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The Symbol of Water as Human Emotions

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The Symbol of Water as Emotions #WaterSymbol #Emotions #EmotionalNature #SymbolOfWater

The symbol of water is a familiar one across all religions and spiritual traditions. Water unifies all life on planet earth for all depends on it for survival. The symbol of water as human emotions is also a common meaning given by those who interpret dreams.

The Symbol of Water

The scientific or chemical symbol for water is H2O. Why, and what does H20 mean?

H20 means that each water molecule contains one oxygen atom and two hydrogen atoms.

“The oxygen atom is slightly negatively charged, and the carbon and hydrogen atoms are slightly positively charged.”

That’s interesting when it comes to contemplating water in this article, as the symbol for emotions. Perhaps it’s poignant that there’s one negatively charged atom and two positively charged atoms.

In fact, we might muse (esoterically and metaphorically) on this inverted triangle symbol for water. We can imagine that the top two positively charged atoms represent a greater energy poured through the negatively charged atom, creating the potential for a positive conversion.

Remember, this is symbolic musing, not science, but such mental callisthenics is fun and can also yield intriguing discoveries.

The actual symbol of water is an inverted triangle.

The symbol of water-scientific symbol of water is an inverted triangle
The scientific symbol for water is an inverted triangle.


Being an autodidactic student of philosophy and psychology for many years, has led me to often think conceptually and symbolically. There’s much to be discovered in contemplating nature and the connection between the seasons of life with the human life cycle. Perhaps you’ve reflected on this as well.

Similarly, it’s natural for a philosophical observer, or student of nature’s classroom to connect the elements with the various aspects of our being. There’s a correlation of the body as earth, the symbol of water as emotions, air as mind and sun or fire with the soul and spirit.

If you haven’t yet considered that connection, there’s likely much that will be revealed to your pondering mind as to the nature of emotions and the water element in all of its forms. Likely much you could create around that as well, should you care to explore intuitive art on this topic. 

For now, we’re exploring a water metaphor related to ourselves and humanity in general. Including this stormy planetary event that affects every single human being here, to some extent great or small.

“Water is life’s matter and matrix, mother and medium. There is no life without water.” 
~Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, M.D. Hungarian biochemistdiscovered vitamin C, 1893-1986

Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

Leveling Up

We are in a phase of evolution where we’re navigating rough waters as humanity voyages toward our next level of growth. 

The symbol of water as akin to the emotional nature brings to mind an analogy for these times. It’s as though we’re traveling through the Panama canal where at each lock we must rise to the next level before we can continue on… before the “boat” of humanity is elevated for safe continuation of this voyage. 

Individually and collectively as humanity, the need is before us to elevate ourselves, our circumstances, families and communities. We must navigate troubled waters safely and rise to the next level to pass through the gate of the heart.

Individually and collectively, the need is before us to elevate ourselves, our circumstances, families and communities.
~LeAura Alderson, writer, editor, creator ®

QUOTE-Individually and collectively, the need is before us to elevate ourselves, our circumstances, families and communities.
Photo by said alamri on Unsplash

Emotions and Water

Beyond the nature of water representing the nature of our emotions, our emotions can affect the nature of water.

Emotions Are Essential to Life

Consider some of the correlations between water and emotions. Create your own list, then scroll down to our evolving list at the end.

Dr Masaru Emoto and the Emotions of Water

Dr. Masaru Emoto dedicated the last years of his life to scientific research via specialized photography, on how emotion affect water molecules. Over a dozen books and many photos and videos later, Dr. Emoto depicted numerous circumstances where emotions impacted water molecules either positively, negatively or neutrally.

Whether or not Dr. Emoto’s work is true, (he has his critics, as do all alternative practices and discoveries), the concept of the impact of emotions on water makes sense. Technology uses sound waves transmitted through air and water and both act as carriers, resulting in all kinds of technological tools that run civilization today. Cell towers transmit waves through air and sonar through water.

Humans contain air and water. Chances are we all host the elements of transmission as well.

Most of us, whether empathic, telepathic, psychic or not, can feel the negativity or positivity in an environment we enter. If animals can, then certainly the human animal can. It’s just that we’ve distanced ourselves from that natural connection through the years of industrial development.

Water is a medium for transference of waves, and emotions have been measured in waves when hooked up to body and brain monitors.

Speaking symbolically, it stands to reason that emotions can affect the waters of our body in much the way the weather affects the planetary bodies of water. If the water in our bodies can serve to transmit feelings, we could conjecture that the molecules of water are also likely affected. Similarly, that our thoughts and feelings can pollute or purify our own inner environment.

