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How to Stop Seeking External Validation from Others and Tune Into the Truth of You

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The less at ease we are with ourselves, the more inclined we are to seek external validation, stimulation and significance. And yet it is ever fleeting.  Like the popular song on The Greatest Showman, it’s never enough.

The more we are at ease with ourselves the less we are inclined to seek external validation.

Finding Peace Within

We grow in ease within ourselves by doing the things we know in our heart we should do.

We are most at ease with ourselves when our actions and thoughts align with our inner “shoulds”. Those are the “shoulds” not imposed on us by others but rather, are the memes (thoughtforms) of our own aspirations.

Often we still resist that calling and avoid it as long as we can. In that avoidance we may find the temporary comfort of easiness, but it is only temporary and not the deep and abiding comfort of being at ease with our soul, and it’s actually a detour that delays the real work we’re here to do.

When we heed that which compels us from within, we align with an inner strength, peace and joy that is not dependent on any external circumstance or person.

There we find ourselves.

“We grow in ease within ourselves by doing the things we know in our heart we should do.”
~LeAura Alderson, writer, editor, creator®

Be Patient but Persistent

It isn’t overnight. It is a lifetime of blossoming in the thousand petalled lotus of the heart where resides all that is good and right and true… the real you.

Becoming You is all the validation you need, and it is not dependent on what others think. Rather, it is a knowing in the deepest recesses of your heart and the highest visions of your mind.

Be patient but persistent in your pursuit of your inner alignment.

“Like a tuning fork when the right chord is struck, when you’re in alignment with your true inner notes, your entire being will reverberate that unison.”
~LeAura Alderson, writer, editor, creator®

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LIFE LESSON: Inner Alignment
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Social Media – Seeking External Validation on Steroids

Social media has exponentially amplified the human proclivity to seek external validation from others and escalated the “keeping up with the Joneses” feelings. Avoid that trap. Instead, focus on gratitude for what you have. Remember to celebrate and appreciate your gain and wins, and take actions daily that are in the direction of your goals.

Make progress in accordance with yourself and that which compels you, and leave others to theirs. Appreciate and applaud theirs without it reflecting on you. Their wins are not your losses. Your losses are only your aspirations that you do not pursue and the call of your soul that you ignore.

One indication that we’re off track with that voice is when and if we find ourselves making excuses. Listen to the sound of our own excuses and probe the truth there.

As a life coach I observed that most people already know the answers to their problems and dilemmas and struggles. They often just needed help discovering that which they already knew deep within. 

The more we act in alignment with our highest aspirations, the closer we live in the sun of our soul where shadows dissolve and truth is revealed.

The truth?

You are enough.


Oh fragrant Lotus of the Heart, 
open thy petals of grace 
that I might enter that place 
that heals all wounds. 

Where lives not anger or pride, 
There no dogma or judgment abide; 
Nor harbors resentment or hurt, 
No dark malice or disconcert. 

That hallowed place where humanity
merges with divinity’s infinity
Timeless home of the solaced soul
Where shattered dreams are made whole.

Oh everblooming lotus of the heart, 
open unto me your sweet illumination, 
that I may see the way home and 
and so seeing, turn and shine that light.

Unto the Lighted Path.

~LeAura Alderson, writer, editor, creator®

LOTUS POEM-HEART POEM-Lotus of the heart poem

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