Give it Your All – No Holding Back

The creative journey is one of learning to give it your all.

To create without holding back… to love without holding back… to laugh without holding back… to live without holding back, and to pour all of that into doing work you love… no holding back.

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Audio Article – Give it Your All:

iCreateDaily is a movement for creators serious about their art. Serious creating requires dedication. To stay dedicated for the long haul and to persevere through thick and thin, requires the passion and obsession to give it your all.

Because you must. Because you can’t not. Because you’re compelled to create.
~LeAura Alderson,

Your Hobby or Profession?

Perhaps you’re retired from a career and just wish to pursue your creative endeavor as a hobby..?

Hobbyists can still be—and often are—utterly dedicated and passionate about their craft. So whether your creative interests are a hobby or profession, the concept of being serious about your art… of being dedicated and committed to it, can be equally applicable.

However, if you are a hobbyist, it’s a good idea to deeply examine your highest aspirations for your art. For example, if you’ve written—or would like to write—a novel, chances are your won’t be equally happy if it’s never published versus if it gets published, popular and soars to best seller status.

Creators love to share our creations… we are as children, delightedly bringing our art to be seen and enjoyed by others. Their enjoyment amplifies our own and enhances our experience of it.

We are here to love… to learn… to create, contribute and celebrate. To share is to amplify life.
~LeAura Alderson,

Is it True?

We’ve heard creators voice the opinion that they don’t care if anyone ever reads their book… or buys their art, etc.

Be Honest with Yourself. Ask:

Would I create this if I knew no one else would ever see it, enjoy it, read it or buy it?

Some think they would be okay with creating without any more positive outcome than the satisfaction of having done the thing and completed it. However, for most that’s just not true.

Sharing creativity is multiplication, not division.

You’ve probably also heard people say (or perhaps even said it yourself), things like: “I don’t want my hobby to become my work because it would ruin it for me.”

Doing what you love never feels like work, even if it’s your business.
~LeAura Alderson,

Creativity First…

If you enjoy your craft and creating for the sake of creativity, that’s awesome! It’s still adding value and enrichment to your life and likely that of others. But if you have any secret desire for your work to become something viable in the world, you’ll need to give it your all, no holding back.

To not give it your all is to leave an out for yourself… to set the bar of your potential lower. Do not underestimate what you’re capable of achieving. Dedication and determination will find a way.

To settle for less is to omit to commit to your dreams.
~LeAura Alderson,

Becoming More Real

The interesting thing about the creator’s journey is that we create from who we are and yet in the process of creating, who we are, becomes more real.

As you create your art in the world, you are also painting your life… writing your chapters… molding yourself into being, like the paintings of someone painting herself. Only, this is the real deal. This is your life.

Kristina Webb Art

Here the amazing New Zealand artist, Kristina Webb, draws herself and blends it perfectly with a photo of herself.

New Zealand artist, Kristina Webb Art – Prisma color pencil drawing merged with photograph

As you do your work, you grow. As you grow, your work blossoms.

We create from who we are and in the process of creating, who we are becomes more real.
~LeAura Alderson


Be Who You Want to Become

Be the man of your dreams. Be the woman of your heart. Be the hero of your own story. Be your own best friend. Be the artist you admire. Be the self you aspire to in the deepest well of your soul. Rise into yourself and when you finally leave this life, you will know you didn’t hold back and you gave it your all.

Become the vision of yourself you always knew you could be become.
~Tom Bilyeu, entrepreneur, visionary

A Productive and Creative Life

Successful artists and authors produce daily. Productive days lead to a productive life. At the end of a productive day, we know how good it feels to hit the pillow and fall into easy slumber, mind at rest for a day well done. We know how good it feels to be worn out for a tough day of doing good work.

When it’s my time to leave this life, I want to know that I gave it my all.

Each day is a practice session for the last day. As my head hits the pillow one last time, I plan to fall into easy slumber, mind at peace, for a day—for a life—well done, eager for a new day and a new adventure.

Life is made up of todays. Life is not Someday. Life is Today. Now.
~LeAura Alderson,

What Does it Look Like to Give it Your All?

My son, Nikolai, has always been incredibly enthusiastic about anything fun. When he was little, often, we and his friends got as much enjoyment out of watching his gusto of laughter than whatever movie or funny thing had caused his glee. When it comes to play, Nikolai has always given it his all!

LeAura, Nikolai and Devani Alderson

No Holding Back

We’ve all seen performers who pour their heart and soul into their art. Often, it is their enthusiasm and passion that can carry us away into greater enjoyment of whatever it is at hand.

One such young lady has captivated our hearts. We never tire of seeing her perform. When it comes to singing and performing, Courtney Haden, always gives it her all, no holding back.


What does it look like when you give it your all?

Send us a note… send photos… we’d love to see you creating your art.

Go make yourself who you’re meant to be. Give it your all, no holding back.
~LeAura Alderson


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