~ Things you can achieve in 90 Days ~

  • Launch a podcast
  • Write a book
  • Start a website
  • Learn a new skill
  • Start a business
  • Compose new music
  • Grow your social channel
  • Finish paintings
  • Plan & plant a garden
  • Create health & fitness
  • Create 90 pieces of art
  • Make 90 connections
"I love this journal planner. Not just for creatives but for anyone
who wants or needs to break down their to do list and their goals.

If you are a creator or a creative person, this will help you stay on track to
achieve solid results, and over time, huge pay offs."

What do you want to create in 90 days?

The 90 Day Goals Planner & Journal helps you create an action plan and work it daily, weekly and monthly, to stay on course to your dreams.

My goal setting journal was delivered today!!!
Thank you so much! It’s exactly what I was hoping it would be!  
I LOVE it!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Karen D Bota
journalist, writer

30-60-90 Day Goals Process

The 90 Day Goals Journal walks you through how to set yearly goals, and then break them down by quarter. You start with the end in mind, and each day, week, month, and quarter gets you closer to your annual vision.

This journal is divided into 90, 30, 7, and 1-day planning and tracking pages, here’s the breakdown: 


  • 90 Day Macro Goals: Quarterly goals are your macro goals.
  • 30 Day Macro Goals: Monthly goals are your macro goals.


  • 7 Day Micro Goals: These steps get sorted into your weekly micro goals.
  • 1 Day Micro Goals: These steps get sorted into your daily micro goals.
The biggest benefit for me has come from the combination of little things:
writing a daily gratitude - day after day.
And giving myself permission to write the same gratitudes:
"I'm grateful for my life just as it is now."

I'm grateful for my art-making process just as it is now. The result is that when before I would have given up long ago, I'm still working on the challenge and my goal. And I'm still excited about it.
Lynne Hundley
Visual Artist

90-Day Goals ~ Quarterly:

 Identify major goal or goals you want to achieve in 90 days. We call these macro goals.

30-Day Goal ~ Monthlies:

Break down your 90 day monthly macro goal into monthly goals or objectives needed to achieve your 90 Day Goal/s, called “monthlies”.

7-Day Goals ~ Weeklies:

Break down your monthly goals into weekly increments. We call these micro goals “weeklies”.

1-Day Goals ~ Dailies:

Break down your weekly micro goals into daily action steps, called “dailies”.


Just checking in. I am so pleased with the 90 Day Goals Journal and am starting my second week with it. I exceeded my goal yesterday by 100 words!

This is an awesome increase over me procrastinating and having a hard time getting started. Breaking down the goal first into three months, weekly, then daily is helping me so much.

Also that each day you focus on what good DID come of that day and what you actually did accomplish. Then starting a new week you re-evaluate and alter it if you have to but do not beat yourself up. Starting the day with gratitude seems to energize.

Thank you SO much LeAura Alderson and Devani Anjali Alderson for just being you.
Audrey I. Jalving, 2/19/19
author (See Audrey's follow up goals report below!)

Each day, week, and month your vision grows and shifts as you progress through the 90 Day Goals Planner process.


I am pleased to say I have just finished my book "Crunin."
It capped out at about 55,000 words. I do need to go through it now and edit it.
Hopefully I will be able to share the Prologue soon.

Thank you for your 90 day journal.
It has helped keep me on track and I will continue using it throughout the whole process!
Audrey I. Jalving