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Brain Overload from Information Fatigue is Real

Overwhelm, also known as info overload, infobesity, and officially as Information Fatigue Syndrome (IFS), can cause stress and hinder creativity, progress and growth.

It’s ironic that the very thing most often needed to counter the stress of information overload is usually the first thing that’s compromised when we feel overwhelmed. Progress.

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The Problem with General Advice and a Disclaimer

Before we go any further, this is an important disclaimer.

Any advice proffered for a general audience versus individually, can never address every circumstance. As such, there are always exceptions to every generality.

So as you read this, keep in mind this is from our experience as well as that of others and should not in any way be construed as medical advice of any kind.

If what you read does not resonate at all for you, then it could be something else…or your dilemma could even be the opposite scenario to what’s described. So this is not advice, but rather, perspectives to ponder should you discover any resonate note.

6 Common Causes of Overwhelm for Creators

  1. Consuming more than doing.
  2. Trying to do too much/too much to do.
  3. More ideas than time.
  4. Indecision and/or not knowing what to do.
  5. Creating without a focus, plan or purpose.
  6. Feeling stuck.

For example, if a cause of overwhelm is consuming more than doing, that’s directly opposite from someone who’s creating like a maniac and overwhelmed by the clutter of his creations. However, chances are, if you probe your own patterns with the objective curiosity of a child asking a million innocent “why’s”, you’ll see some correlations even in the opposites.

For instance, if you scan the six items in that list above, there’s a common theme:

An absence of focus on the right things.

One pattern we’ve seen over and again as coaches, strategists and observers of human nature—our own and others—is this:

Those who are struggling often spend far more time and energy talking about their struggle than on implementing solutions. Perhaps that’s not you, but start observing if it’s possible.
~LeAura Alderson, cofounder-iCreateDaily

Why I Stopped Coaching People

I was trained as a strategic intervention coach. The reason I became certified in that specific form of coaching offered by the Robbins Madanes company is because I witnessed Tony Robbins, one of the founders, conducting amazingly transformative sessions at his events.

Tony is truly a master at coaching and has helped thousands of people shift from being stuck in overwhelm—amongst other things—in very short order. That’s what I wanted to do… what I’ve always wanted to do: help people find the solutions to their problems.

With this style of coaching I could help people resolve their problems quickly and efficiently, without years of obligatory sessions to accomplish. That spoke to my heart and soul. However, several things became apparent very quickly.

Tony’s audience was there for change and growth. But that’s not most people.

For Change to Happen

  1. People were at Tony’s event because they were so very ready for growth and change. They spent thousands of dollars to be there; took days off work to spend day and night in exhaustive hours, to change, heal and grow.
  2. An auditorium of thousands of people ready for change sets up a vibration and environment for change like no other.
  3. Most people aren’t truly ready to let go their pain identity. They’re attached to telling the same story over and over and over as they live forward by the rear view mirror.
  4. Like fitness, everyone knows what to do but few actually do it. People have to be willing to pay the price for what they want and for what they don’t want.

Our entire allopathic medical system is built around the fact that people would rather pop a pill to feel better than to change their diet, for instance. Obesity and the diseases it feeds including cancer, diabetes, and a surfeit of other maladies can be simply remedied through diet and exercise.

This is not an accusation… this is not blame.

Rather, it is just about of the human condition and evolution. It’s how we grow. We each have things we know we should or should not do… “But _____”. (You can fill in the blanks with the excuses you habitually make for not doing the things you know would be better for you to do).

Most people are not yet ready to change… to do the work necessary to achieve what they need to achieve.

Are you?

What’s one thing within your control, that if you but changed it, your life would be better?
~LeAura Alderson, cofounder-iCreateDaily.com

Are You Growing..?

Progress… growth… momentum… ascension… learning… movement. Growth is life. Growth is the definition of life. Feeling stuck, is often an indication of being out of alignment with purpose. Feeling overwhelmed may simply be a signal from our essential selves, from life itself and from that which brings us more life.

Another symptom of overwhelm is anxiety. Anxiety involves spikes in cortisol, the ‘fight of flight’ hormone. That’s revealing, right?

Anxiety is sometimes a symptom of needing to move. In the case of anxiety from overwhelm, it’s a feeling of stagnation… of  sinking in quicksand, of not getting anywhere, and the reciprocal biological reaction of wanting to flee.

