30 Day Intuitive Art Challenge

You. 30 days. Your creations.

This 30 Day Intuitive Art Challenge is about creating daily for 30 days.

This for artists of any kind, (including writers, photographers, etc)… anyone creating anything, really.

How you will feel at the end of a month if you work on your art every day for 30 days…?

Imagine what you can achieve.

What you get – all for free!!!

🎨Daily email prompts  📗A free art journal* 💜Private Facebook group

👍🏼😊You get rewarded for doing what you already want to do!😊👏🏼

*You’ll receive a hard copy of the iCreateDaily Journal of your choice FOR FREE, if you complete the 30-day process.

Are you ready?

Two Ways to go through this challenge:

1. Just Art It: Just start creating your art… each day, for 30 days.  This is good if you are self-motivated with plenty of ideas.

2. Art by Prompts: We provide daily prompts by email and in the Facebook group for times when you could use a little creative inspiration.  This is a focus group where artists and other creators, can share their work (completed and in progress).

What’s Required — Accountability
This is simply you committing to doing your art daily.

To Qualify for a free journal at the end of 30 days, is simple:
Post at least once daily in the iCreateDaily Facebook group as to your art progress.

You can post:
Photos, links to what you’ve created, or even just a sentence on what you worked on that day.
(Optional, but lovely: While you’re there, feel free to offer encouragement to other members).

Accountability isn’t just about checking in, it also helps you stay connected to a community of other creators,
get—and give—encouragement.

Building the habit of creating daily becomes easier when you have help from people who are there to support your creative goals.

Ready to join?

Common Questions — FAQs

“What if I miss a day?”
“What if I don’t have time?”
“What if I’m away on vacation?” Etc.

Don’t worry. Life happens. It’s not about daily creating no matter what.
But remember, this is for YOU!
It’s about developing the habit of daily creating as a part of your normal routine.
If you miss a day or so, you hop right back into the creative flow at your very next opportunity.

Want to but afraid you don’t have time?
Even 5 minutes of writing, sketching, drawing, painting, etc., begins to set the rhythm of this daily habit.
In time, you will expand your ability to create more each day.

Daily steps in the direction of your dreams is a proven path to success.
~LeAura Alderson, author, entrepreneur, co-founder-iCreateDaily.com

How to Get A Free iCreateDaily Journal

To get a free iCreateDaily journal of your choice you must go through the 30 Day Challenge and post daily updates in the Facebook Group daily.


Let’s do this!