #YourDreams #YouAreWorthy #DreamBig #FollowYourHeart #PursueYourDreams


Determine that the thing can and shall be done, and then we shall find the way.
~Abraham Lincoln, 16th President of the United States

When the going gets tough, remember why you’re doing this. Your “why” is the fuel you need to sustain you, no matter what. And remember to believe, then make it so.

The inspiration from one stream, flows into the river of many. Each idea a ship set sail on the sea of possibility. Daily creating is the wind in your sails. Your goal is your north star. Tend the helm.
~LeAura Alderson, cofounder – iCreateDaily.com®

The inspiration from one stream, flows into the river of many. Each idea a ship set sail on the sea of possibility. ~LeAura Alderson, iCreateDaily.com®  #IfYouBelieveItYouCanAchieveIt #Inspiration #CreateDaily #iCreateDaily #Goals #GoalSetting

No Regrets

You will never ever regret every effort to do more of the work that truly matters to you. Associate with others who are doing the same and that becomes your new “normal”… your new “average”.

Choose Your Easy

It’s easy to be average.
Easy to make excuses.
It’s easy to do less.
Easy to give up.
It’s not easy to live with that.

~LeAura Alderson, iCreateDaily.com®
Choose Your EasyIt’s easy to be average.Easy to make excuses.It’s easy to do less.Easy to give up.It’s not easy to live with that.~LeAura Alderson, iCreateDaily.com®#IfYouBelieveItYouCanAchieveIt #ExcusesQuote #Believe #NoExcusesQuotes

Words on Belief by Will Smith

If You Believe It You Can Achieve It

Believe it and you can achieve it”… if you do the work to manifest your dreams. Daily.

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