Dr. Masaru Emoto and the Transformation of Water Molecules

We find it intriguing — at least in English — that Dr. Emoto’s name includes the root of the word for emotions, given his revelatory work of studying the effects of emotions on water.

No Time

So many of us have probably proclaimed many times over the years about not having enough time for this or that which we want to do, learn, have, or get to. During the Covid-19 quarantine, so many people today have far more time due to social and work restrictions.

Many people express being bored. While that’s understandable, most creators don’t have time to be bored because our creative minds are always coming up with new ideas and projects to do. Like Peter Shankman’s quotes below, we see this as an opportunity to get to those projects we’ve been putting off starting or finishing or learning how to do.

Now, we have the time.

Covid-19 Observation

I’m focusing on ME... on exercise, on planning for my Ironman in February. I’m focusing on giving more virtual keynotes to companies around the world, from the comfort of my kitchen… on learning how to play Chess, so I can play with my daughter, who already knows. I’ve shut the doors on trying to see what everyone else is doing, and wondering if I’m keeping up with them. Instead, I’m focusing on being the best I can be. Why? Because that’s all I can control. Perhaps it’s time to shut your doors for a while, and spend time working on the things that are holding YOU back?
~Peter Shankman, Social entrepreneur, author, corp.speaker, SOURCE: email, 7/14/20

Your creative imagination is your magic wand for transformation, and you are up to the task… because you are a creator. Love and gratitude are the magic words that will open the gates of creativity to light your way… and elevate your passage to the next level.

I’m focusing on being the best I can be. Because that’s all I can control. Perhaps it’s time to shut your doors for a while, and spend time working on the things that are holding YOU back?
~Peter Shankman, Social entrepreneur, author, corp.speaker

Visioning as Purposeful Wishing

Perhaps we’re seeing an example of a common human “wish” oft voiced, come to fruition. You know the saying, “Be careful what you wish for…”

Whether or not the mass consciousness around “not enough time” helped to create the current global pandemic, we’ll never know. What’s important it is to work steadily toward become increasingly clear as to what we do want in our lives. Then to vision, plan, set goals and take action toward that vision.

Let go the negatives and distractions which do not serve your greater good. Elevate yourself and all with whom you come in contact. Together, we can rise to our next level of growth and our next level of heart-centered humanity.

Beware the stinking thinking. Make a game of catching yourself uttering negatives, and reframe it into positive words.

This global “lockdown” is also an opportunity for a much needed collective R and R for planet earth and her inhabitants. 

If this sounds too challenging, don’t worry. 

Small steps each day is the way to massive leaps over time. 
~LeAura Alderson, writer, editor, creator ®

QUOTE ON MASSIVE LEAPS-begins with small steps each day-The Day is the Way to create the life you want to live-icreatedaily

Symbolic Correlations Between Water and Emotions

What Water Can Teach Us


  1. All life needs water
  2. Clean water is best
  3. Water is productive if channeled constructively
  4. Water is damaging if out of control
  5. Clean water cleanses
  6. Water uplifts us by associating with it in nature
  7. The vast sea nurtures our soul
  8. Swimming is refreshing and revitalizing
  9. Surfing ocean waves is exhilarating
  10. Light on water is sparkling and beautiful
  11. Clean, clear water is magnetically attractive
  12. Waterfalls are elevated and uplifting
  13. Rain washes away the grime
  14. Water nurtures and gives life to plants
  15. Showers generate ions that affect us positively


  1. All life needs emotions
  2. Clean and clear emotions are best
  3. Emotions are productive channeled constructively
  4. Emotions are damaging when out of control
  5. Clean emotions cleanse
  6. Association with positive emotions is uplifting
  7. Expansive emotions nurtures our soul
  8. Positive emotions refresh and revitalize
  9. Choosing positivity is exhilarating
  10. Soul’s light sparkles beautiful emotions
  11. Clear emotions are magnetically attractive
  12. Higher emotions are uplifting
  13. A good cry helps wash away the pain
  14. We grow nurture plants; they nurture us
  15. Showering positivity affects us/others positively
Symbology of Water and Emotions-Water Symbology
Photo by Mohamed Nashah on Unsplash

The Calm Depths

To swim or body surf requires you to “porpoise” out beyond the breaking waves. You allow the buoyant waves to lift you up and over, ride the good waves, and dive under the breaking ones to keep from getting knocked about. Under the thrashing surface, are layers of calmer water.

