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The Gilded Cage of Life

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The Gilded Cage #CreativeWriting

One of our favorite thoughtfully passionate writers is Mackenzie Clench, whose articles deliver poignant wisdom disguised as whimsical truth. The Gilded Cage is one such article we’re delighted to share with you.

This Gilded Cage

By Mackenzie Clench

ExcusaCorp, the company that brought you amazing products such as, “Imposter Syndrome” and useful phrases such as, “One of these days…” and “Yeah but…” is back with an exciting new offer!

  • Are you bothered by those annoying “challenges” that lead to all kinds of messy “growth” in your life?
  • Do you crave the stability and peace of mind that comes with knowing that every day is exactly. Like. Every. Other. Day?
  • Are you worried about losing what you’ve gained in life?
  • Do you seek complete safety and security at all costs?

Introducing… The Comfort Zone 7000!

The Comfort Zone 7000 is the gilded cage you’ve been waiting for! It has been carefully designed by our crack team of engineers to provide you with a safe cocoon, a sanctuary from the ups and downs of life! It’s clinically proven to ensure that you never have to take a risk ever again!

Simply strap yourself in to the Comfort Zone 7000’s patented Ambition Restraint System and Reality Avoidance Helmet and relax in the knowledge that life will continue on exactly the same way until your eventual (and likely early) death!

Once you’ve been ensconced in one of the gilded cage of the Comfort Zone 7000’s super-relaxing enclosure units, you’ll never want (or be able) to leave!


The Comfort Zone 7000 is available right now for the low introductory price of everything you’ve ever wanted to achieve in this life! (Payment plans are available)

Never risk another loss ever again by simply not playing the game! Fill your life with stability and safety!

Get yours today! Operators are standing by!

The Comfort Zone 7000… The gilded cage masterpiece, the most beautiful ever made!

Eventually, you won’t even notice the bars.

* * * *

My carbon-based compadres, what you’ve just read may sound silly, but this insidious infomercial is playing out inside the heads of millions of human-flavoured humans every single day. Perhaps even yours.

Understand this: Comfort and security are fine things in and of themselves, but they also come with a price-tag. Navigating the balance between risk and security, inconvenience and comfort is challenging, but absolutely worth the attempt.

After all, the gilded cage… is still just a cage.

Find Mackenzie at Blu Creative.

“The gilded cage is still a cage.”
~Mackenzie Clench, writer, owner-Blu Creatives

"The gilded cage is still a cage."
~Mackenzie Clench, writer #TheGildedCage #GildedCage #MackenzieClench #GildedCageEssay #iCreateDaily

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