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The Autodidactic Learner and Abundant Wisdom

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We’re so grateful for the abundance of mentoring and wisdom everywhere. Today, you can learn virtually anything you wish to learn on your own. If you have the discipline to create your own study structure and consistency, autodidactic learning is often free and immensely accessible in this knowledge age.

Want to be a professional writer? Instead of going to college and taking courses that don’t serve that goal, you can spend a significantly less amount of time and money to educate yourself. You can devour how to tutorials and articles on the topic for a simultaneous deep dive immersion and crash course in writing.

Same thing with most any creative endeavor you wish to embark upon or career you wish to pursue. In fact, you can also earn while learning, or, at the very least, learn for free.

My husband has served as a volunteer investment education coach for a number of years while pursuing his ongoing investment education for free, (in exchange for his service). That dedication has led to him becoming a successful investor as well as a paid educator of that program.

Contrast that to the pay for education model, where at the end of it, you come out in debt and still in need of finding a job in that field. There are careers where that’s inevitable, but whenever you can choose the new education model, that will save you tons of time, money and unnecessary work.

What is Autodidacticism?

Autodidactism or autodidacticism means to self education; to be self taught. An autodidact is someone who is self-educated, such as Abraham Lincoln, or the self-taught prodigy artist, Akiane Kramarik.

The autodidactic process is the practice of learning a subject other than through formal education. Autodidacts apply the personal discipline needed to study and learn what they want or need to know when they want or need to know it. Autodidacts are self aware students of life with the habit and practice of learning through reading, study, application, observation and contemplation.

Ongoing Learning is Essential

There are many reasons not to go to college, especially if you want to save time and avoid college or trade school debt. However, ongoing learning is essential for your personal and professional growth. Fortunately, the abundance of free tools in today’s autodidactic world are invaluable and can make all the difference in your success.

Self Coaching

As a strategic intervention coach, it became apparent to me that most people have the answers to their own dilemmas and struggles. They just needed a little help realizing that.

The greatest results came from asking questions that pointed them to discover more of what they already knew. However, the greatest challenge is the extent to which people are stuck in their own stories and won’t let them go.

Stuck in the Story

Your story becomes your identity. If you’re still telling the stories of your past for who you are now and why, chances are you’re living more in the past than you are rising into your future.

You have to be willing to let go of the old in order to grow into the new… to let go the old story and begin to tell the new one of the person you are becoming.

As managers of social media accounts, both our own and for clients, we’ve seen first hand just how many people waste so much time caught up in negatives. Some seek out conflict and drama and if they don’t find it, they create it. Others spin around in the same story they’ve been stuck in for years.

You’re sure to have seen this too. But hopefully, you choose not to waste precious life dwelling in the ditches of humanity versus the summits of aspiration. Negativity drains life of creativity and is a tremendous waste of time and energy.

That’s part of our purpose in creating iCreateDaily, to be a place for positivity, learning, growth, encouragement, support and beauty.

Change your story and you change your life. 
~LeAura Alderson,®

Autodidactic, Self Taught, Self Coach. #Autodidactic #SelfTaught #Autodidacticism #Autodidactism

Study, Apply, Learn

“What did you learn today?”

You know how we ask kids that question when they get home from school? Yet as adults—and likely before that, as teens—we stop asking and stop thinking about it. From high school forward, most of us shift into a “just getting through it” mindset versus a conscious “learner’s mindset“.

I clearly remember my take on getting out of high school. I wasn’t interested in school and wanted out to I could work and earn. My thought was “can’t wait to graduate high school and then I’m done.” Wow!! What was I thinking?!? That I would know all that I needed to know by then? Not sure, as that was clearly short-sighted, but I’ve heard many other young people expressing similar sentiments.

As it was, after my sophomore year I attended summer school to acquire extra credits that enabled me to graduate high school one year early. So I skipped my junior year and graduated with the class ahead of me.

After working two jobs for six months i realized that I needed more education in order to get better, more mentally stimulating jobs. Working full time at a clothing retail and restaurants was different than working part time. The shifts were longer and the humdrum set in.

Only then did I decide to go to college, though my journey of embracing an autodidactic lifestyle took a few more years to embrace. Now, in my 60’s, I love learning and am always tuning into elevating and informative content when driving, getting ready, walking and doing menial tasks. I’m so grateful for the abundance of amazing resources from which to learn for free.

Learning enriches life.

Knowledge is the new wealth.
~Robert Kiyosaki, author, investor, teacher, 4/8/1947

Autodidacts – Heed the Meme

Sharing quotes and memes is a popular online activity. Many people forward and share quotes they like when it crosses their dashboards. Quotes are often condensed wisdom; if you apply the wisdom contained in the quotes and concepts that resonate, you will grow.

Choose a Meme a Day

A fun personal development tool or creative prompt for journaling, writing or creating art, is to choose a quote to reflect on or create something around. We use these as conceptual prompts in our creativity challenges.

Autodidactism – Self Coaching

We can teach, mentor and coach ourselves first and foremost, by simply doing the things we already know to do. To share a meme about peace, but to get angry or carry a grudge is to negate the opportunity to convert theory into reality.

Most people choose to make jokes and complain about their plight rather than to change it.

An easy analogy is fitness. We all know what to do to get healthier and fitter. The percentages who do that are tiny as compared to those who don’t, even to the point of choosing disease over change.

Converting knowledge into action transforms education into experience. Experience assimilated and contemplated becomes wisdom and wisdom is empowering.

With all of many resources available online today, it’s almost like having direct access to some of the best minds and mentors on the planet for excellent education and coaching, often for free. But your answers are often within you and in the experiences of those who’ve come before you.

We can teach, mentor and coach ourselves first and foremost, by simply doing the things we already know to do.
~LeAura Alderson,®

Make It Real

It’s the same thing for personal growth and happiness. It won’t happen without you, or just because you wish it or believe it, or share that meaningful quote. Make it real today.

Wisdom flows freely and unlimited. Application of wisdom on the other hand, is a rare thing. Be rare.
~LeAura Alderson,®

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