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There Ain’t Nothing Gonna Steal My Joy – Life Lessons

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Little ballerinas dancing

The ‘Nothing’s Gonna Steal My Joy‘ Dancer

A must see if you haven’t yet, this is a most inspiring video of a 6 year old girl dancing exuberantly during a choir performance of ‘There Ain’t Nothing Gonna Steal My Joy’.  There’s so much to love about all of this.

Life Lessons From Little Loren – A Tiny Dancer With Big Joy

A Reminder of Your Innocent, Eager Child Within…

This little 6 year old girl, Loren Patterson, daughter of Jennifer and Mike Patterson, reminds us of what it’s like to be an innocent, unself-conscious, exuberant being. Unshackled by any care in the world of what others may think, Loren Patterson steals the show by the sheer power of her unbridled enthusiasm.

Do you remember when? Can you connect with that eager child within now…? And when you need him/her most?

I know you can.

Even if you have to practice it. And it could well begin with dynamic movement to music. That always works for me.

In the video that follows, a little girl is moved to dance and singing to the song by Zach Williams, Old Church Choir song, also known as, There Ain’t Nobody Gonna Steal My Joy. She’s cute, she’s exuberant, and she’s got rhythm!

But it isn’t her looks, her attire, or her dance moves that captivate. It isn’t any of the outer trappings that we come to expect in captivating performances. It is simply her enthusiasm… her joy and unbridled delight at the music and the message.

When we do what it is we’re here to do, joy flows through.
~LeAura Alderson,®

Remember to Find and Follow Your Joy

Loren reminds us that when we’re doing that which moves our soul, there is joy, and joy expressed is naturally magnetic and uplifting to others. So when you follow your joy, it will show… it can’t but glow from within you, and when it does, others will be inspired by that light.

And certainly, the world needs more joy today. Perhaps that acceleration of conflict in the world today is in part because too many people are not aligned with their joy… with purpose.

And relative to finding your joy… or your purpose, remember, you have the power to create it. In fact it is our destiny and divine prerogative to do so.

Dance Like Nobody’s Looking

Although many people were looking at 6 year old Loren dancing, and then apparently many millions have since seen it online, she was dancing like nobody was looking. Because she was in the zone… in the joy… in the moment of pure ecstatic creative flow. She was dancing because she couldn’t not.

What is it that’s creative and uplifting to you, that’s nurturing to your higher aspirations that you can’t not do?

We have to qualify this with creative aspirations versus desire temptations. It doesn’t nurture the soul to ‘can’t not have’ that donut we shouldn’t have, or that cigarette, or that one-too-many-drinks, or that media distraction that we “have to” click on or engage.

These things have their place for relaxation and recreation, but shouldn’t be confused with aspirations.

So we separate the teenage mentality of “have to have it” with the mature adult mentality of understanding the difference between lower desires and higher aspirations. Both inclinations have their place in our evolution, and maturity means parenting and disciplining those inclinations accordingly.

Being ‘in the zone’ is about creation not consumption.
~LeAura Alderson, cofounder

When We Are Right With Ourselves

When we’re right with ourselves, we’re right with the world. We understand and empathize, forgive and harmonize the conflicts that confront us. For when we’re right with ourselves, “there ain’t nobody gonna steal my joy”.

When we’re right with ourselves, we’re right with the world. We understand and empathize, forgive and harmonize the conflicts that confront us.
~LeAura Alderson, cofounder®

Photo by Anastasiia Tarasova on Unsplash

Be a Busy Creator, not a Busy Body

Loren is not concerned about what others are or are not doing… with who is or is not watching her. She has no thought for who might be judging her, and it’s not just because of her youth. She’s also not concerned because she’s too busy expressing her joy and creating more joy through that engagement.

So when we’re caught up in the social distractions or political dramas or even fear and concern for what might happen in the world, then we’re out of sync with Self. Let’s not waste our time in the dramas of the world that we did not create and cannot help. We can actually accomplish more for ourselves and others by focusing on expressing our higher Self and aspirations.

For when you’re right with yourself… “Ain’t nothing gonna steal your joy.”®

There Aint Nothing Gonna Steal My Joy. 6 y/o dancer in choir and song. lyrics. Joy and Positivity Quote #AintNothingGonnaStealMyJoy #6yearOldDancer #PositivityQuote #iCreateDaily #LoveYourself #PersonalDevelopment
Image by Pam Simon from Pixabay

More Examples of the Positive Impact of Joy

The other day my 85 year old mother spent all day watching and listening to the conductor André Rieu and his orchestra and performers. Her favorite of all is the performances with then 6 year old Amira Willighagener performers.

Many of the performances are free on YouTube and professionally produced video renditions — also many for free —through

Joy and positivity expand us and those around us.
~LeAura Alderson,®

There Aint Nothing Gonna Steal My Joy. 6 y/o dancer in choir and song. lyrics. Joy and Positivity Quote #AintNothingGonnaStealMyJoy #6yearOldDancer #JoyQuote #PositivityQuote #iCreateDaily #Positivity
Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Hans Zimmer – Inception

This is one of my favorites. Not just the majestic performance, but seeing the creator, Hans Zimmer —and other creators — transported into the joy zone. Joy is beautiful, and joy begets joy.

Bring the Joy

Just watching Loren’s animated joy has uplifted millions of us. Something so innocently, simply beautiful.

Imagine what’s possible with more people alight with joy over frustration… with creative inspiration over inflammation and agitation.

Transmute the negativity into creativity and positive action and you’ll get out of that negative loop that keeps you chasing the tail of fear and anxiety.

The world needs more joy. We all do. So bring it, create it, engage it purposefully, consciously, daily, and you’ll have more joy in your life and more love in your heart. It is the Law.

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”
~Howard Thurman, author, philosopher, theologian, educator, 1899-1981

THE WORLD NEED MORE JOY... AND SO DO YOU!  'People who have come alive quote'.
#WhatMakesYouComeAlive #HowardThurmanQuote #WhatTheWorldNeedsQuote #iCreateDaily #PursueYourPassion

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There Ain’t Nothing Gonna Steal My Joy Lyrics

Old Church Choir

By Zach Williams,

There’s revival, and it’s spreading
Like a wildfire in my heart
A Sunday morning, Hallelujah
And it’s lasting all week long

Can you hear it?
Can you feel it?
It’s the rhythm of a gospel song
Oh, once you choose it, you can’t lose it
There ain’t nothing, there ain’t nothing gonna steal my joy

I got an Old Church Choir singing in my soul
I got a sweet salvation and it’s beautiful
I’ve got a heart overflowing ’cause I’ve been restored
There ain’t nothing gonna steal my joy
No, there ain’t nothing gonna steal my joy

When the valleys that I wander
Turn to mountains that I can’t climb
Oh, you are with me, never leave me
Oh, ’cause there ain’t nothing, there ain’t nothing gonna steal my joy

I got an Old Church Choir singing in my soul
I got a sweet salvation and…

Source: LyricFind

But When You Can’t Do What You Love…

While it’s helpful to be able to do what you love, it’s not always possible. But we don’t have to only do what we love to experience joy. We can experience joy by loving whatever it is we’re doing.

Get Gratitude.

The Day is the Way.

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