No matter what’s breaking on the surface, when we dive under the rough stuff to calmer depths we can bypass most of the pounding.

It’s the same for navigating the waves of emotions in our lives and in the world.

Calm depths exist within us and the more we visit, the more readily we can access that serenity no matter the outer turbulence. How to visit? Meditate, create, and immerse in positivity. Daily.
~LeAura Alderson, writer, editor, creator ®

WATER SYMBOLOGY QUOTE: Calm depths exist within us...#WaterSymbology #SymbolOfWater #WaterMetaphor #WaterAnalogy #WaterQuote #iCreateDaily
Image by Anemone123 from Pixabay

The Tip of the Iceberg

This article is just a glimpse compared to the depth of wisdom to be gained by contemplating symbology of water and emotions. The next place you may want to go with this is your own personal ponderings on the correlations. For example, it’s intriguing that both the earth and the human body is roughly comprised of 70% water?

Water Contemplations

This is just the beginnings of a list of worthwhile water symbology concepts to ponder.

  • When we’re tired, we need water
  • Crying, leaks water
  • Tears contain salt like saltwater, the womb of all life
  • Flowing water stays fresher
  • Salt water is more buoyant
  • Frozen water and emotions
  • Boiling water and emotion
  • Generators converting heated water to power
  • Arid regions – problems with too little water
  • Wet regions – problems with too much water
  • Water puts out fires
  • Water is the one substance above all for cleansing the body inside and out
  • The beauty of water in it’s various states
  • The destruction of hurricanes and tornadoes
    • What does the tremendous power of water and wind combined symbolize?
  • Dehydration leads to numerous ailments, including

For my near death story related to the ocean beyond the metaphor.

Water Never Runs Uphill

The symbol of emotions is water, and water’s nature is to descend to the lowest point. 

UNLESS, we harness its power through heat and other devices. 

Our emotional nature is the same. It will seek the lowest levels available to it…. the lowest levels around it, until we consciously redirect it toward a greater good. And we do that by “heating up” our intensity and efforts to consciously create better thoughts, habits and goals.

Water never runs uphill unless we intervene and heat it or harness it. Same for us. Happening upon success isn’t a thing. Waiting for change isn’t either. Tomorrow won’t be different if we do the same things today.

There’s no prince charming or fairy godmother to the rescue. No Hollywood agent waiting to discover us. No sudden improvement in our craft, but for dedication to consistent practice, learning and growth. 

It’s up to each of us to discover ourselves, to mine our potential and bring it to the surface through daily effort over time.

But that’s the good news. It means we have the lever of power to change. It’s in our hands. Hands that become more capable with every stroke of the brush or keyboard, with every goal checked off.

A quiet joy lies in the effort, and a peace in the practice.

The symbol of emotions is water, and water’s nature is to descend to the lowest point. 
Unless… we harness its power through heat and other creations 
~~LeAura Alderson, writer, editor, creator ®

Image by janrye from Pixabay

“i am water
soft enough
to offer life
tough enough
to drown it away”
~Rupi Kaur, artist, poet, author, b.10/4/1992

SOURCE: Rupi Kaur’s book – Milk and Honey

The Full Moon Effect

The medical profession knows that there are more births, deaths and emergency room visits around the full moon time.

Bars know there is more volatility amongst patrons at full moon.

Law enforcement officers know there are more calls, issues and accidents during full moons.

If the moon can raise and lower the oceans of the earth, it makes sense that it can also affect humans, whose body content is ~60% water. What effect the moon, on your rising and lowering tides?

More Energy Available… Handle With Care

Beyond the beauty of that golden globe in the sky, there is more energy available to us. During these periods especially, it’s advisable to take care and be aware of the possibility of greater emotional volatility and to not make major life decisions when in negative tension.

Our decisions can last much longer than the few days of influence of this energy.

What effect the moon, on your inner tides?
Guard your waters with care and beware the storms.
~LeAura Alderson, writer, editor, creator ®

Photo by Guzmán Barquín on Unsplash

“We must navigate troubled waters safely and rise to the next level to pass through the gate of the heart.”
~LeAura Alderson, writer, editor, creator ®

HUMANITY QUOTE-heart quote-heart meme-positive emotions-icreatedaily
Photo by said alamri on Unsplash

There is MUCH we can learn by pondering water as the symbol for emotions. To observe and contemplate that simple symbol can teach us so much about the nature of emotions in general as well as our own.

Enjoy your contemplations! And we’d love to hear your thoughts and correlations if you care to share them.

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