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Creating Flow – Don’t Wait for it, Create It!

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Creating Flow, the habit of daily journaling helps to create flow in writing.

The Mad Dash

Creating flow is about losing yourself through the habit of practicing the flow state.

Do you remember when as kids, we’d be so immersed in play that we’d put off bathroom breaks as long as possible until the mad dash to prevent an accident? We were in the flow and creating flow.

Well… that’s one of the ways we can recognize our passion now. Raise your hand if you’ve done this as an adult immersed in creating. 🙋🏻‍♀️ 

Or, as one iCreateDaily member said:

When Work Isn’t

While I’ve been working 7 days a week for a few years now, it doesn’t feel like work. Excepting for this past week with many hours on website tech support and issues not yet resolved as of this writing.

I know that to some of you I may seem tech savvy, but it’s just a superficial 101 user level, as tech is not my strength, though I enjoy learning about it and growing in competency is enjoyable and empowering.

Creation, Connection, Contribution

But what I love is creation, connection and contribution. Each morning I look forward to checking the comments, creations and emails from the iCreateDaily community. I’m not a huge fan of social media otherwise, because it can be a time hog. But I’m grateful for how it connects us and the opportunities it provides to grow brands.

Then there’s the writing and creating of new articles or editing and updating older content for iCD and our family’s monetizing websites. It’s a joy to be able to commute from our bathroom to kitchen to my laptop in our plant-filled sunroom or outdoor table, depending on the season — MCT coffee in hand.

I can get lost for hours of philosophical, positive, and growth mindset writing. There’s no other time I could sit for hours, but in writing I’m often in the creative zone, and have even been in my chair for 12 hours straight, excepting for the obligatory bathroom breaks. But usually, I’m sure to include some exercise and movement in each day for balance, even when it means tearing myself away to do so.

It hasn’t always been that way. I used to be impatient with writing and especially with editing, with no patience to go back and read previous content, let alone take the time to edit and refine it. But with maturing in ones craft, comes appreciation of the improving and refining process, and now, I love it!

Through the daily discipline of a creative habit, I’m creating flow at will.

Creating flow at will is a result of the daily discipline of a creative practice.
~LeAura Alderson, writer, editor, creator®

Words Sprouting Like Weeds

As often happens, what started as a short note has grown into an article length piece that will probably become an article in the future. In fact, many of our articles began like that.

You’re a creator, so you know how creativity sprouts out all over the place, like weeds in summer. Think you don’t have much to say, or draw or paint, but get started and watch it GROW, for that is the FLOW of creativity.

Creativity will RUSH IN when invited through daily immersion in creating over consuming.

Creating flow comes from getting started creating, and keeping at it. Daily. But mindset is key. Create a sacred mental space imbued with gratitude, positivity and optimism.

Don’t feel positive? Begin with writing about and reading about gratitude, and positivity and optimism will follow.

“Creating flow comes from getting started creating, and keeping at it. Daily.”
~LeAura Alderson, writer, editor, creator®

Creating Flow

We create the flow of creativity by getting started. We can’t ride the waves until we get into the water. So dive into the sea of creativity and start swimming. Occasionally the waves come our way and lap at our feet and spray us in salty delight, but to be a good swimmer requires getting in and getting wet.

“To create is to swim in a sea of wonder under starry skies and moonlit nights of possibility.”
~LeAura Alderson, writer, editor, creator®

Many Are Struggling

I know that many of us are having similar experiences, considerations, deliberations and struggles. Some are interested in how to create your own online business, brand, or freelance services, and you’re wondering what’s possible and which way to go.

So I decided to go ahead and pursue this expanded version rather than a short and sweet share, in case there’s something helpful for you in this, for that is ever my goal.

Beyond that, this is also about the evolution of the iCreateDaily brand, to the extent that this might affect you and/or be of interest.

But many of us prefer shorter reads in bits and bites rather than long absorptive pieces. So this is the first of (what is currently) to be four parts over these next four days, (unless it accordions into more or less in the meantime)!


Each day I’m grateful for the opportunity to create, connect and contribute. 

But for now… I’ve waited too long and I’m in that “mad dash before it’s too late,” state.

More on that tomorrow and as this “batch of thought” continues.

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