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Perfectly Imperfect – New Author Book Launch

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Perfectly Imperfect by Shannon Schofield, #PerfectlyImperfect #ShannonDeAnnaSchofield

Congratulations to New Author, Shannon Deanna Schofield!!!

We’re celebrating a newly published, first time author in the iCreateDaily Community! Shannon DeAnna Schofield has published her first book, a biographical fiction story titled Perfectly Imperfect.

Becoming a published author was something Shannon had scarcely conceived of as possible just a year ago, prior to her first iCreateDaily Challenge, and now it’s real!

Perfectly Imperfect

Shannon’s book, titled Perfectly Imperfect: A Heart-wrenching Tale of Redemption, is reminiscent of Kintsugi, the Japanese art of mending with gold to form seams that actually add beauty and strength. This is likely a concept we can all relate to for we all have broken places. We are all either healed, are healing or have yet to heal, and with that, comes greater wisdom, beauty and strength.

 “This is a story of how a broken little girl survived a world that tried to break her but built her instead.”
Shannon DeAnna Schofield, author, Perfectly Imperfect

Redemption & Hope

Shannon’s story is a Hero’s Journey of redemption, healing, hope, survival and unlimited potential coming to life.  

You may find imperfections within the book as well. That’s perfectly normal for anyone without thousands of dollars for editors, or a book publishing deal. Same thing for our articles. We’re a small team publishing a lot of content without a bevy of writers and editors. Mistakes happen and things get missed.

What’s important is that you don’t let fear of imperfection stop you from putting your work out into the world. The more you do the better you’ll get and the fewer mistakes you’ll make. Meanwhile, it’s just a stubbed toe trip-up in the marathon to your goals.

Keep that in mind when you write your book/s… or publish your art. And, it’s something to understand, overlook and appreciate, in the work of others. Remember Brené Brown’s “in the arena” critics message, and the incredible music video on that topic by artist Lindsey Stirling.

Choose Yourself Era

This is no longer the era of corporate precision or pro book publisher gatekeepers selecting the few. It’s time to choose yourself and put your work out there, imperfections and all!

Just Ship It!

Better to “ship it” and get it out there than to fret and stress over atelophobia, the fear of imperfection.

Shannon has a natural talent for story telling and her way of writing her story pulls you in and keeps you wanting to read onto the next page and the next. Shannon accomplished quite a feat for any first time author. A number of them, actually.

Overcoming Fear and Roadblocks

Next, Shannon will publish to paperback via CreateSpace on Amazon. She wisely, did not start off planning to try to get it all done at once. She wrote the book herself, and recruited kind friends with skills to read and edit it.

Shannon also wrestled her way into learning some of the simpler graphic art programs, such as She also used Power Point and practiced creating her own book cover or book cover mockups. In addition, she learned the technical side of Amazon Kindle in order to format, upload and list her book there.

Shannon did not know any of these things just a year ago. And now she does. Shannon is has a learner’s mindset and doesn’t let not knowing stop her from doing. You can too. Just imagine, learning one new skill per week. Just one per week will be 52 new things in a year.

Supporting Each Other

Please support a fellow creator and consider purchasing Perfectly Imperfect, A Heart-wrenching Tale of Redemption by Shannon DeAnna Schofield, and be sure to leave a review. Reviews are the lifeblood of success for authors and sellers on Amazon.

You can find Shannon’s author page on Facebook, Perfectly Imperfect, as well as her bee farm page, Shannon’s Sweet Tooth Farm, because Shannon is also a beekeeper!

We’ve purchased Shannon’s book and will be sure to revisit this article to add more to it as well as review it on Amazon. We already know it’s going to be great because we’ve been privileged to read excerpts posted by Shannon throughout the year of writing it.

Shannon’s Newest Book is Out Now!

UPDATE: On February 16, 2021, Shannon published her second book, a fictional biographical story about a rescued feral dog named Martin McGhee, from the dog’s perspective!

CONGRATULATIONS to Shannon. She set her goal and made it so, one step, one day at a time. Once done… twice won… makes more easier still.

Your Turn!

Let us know when it’s your turn, (or if you’re already published) and we’re glad to give you a shout out on your book, art or product as well.

Do not lose sight of your dreams! Create daily and you will arrive at the destination of your goals!

Every effort you make to learn and grow will enrich your life more than you know.
~LeAura Alderson,®

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