Best Social Media Platforms for Creatives

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Social Media is the New Marketing

Social media is the new marketing… the new PR. In fact it has significantly moved in on the territory of PR and traditional press releases, though many still use those mediums. But which are the best social media platforms for creators?


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The average salary for social media manager today is $50,000.
~Source: (average calculated from SproutSocial article) 1)

New Marketing = New Jobs

Yes… people get paid to manage social media accounts. In fact, that’s an earning option for creators, and that market is only growing.

That’s enough to tell us that social media marketing is not just a Facebook thing or a passing fad. And it’s far, far more than just a social platform for connecting with kindred spirits.

So all that posting, commenting, liking and sharing that you’re doing on social media for fun…? There are increasing numbers of businesses willing and able to pay you to do this for them.

So if you’d like to earn money doing what you’re naturally inclined to be doing on social media, all you need to do is set up a freelancer profile on one of the available platforms.


A starting social media position of $15-$20 / hour on UpWork as of 6/21/19 for:
“…an excellent writer who has a command of social media, and who can create cool content and help us build followers. An arts-based candidate would be ideal, since we are a live storytelling/music show that offers storytelling coaching and workshops…

If, when you’re reading this, that position is no longer available, then just search on UpWork for Social Media Manager, and you’ll see lots of varied opportunities.

And of course the more experienced, the more you can earn.

If you love posting, commenting and sharing on Social Media, you can get paid to serve clients doing what you already enjoy doing.

If you love posting, commenting and sharing on Social Media, you can get paid to serve clients doing what you already enjoy doing. #Quotes #Growth #Positive #ChangeYour #Coaching #Entrepreneur #Healthy #Money #SelfDevelopment #Success #Activities #BulletinBoard #Monday #Inspiration #Affirmations #Abundance #Challenge #Shift #Business #Art #Goals #Reset #Posters


Social Media is Here to Stay

And here in 2019, it’s no longer new. But soon all the mega corporations will be pouring their billions of advertising dollars into Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest, instead of ABC, NBC and Fox. Many already are.

The times they are a-changing. In fact, it could be said that this era is defined by rapid change.

If you want to grow your work in the world, you need to build a following and the very best way to do that is through the social media channels. But which social channels are best for you?

If you’re interested in learning how to start building your own social community, this course will help.

Community is the new currency.
~Michael Reese, author, speaker, entrepreneur

Community is the new currency. ~Michael Reese, author, speaker, entrepreneur #Tips #Planner #iCreateDaily #Quotes #Cool #Beauty #Motivation #Design #ThingsToDo #Printables #Awesome #goals #Photography #Best #Unique #Journal #Inspiration #Challenge #Skincare #Aesthetic #MorningRoutine #Ideas #Portfolio

Top Social Media Sites

We love this graphic depiction of the top social media platforms published by They have a fantastic article on this topic, so if you want to geek out on this, you’ll find more good stuff there.

SOURCE: 2019


Which Social Platform is Best?

But which social platform is best for you? Obviously, you can’t do them all and stay sane. At least not at first when you’re just getting started and you are the creator, tech, social, bookkeeper, and everything in between in your business.

So how do you decide which social media platform is best for you? Is it Facebook because it’s the largest? Maybe, but there are PLENTY of people who could be interested in your work on every platform. So how to decide where to start?

The best social platform is the one you’re most comfortable with.
~ LeAura Alderson,

The best social platform is the one you're most comfortable with. ~ LeAura Alderson, #AchievementQuotes #Goal #Inspiration #Inspirational #Proud #WorkHard #Mottos #Dream #YouAre #HardWork #Learning #Words #Believe #People #SoTrue #Thoughts #Wisdom #Heart #Keys #Business #Happiness #Strength #Entrepreneur #Mantra #Perspective #Beautiful #Passion #Determination

Start with What You Know

Consider, where do you spend your time socializing online? What social groups do you belong to and where are they? That’s most likely your best place to start building your own brand, because you’re comfortable there. If that’s the place you hang out, chances are your future fans are there too.

So good news! You most likely don’t need to learn a new platform yet. Start with what you know and enjoy.

Enjoy this amazing video portrayal of the Social Media Revolution by Erik Qualman based on his #1 Bestseller Socialnomics.

Seth Godin is one of our thought leader heroes. Seth is all about being agile and open to changing and adapting yourself to the expanding opportunities of the market, while also holding true to you.

Seth encourages us to put our work out in the world, consistently, adaptively, over time.

“How can you squander even one more day not taking advantage of the greatest shifts of our generation? How dare you settle for less when the world has made it so easy for you to be remarkable?”
~Seth Godin, author, thought leader, founder-AltMBA

Now… Creator, go be the remarkable and amazing YOU!!

See more inspiration for freelancers in this article.

Create the life you want to live, one day at a time.

The Day is the Way.


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