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Setting Short Term Goals and Long Term Goals

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New Year’s Resolutions and Short Term Goals

When it comes to goals, no matter the time of year, here’s the short and the long of it. To achieve your long term goals, you must break it down into short term goals.

Just two things stand in the way of you becoming your ideal vision of yourself.

  1. Belief. You must believe it. (Long term goals).
  2. The daily discipline to make it so. (Short term goals).

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, we all know what happens. Most people start out on fire with big goals, only to feel defeated way too soon. We’ve probably all been in that “most people” crowd many years running.

The waiting room to success is a very crowded place. 
~LeAura Alderson, cofounder –®

Those resolutions are visions of our future self, kicked down the road until the New Year where somehow the magical power of January 1st will be the day that everything changes. That’s a lot of pressure on one little day. It’s a lot of procrastination called to reckoning from one year to the next in the new year.

That’s a lot of pressure on you.

Here’s the truth: Every day is a new year. Each new dawn is the blank canvas to paint into being. Sketch in your vision of you, then bring her to life each day. 
~LeAura Alderson, cofounder –

It's New Year's Resolutions Time. Or is it? Do they ever really work? Here's the short and the long of it: To achieve your long term goals, you must break it down into short term goals.

Setting Short Term Goals

If it’s challenging for you to set a quarterly goal, then start with the day. What do you want to have accomplished by day’s end, such that if you do you will feel gratified and satisfied?

Begin with the Day

The Day’s Goal

The day’s goal becomes your goal for today. Then repeat that same simple process tomorrow.

The Week’s Goals

As you continue this process daily, you will notice you’re becoming more efficient and setting and achieving your daily goal is getting easier. Once you’re comfortable and competent at setting short term goals for a day, you can expand it to a week.

Then you can read more on setting weekly goals.

The Month’s Goals

Similarly, as you become habituated to setting daily and weekly goals, it’s natural to expand that into monthly goals.

In this process you’re working from micro (the day) to macro (the month).

short term goals, micro goals, daily goals

The Way to You

You become who you want to be, not once a year and not because of New Year’s resolutions.

You become who you want to be by daily disciplines that produce the results you want.
~LeAura Alderson, cofounder –

Each day presents us a brand new year, from that moment forward. Each day has never happened before, has never been lived before.

When creating goals, most of us tend to come up with more than we can get done. We cram into the New Year our idyllic self and plans, yet all too often find ourselves coming up short and feeling quickly defeated.

The 90 Day Goals Journals are designed specifically to help you focus on identifying, refining and achieving your goals, one day, one week, one month, one quarter at a time.

FACT: When we structure and plan our days and weeks we get more done.

For more on setting macro and micro goals, from annual down to daily, you may enjoy this article.

Each day is a gift to discover. Unwrap the precious present with care and gratitude, then make the most of it.
~LeAura Alderson, cofounder –®

Create the life you want to live, one day at a time.

The Day is the Way.


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