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Nature. Calorie Free Food for the Heart and Soul

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Nature Nurtures Our Nature and Feeds the Soul

If you’re looking for an article on nature vs nurture, that’s not here. This is about how time in nature nurtures your nature.

Nurture Your Nature and Spring into Your Aspirations

If you have any bad habit/s to break, nature can help. Any day and any time of year is great for choosing that which nurtures our aspirations. But spring is an especially excellent time for renewal, for we’re joining the flow of nature.

If there are any old habits that are holding you back, try spending more time outside immersed in nature. Hiking, biking, walking and gardening are all excellent ways to invigorate the body and reconnect with our own nature through connecting with Mother Nature.

We’re far less likely to be stuffing our faces with favorite treats — or too much food — while gardening or walking in nature. Also less likely during dynamic activity for exercise actually reduces our appetite, helps alleviate depression, stress and anxiety.[1][2]

We’re not so inclined to be idly scrolling through social media or casting for the next show to watch when actively engaged in the natural world. Same thing for learning and creating.

The Nurture of Nature

We’re likely to feel more at home within ourselves when we’re out in nature. It may take us an adjustment period to slow down our pace and shift from screen to panoramas… from phones to flowers, and from notifications to butterflies and honey bees. But engage with childlike curiosity and delight at the beauty and natural phenomena around you and that immersion will nurture your nature if you let it.

Stopping to smell the flowers and appreciate nature’s vast and intricate beauty, will quickly help you to shift from busy-ness and distraction, or malaise and depression. When we remember to take on the childlike delight in the wonders of the world, the world again becomes wonderful. We simply change from the social channel to being enthralled with “the nature channel” and breathing in the sights, sounds and fragrance of the vibrant life around us.

In nature we have no void to fill for we are at home with our own nature, content to immerse in the experience of creation versus consumption.

“When we remember to take on the childlike delight in the wonders of the world, the world again becomes wonderful.”
~LeAura Alderson, writer, editor, creator®

Image by ssutton77 from Pixabay

Nurture the Nature Within You

Nature nurtures our nature, for we are a part of it, and it of us. Remember to nurture the nature within you through time spent in the life energy of the planet.

There’s much wisdom in that simple advice to “Stop and smell the flowers.”

What better time than spring to step out, plant a flower, or a garden, some fresh herbs and learn about their medicinal benefits…?

Gardening is co-creating beauty, food and sustenance with nature, AND… Garden therapy is a thing… a proven thing.

Reframing Negatives for Positives Works

One other super simple thing to transform habits? Swap a negative one for a positive one. Reframing negative thoughts with positive ones, works, and the more we do it the easier it gets until it becomes automatic as a way of life.

Negative thoughts are junk food for the psyche, polluting our inner environment. Detox by immersion in nature, positivity and creativity.
~LeAura Alderson, writer, editor, creator®

Negative thoughts are junk food for the psyche, polluting our inner environment. Detox by immersion in nature, positivity and creativity.
~LeAura Alderson, writer, editor, creator®
Image by Benjamin Balazs from Pixabay

Swap a Bad for a Good

Swap one life diminishing habit, for one life-giving habit that you also love. Since reducing sugar, my eyesight and other health benefits are evident, from that one simple swap. I call it Food Aikido.

Rather than focusing on what we can’t have, we simply focus on what we can have that we enjoy and that’s good for us. Instead of dwelling on what we don’t have or can’t do, we’re grateful for what we do have and focus on what we can do. 

What’s one bad habit you’ve swapped for a better one? 

Please share if you’d like to. You can send us a note or comment in the iCreateDaily for Creators Facebook group.

A Garden Snippet — The Nature Remedy

As some of you know, our family also owns a gardening website as a part of our media publishing company. We’re into gardening, foodscaping, landscaping and have visions of farming in our future, so sharing here some of how nature nurtures our nature in case it may also serve you.

Communing With Nature

While you’re out communing with nature, you might also harvest some dandelions and ramps. We’re growing both and they’re both good for spring detox and to help with sloughing off that extra winter fat.

I love dandelion salad with balsamic vinegar, and dandelion tea, especially for periodic detox, so now we’re also growing dandelion on purpose because it’s such an amazingly healthy and medicinal plant. Every part is useful and beneficial, plus the blossoms are good spring flowers for bees and other pollinators.

Let’s create a garden of life, shall we?

Whether actually or metaphorically, whether a garden or a garden pot, a garden painting or poem…a garden salad or green juice… create something lovely that will nurture you… body and soul. 🙂

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See you” in the garden!

“Planting seeds in your garden is like planting thoughts in your mind.  Nourish the good ones and pull out the weeds.”
~LeAura Alderson, writer, editor, co-owner –

Fairy statue reading – Image and quote credit to

So when you’re trying to resist indulging in something you know you shouldn’t do… that doesn’t support your goals, consider a walk in nature to nurture your aspirations over your appetites.

“Thorns of the rose do not stop it’s sweet scent.”
~Sally Kirkpatrick, retired teacher, writer

“Thorns of the rose do not stop it's sweet scent.”
~Sally Kirkpatrick, retired teacher, writer
Rose and thorns quote by Sally Kirkpatrick

Top feature Photo by Ladyfern Photos on Unsplash

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