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How to Sell Photos Online – Coffee Break

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How to Sell Photos Online – Coffee Break #iCreateDaily

In one of our Facebook Groups, one of our members asked how to sell photos online. She owns a farm and already has lots of wonderful images but is interested in making some money from them.

Many photographers and visual artists who want to earn a living from their art also want to do this.

Today there are many platforms which allow visual artists to either sell the images they make or create merchandise (apparel, mugs, canvas prints etc) out of their photos or paintings. We cover tips and platforms for both photographers and visual artists to sell their work.

If this is a topic you’re interested in, check out our conversation as well as the resources below the video.


  • Platforms for selling photos and visual art
  • How sharing your art online helps
  • Tools for watermarking photos
  • Why prolific sharing matters
  • Marketing ideas for photographers and visual artists
  • Ideas on niche targeting for selling
  • Content marketing for visual artists

Free Stock Photo Sites for Brand Building

Pixabay and Unsplash which are not platforms for selling work, only giving photos away for free. That is important for brand growth when you’re just starting out. Both websites have a lot of traffic so if you can begin ranking your images on them, you’ll start expanding your presence on these platforms.

On Unsplashs homepage, they even tell you the top 5 trending searches for the day. Useful for anyone getting started and unsure what their visual niche is. Just start taking lots of relevant photos based on what’s trending. You can always get artistic down the road once you have revenue and brand established.

If you are a photographer or visual artist who is successful in selling your work online, please reach out because we would love to interview you about the topic! You can email us: Creators@iCreateDaily or send a message on our Facebook Page.

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* Neither Alex or Matt sell their work on Stock sites, but they are both professional photographers. Alex only does direct photo shoots with clients, Matt does photos and videos direct for clients.

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