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To Toot Your Own Horn is Essential for Your Brand Survival

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It’s Not Gratuitous Self Promotion

For you and your work to succeed in the world, it’s essential to toot your own horn.

The child colors a picture and delightedly brings it to the parent to show it off. It doesn’t really matter if it’s beautiful, for their delight is in the fact that they created something from nothing. Something that wasn’t there before, and with their very own hands.

We creators can identify with that childlike joy in sharing our work, for creations — like creativity — want to be shared. Like the wonders of Mother Nature that shows her beauty in infinite variations of artistry, creativity is not shy to be seen or applauded.

But also like Mother Nature and her exquisite wonders, that is not why the artist creates. She creates and shares because that’s who she is and what she does… what she’s compelled to do.

Creations want to be shared. Like the wonders of Mother Nature that shows her beauty in infinite variations of artistry, creativity is not shy to be seen or applauded.
~LeAura Alderson, writer, editor, creator®

The Critics

An acquaintance said, (paraphrasing her several comments into her key thought):
“It would be better to use other people’s quotes instead of your own… and to wait [humbly] for others to quote your content.”

Rather than toot our own horn, she thought we should wait for others to care enough and be inspired enough to share it for us.

Hmm… isn’t that the creator’s dream?!?

Unless your brand of creativity is as a stage performer or entertainer which nature includes being in the limelight, most creators just want to create. The job we least want to do is self promote. Okay, for some of us the least favorite might be to work with numbers! But even those comfortable with being stage front would prefer to leave the marketing and horn tooting to others.

This friend went on to say that people like to share quotes they’re familiar with. The sayings by famous names throughout the ages, the tried and true, or the popular and new by acclaimed authors and thought leaders. You know… the ones that everyone loves and shares, us included. Those are safe, they’re known and proven to be liked and acceptable.

“Creativity is a joyous energy poised and ready to spring to life.”
~LeAura Alderson, writer, editor, creator®

Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Sharing Joy

Hmm… should a singer sing only when asked? Or a painter only paint when commissioned, or share his work only by way of others “discovering” and requesting it? And how shall his work be found to be purchased and contracted if he doesn’t first put lots and lots of work out there to be found?

For any artist to get their work known, they must get it out there. For the art to do it’s work of touching others, it must be seen, and to be seen means the artist must take the plunge of courage to share it generously and abundantly. 

A couple of our favorite artists who’ve done this very well are musicians. Lindsey Stirling and also Adrian Von Ziegler are both highly successful creators who’ve growth decamillions followings by virtue of simply creating and publishing lots of content consistently over time.

It takes courage because not everyone will love it, and some may not even like it. Some will criticize you as seeking attention or seeking praise. For a long time it may feel like the top feature image where it seems like you’re sharing to an audience of one or none.

But your purpose is to create and share the joy, and NOT to get caught up in other people’s opinions as to whether you should do your work as you’re doing it. Feedback is good. It’s informative and often helpful, for to succeed we definitely need to embrace ongoing learning and growth. But remember to seek feedback most from those who know your industry and preferably, who are also in the arena doing similar work

Create, share, learn and grow.

“Confidence is built by making progress in an intentional way.”
~Benjamin Hardy, psychologist, author, philosopher

No Offense Taken

I didn’t take offense or get upset at the friend’s comment. I understand what she meant, and her discomfort with what feels like self promotion. All creators have to get over that feeling in the beginning of sharing our work with the world.

Traditionally, magazines and newspapers (and PR firms on behalf of writers, and other creators, professionals, authors, etc.) did the “pull out” blurbs and quotes. It’s just that in most of those cases, the publishers weren’t also the entrepreneurs, writers, editors, and owners! 

When you own your own business, especially in the beginning few years. You wear all the hats, and it may even feel more like the business owns you!  ?????⛑ 

Non-entrepreneurs don’t realize that all PR begins with the artist or product creator, putting their own work out in the world, in order to establish their brand.

To survive requires that you work hard peddling your own wares and even toot your own horn, for there’s no budget for a slick PR firm intermediary to be your spokesperson. … to take your words and work and promote it as if by an objective third party.

Don’t Be a Tall Poppy

Those working in larger companies and corporations, tend to be especially sensitive at being careful not to stand out, to not be the “tall poppy”, and to only use consensus approved resources. But we know that the ultimate creativity and innovation comes from outside “the box”

But if that’s all that we did, cycling and recycling the same content, we would limit ideation and creative evolution. To recreate and perpetuate that which is already safe and sure, would diminish our progress as creators, innovators, and thus as humanity.

But… as we also know, the more we put ourselves out there, there will always be “the critics”!

In the early days, the creator must publish and self promote. It isn’t hubris, it’s essential for the art to survive and thrive. Do your art, share it generously, and eventually, others will take over that task.

The poppy that works hard to grow the tallest has earned its way into light. Same for you. So go be a tall poppy and don’t let others try to bring you down. Instead, help lift them up.

“Art is a personal act of courage, something one human does that creates change in another.”
~Seth Godin, entrepreneur, author, speaker, teacher, b.7/10/1960

Create your art, and share it out loud.

Whether you’re just getting started writing, or have already published your book, you might enjoy this article on self publishing tips.

“Know your why and fly girl fly!”
~Jamie Kern Lima, founder ‘it cosmetics’, author

SOURCE: Jamie Kern Lima’s book – Believe It!

Top Feature Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Statue of Freedom is the crowning feature of the Dome of the United States Capitol. The bronze statue stands 19 feet 6 inches tall and weighs approximately 15,000 pounds, by artist, Thomas Crawford… perhaps with one of the earliest recorded “selfies”.

Statue of Freedom is the crowning feature of the Dome of the United States Capitol. Perhaps with one of the earliest recorded "selfies" by artist, Thomas Crawford, in white, with camera string in hand. #StatueOfFreedom #UnitedSatesCapitolBuilding
Perhaps with one of the earliest recorded “selfies” by artist, Thomas Crawford, in white, with camera string in hand.

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