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Be Realistic… or Be Bold

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Have you ever been told to “Be bold”? How about, “Be realistic”? Perhaps you’ve even said the latter version to someone else, or even to yourself.

Which phrase do you think get’s used more often? Chances are you know it’s not the first one.

Contributing writer, Mackenzie Clench offers perspective delivered with wit and wisdom.

Be Bold

By Contributing Writer: Mackenzie Clench

There are few conglomerations of words that raise my hackles like the ghastly phrase, “be realistic.” Hell, I wasn’t even aware I HAD hackles, much less that they could be raised. Apparently I missed a memo.

Anyway, my consternation and chagrin is caused by the fact that otherwise intelligent human-flavoured humans seem quite opinionated about this “realism” that I’m supposed to follow so blindly. Not one of these bright sparks seem to be able to tell me WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL IT MEANS.

What is Reality, Anyway?

“Reality” is a not a tangible object, like a tree, a bagel or an Ethel Merman album. Nor is it a standard, objective and external viewpoint that all carbon-based bipeds must follow (despite what modern society would have us believe). 

Ladies and gentlebeings, I’m normally loathed to make proclamations about what you should and should not do.

I have neither the authority, nor the arrogance to cajole you on a subject one way or another. Well… except for pineapple on pizza, but that’s another tale for another time). I have no right to dictate your behaviour. (Nor does ANYONE ELSE come to that).

However, in this case, I will ask you to indulge me as I make a heartfelt plea: 

Never let anyone tell you to ‘be realistic’.
‘Be realistic’ is a dismissive phrase. Be bold instead.
~Mackenzie Clench, writer, founder of Blü Creative

What is it to Be Realistic, Really?

“Be realistic”, can be patronizing and often spoken by folks who haven’t yet summoned the courage to act boldly and revel in their perfectly mad (and madly perfect) self-ness.

  • Don’t hate on them – they often mean well.
  • Don’t pity them – they deserve better.
  • Inspire them with your own unrealistic, beautiful boldness.
  • Encourage them to create their own reality, one that hasn’t been imposed by others

In the end, realistic people don’t change the world. It’s recreated, reenergized and refocused by those crazy enough, unrealistic enough and bold enough to try. 
~Mackenzie Clench, writer, founder of Blü Creative

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CEO, Scribbler and Chief Fuss Maker Blü Creative
#SingYourSong# MakeAFuss# TheBoldType

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