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Be Careful What You Wish For

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Be careful what you wish for-image for article on iCreateDaily

Be careful what you wish for, they say.

They are right.

We have to mind the store of thoughts and desires, for just as the tree releases its seeds to wind and rain, so too do our thoughts and emotions release the seeds of good or ill, now and in the future.

“It isn’t what happens… it’s how we think about what happens that makes all the difference.”
~LeAura Alderson, writer, editor, creator ®

Always Busy

One of my deep seated “pressure points” is to be prepared, productive and to not waste anything, especially time.

Such thoughts have been running my programming for years. It seemed like a good thing, and that only good could come from it. 

I was the teen driving by 15 (legal driving age at the time in Hawaii where I grew up), and owning a car soon after. I was the one who wanted to work before I was of legal age, so did baby sitting until the moment I turned 15 and could work on a payroll. Then it was 1-3 part time jobs at a time.

Always Extra

I’m the one who would pack too many clothes, just in case. Married and with kids, I would pack too many books and games and activities so we wouldn’t run out. The one who always has an educational audiobook going when I’m cleaning, driving or getting ready so that there’s “NET” time as Tony Robbins calls it, meaning, “No extra time”.

The concept of “no extra time” doesn’t sound appealing but Tony coined it relative to not wasting time and in order to make good use of every minute. It’s also for people think they don’t have time for educational, motivational or personal development content as a way to fit it in.

There are many signs and side effects of this mentality. Some are definitely good and some are not.

In reflection, I can trace my recent years of — on average — a 7/12 (7 days a week and average 12 hour days) work life to this. E.g., consider YEARS of these kinds of thoughts culminating in a life where — everywhere I look in my life, there’s more to do than time to do it. 


Be Careful What You Wish For

I have to laugh because now it is clear how I got here. Those ancient thoughtforms awakened in childhood for me, of making the most of each minute. That combined with being a prolific ideator, creates a perfect confluence of extraordinary busy-ness.

So I got my wish… my mantra… my invocation, albeit a bit askew from my vision of it.

I love my work and it mostly doesn’t feel like work. I’m so grateful that my life interests and work intersect beautifully. However, it’s clear that a greater balance is better.

The Joke’s On Me

It’s also clear I was not aware of what my thought life was setting in motion for ever so long. As conscious and aware as I aspire to be, it never occurred to me the extent to which this pattern from childhood was setting in motion so much congestion of time and space.

Busy-ness Today / Business Today

I’m not entirely blindly inept in this. It’s true that in every area of endeavor we’re involved in has become more complex, complicated and competitive than when we started. The more systems mature, the more complex they become and the more it takes to do them well.

However, I was oblivious of that possible horizon as I happily pursued passions and also opportunities.

You see, it’s so easy to create today… to set things in motion. However, it’s not easier to do it well, for there are many systems to learn, implement and maintain.

Be careful what you wish for.

The Business of Art

If you’re a visual artist, for instance, you will want to learn how to create digital art such as through Adobe CreativeLive and other courses.

Conscious Creation

Creating our circumstances happens all the time, it’s just that most of it for most people is unconscious. Even for those of us who practice conscious creation and deep self analysis toward greater self awareness, there are blind spots and things we miss that we’re setting in motion without being aware of it. 

Where we are today is because of what we set in motion long ago, and reinforce habitually.

Create a Better Future

The more conscious we become through visioning, goal planning, and the practice of self awareness, the more consciously we can create a better future. Then when that future becomes our present, it is as we’ve imagined and envisioned through the process of conscious creation.

Follies and Foibles and Gratitude

I do not fault my folly… rather, my more mature and aware self feels a bit like Yoda laughing at the young and brash Luke Skywalker. 

I am grateful for the opportunities before me today, and grateful for the work I’m doing. I am grateful to have arrived at an age and maturity where I can more easily laugh at my fails and foibles and cheerfully set about righting them.

I’m grateful for the desire to be more productive and to save time and energy, and for the gift of prolific and infinite ideas.

Now… on this new turn of the spiral of beingness, I’m grateful for the awareness that will help me be more careful and more conscious about what thoughts and desires I set in motion.

Guardians of Good

What if we were “Guardians of Good”…? It’s worth contemplating what that would mean for us and then to set it in motion, one thought at a time.

We can guard our thoughts from the desires we set in motion… the addictions and temptations that don’t serve us, as much as from the negative media and clickbait distractions that deter us. Let’s become aware of what energy we’re setting in motion with each thought. We don’t have to know it all at once. Rather, it’s a process that unfolds over time.

Most are unaware of how their thoughts and feelings have created their present.

As conscious creators, we can change that for ourselves. We can set another vibration in motion to send out different waves to the universe for a different backwash in return.

“Let’s choose carefully and thoughtfully, the waves we set in motion each day, for the ripples we set forth, are destined to return.”
~LeAura Alderson, writer, editor, creator ®

Choose carefully-thoughtfully-each day
Image by edith lüthi from Pixabay

Eminem Raps – Be Careful What You Wish For

CAUTION: Some explicit lyrics, so avoid if that is offensive to you. 

If not, there’s wisdom in Eminem’s own self discoveries of how he brought his own trials and tribulations to life in these powerful lyrics.

Top Feature image by edith lüthi from Pixabay

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