Overwhelm demands that we stop consuming and start doing. Progress… forward momentum, is the number one antidote to information overload.
~LeAura Alderson, iCreateDaily.com


The Stress of Less Amidst More

When we feel overwhelmed we’re spinning in circles like the dog chasing its tail. It’s definitely not fun but it is remedial, and actually, in fairly short order.

Dogs that chase their tails are either playing or agitated. Most agitation is simply a lack of exercise, movement or growth. What dogs exhibiting signs of obsessive-compulsive behaviors typically really need is the same as humans: good nutrition and ample exercise.

Agitation in humans, can also signal being off track with purpose.

Action is the remedy for a better life. The ultimate purpose of consumption is to convert input to output, be it information or food.
~LeAura Alderson, iCreateDaily.com

Feeling Overwhelmed in Boundless Abundance

Feeling overwhelmed is often just brain overload from info overload. We are children of the “information age”, and like kids in the candy store, we’re often consuming more than we need and more than our brains can handle.

Today, we buy book after book, and course after course, before we’ve applied the lessons from the first.

Living in an era of abundance… abundant food, abundant information, abundant access… abundant resources…abundant freedom, requires that we parent ourselves in consuming what we need, when we need it. Anything else can quickly lead to overwhelm, and can lead to analysis paralysis, inaction and even depression.

A successful life includes learning to manage our energies through quality input and productive output.

Prosperous free societies require the citizens to manage themselves. Those who do, prosper and succeed. Those who don’t fall victim of circumstance with increasingly diminished freedom.

In a free society, it is our choices—and our attitudes—that determine our freedom.

Prosperous free societies require the citizens to manage themselves. Those who do, prosper and succeed.
~LeAura Alderson, cofounder-iCreateDaily.com

Infobesity is Real

Don’t binge on information. Adult up and discipline yourself to take in what you need, then use what you’ve consumed. Convert information to action, knowledge to wisdom, and food to energy and strength.

The burden of mental consumption weighs us down and presses upon our shoulders and our psyche.

Chances are you don’t need another how-to book. What you need most is to take action on what you already know. Even if you don’t think you know enough yet, the best learning comes from doing. Create first, before consuming anything and observe your days improve.

Do, learn, then write your own book!

Creation is the Antonym of Consumption1)https://www.thesaurus.com/browse/consumption?s=t

You are wiser than you know, and that next book or course (or article 😲) is still piling information from the outside in. Give your inner wisdom a chance to get a word in edgewise… take a break… a reprieve… an extended meditation away from consuming content and information and media.

Reversing overwhelm is often as simple as taking a break from consumption. Instead, get vigorously busy in creating something toward your goals. Do one action daily toward your goals. Creation reverses overwhelm. So long as you balance creating with the business of creating, you’ll be moving increasingly toward greater success.

To consume is to delay doing the work that will fulfill you by virtue of emptying yourself into your creative endeavor.

Overcoming Overwhelm is as simple as:

  1. Stop consuming – content, social media, news, unhealthy food, etc.
  2. Start doing – create one thing daily toward your goals.

For more on the terms used in this article:

(And if you’re sure you want more information 😉):

“The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. To be your own man is a hard business. If you try it, you’ll be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.”
~Rudyard Kipling, writer, poet, novelist, 1865-1936

SOURCE: Rudyard Kipling, in an “Interview with an Immortal” by Arthur Gordon for Reader’s Digest, 1935. Often misquoted to Nietzsche, the original transcripted interview can be found in the 1967 Kipling Society journal reprints as “Six Hours with Rudyard Kipling.


Create First

Heed the call to create, and that call will come again. Be the ‘first responder’ to your ideas… to your creative impulse, and you will have increasingly more of those come to fruition. Do not cover it up with the input from others… from the media… from the news feeds and timelines.

When the seed sprouts and breaks the soil as it stretches toward the light, we do not shovel more dirt over it.

Create first and foremost. Do not enter the stadium of bread and circuses. Do not allow the distractions of the masses to derail you.

They do not define you… unless you immerse in them.

Create first and foremost. Do not bury your creativity in the dirt of the day.
Do not cover that tender idea sprouting to be born.
Create… because you must… because that is who you are: a creator.
~LeAura Alderson, cofounder-iCreateDaily.com

Our purpose is to create, connect and contribute through daily doing.

The Day is the Way.™


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