Looking Through Rose Colored Glasses

The saying “looking through rose-colored glasses”or “rose-colored lenses”—is familiar to all of us. Yet… how often do we stop and consider the lenses through which we are viewing the world and our lives?

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Audio Article – Rose Colored Glasses

Most people live unaware of the layers of conditioning that cloud our vision of truth. It is a part of the human condition. For anyone who has ever donned a pair of glasses of any kind, you know that you look THROUGH the lenses, not at them. That’s what happens with our conditioning.

“We see the world through the lens we do not see.”
~LeAura Alderson, iCreateDaily.com

Colored by Environment

Environmental and cultural indoctrination is akin to having contact lenses installed at birth. We grow up unaware that they’re even there and we are certain that what we see is as it is.

What lens in your world today, if removed, would grant you greater freedom?

There’s an inspiring young former monk-turned-creator-entrepreneur, Jay Shetty, whom I first heard say this very relevant phrase:

“We cannot know what we cannot see.”
~Jay Shetty, former monk, host, storyteller, entrepreneur

The Lenses of My Daughter’s Worlds

My daughter and partner in the iCreateDaily brand, Devani, was born in a rural village in the so-called “backward state” of Rajasthan, India.

If she were there now, she would not know education beyond (possibly) basic elementary. Likely, she would not have electricity still and she would walk for a stretch of dirt road with a water vessel on her head to collect water.

Devani’s days would be spent in the fields of mustard. She would have children by now. Likely married by at least age 17 if her family had enough dowry—perhaps a couple of water buffalo and a gold necklace—to marry her off.

Mornings and evenings, she would be squatting, cooking by an open fire making fresh chapati or naan with flour and water. Her weekends would be spent washing and beating the family’s laundry on the rocks at the nearby stream.

Her life would’ve been full of joys and sorrows, as is any life. It would certainly have been a simpler life. It would also have been a much harder and restricted life.

Her lens of the world would have been dramatically different than her world today. The Devani of that world could not even begin to image her world today with the opportunities and freedoms before her. If you’re interested in more of that story, you can read that here. And you can see and hear more from Devani in our podcast.

Devani Anjali Alderson, co-founder, iCreateDaily

For more on breaking free of programming, memes, conditioning and filters, you may enjoy this article. Removing the rose colored glasses… and the layers of lenses that filter what we see can be disorienting. However, as the constructs that have defined us drop away one by one, we become more free to discover more of who we really are from the inside out.

What opportunities lay on horizons hidden, which—if you can but remove a lens—will open vast vistas before you?
~LeAura Alderson, iCreateDaily.com

The saying "looking through rose-colored lenses" (or rose-colored glasses), is familiar to all of us. Yet... how often do we stop and consider the lenses through which we are viewing the world and our lives?

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