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Tell a Story with Your Art

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Stories will Grow Your Following

Creators have the opportunity to tell a story that captivates your audience far beyond the one work of art.

If you’re a visual artist, tell the story of each piece of art. From the name you give it to the circumstance that inspired it, or what it means to you, there are many angles of story to choose.

If you’re a writer, consider if there may be something you can include in your story that leaves a memorable legacy. Many creators are multi-talented and work in more than one creative medium. If you’re a novelist who’s also a jewelry maker, include a special pendant in your story that you can then also make and sell.

You could do the same thing for any other craft you may enjoy. Now, you’ve created story and craft that gives your reader something more to enjoy that connects them with your story and with you.

Your Story is the Legacy of Your Art

iCreateDaily community member, Nancy Briaddy Gardner, shares reflections inspired by the theme of a book she read. Imagine telling a story in such a way that your reader subsequently reflects on aspects of her life and perhaps even starts a new family tradition.

As a writer, telling a story within your story that’s memorable, relatable and shareable, not only enriches your story but it may enrich the lives of your readers, who in turn will share it. That’s exactly what Nancy does in her sharing of the book, The Charm Bracelet.

The Charm Bracelet Review and Reflections

By Nancy Briaddy Gardner

I recently finished the book “The Charm Bracelet.” It examines the relationship between 3 women (grandmother, mother, granddaughter) who have very different goals and “ideal” lifestyles, with an underlying theme of changing needs in different stages of life.

It’s a pretty good read – give it a shot! Anyway, much of the story is told through tales of the significance of specific charms on the grandmother’s charm bracelet. All three women have them, but most stories come from the grandmother’s bracelet.

Anyway, it got me thinking….if I had to tell my life in charms, what charms would I choose..? I’m still pondering, but I know there would have to be some abstract artsy charm for this stage of my life! Probably a pen for my time as a budding “journalist” in high school, a house to represent my pride at being able to independently purchase a home for my boys, my mother, and myself….something to represent strength to overcome struggles, maybe a bumblebee because he can fly even though aerodynamically, he shouldn’t be able to (no one ever told him that). Probably something to represent my new stage of grandparenthood …. and I’m not sure what else. Oh, yea….and something to represent my passion for teaching the kids who need me most.

Stories Spread

Nancy shared this story in the iCreateDaily Facebook group and likely from her profile for family and friends as well. This generated conversation where others shared about charm bracelets they had and the meaning and purpose of some of the charms.

What charms would you choose to tell some of your life stories?

You can be sure they will all remember the book, The Charm Bracelet. And what if the author, Viola Shipman, was a jewelry maker and had created a special charm bracelet? That kind of crossover creative branding builds stronger brands.

The story of your art is the soul of it. To share that story expands meaning for you, for the art and for the beholder.
~LeAura Alderson,®

An Artist Tells a Story About a Painting

The child prodigy artist, now an adult, Akiane Kramarik, tells moving and intriguing stories about her life and her paintings. Akiane tells a story of one of her creations on video, with captivating visuals and personal extended details around the naming of the painting.

All successfully capture the attention and interest of the audience and make it about so much more than a painting.

Your art is about more than a painting or a book, a poem or a song… an herbal remedy or quilt… soap or a candle. Whatever you’re creating, there is story there to share that connects you with your audience, your experiences with theirs and your heart with theirs.

To begin to tell the story of your art, always start with the truth. To tell your truth is always a good story. Even if it is to say that you didn’t have anything in mind when you started painting and the painting just took over and became what it became. That too is a story and then you can name it to frame it.

To tell the story of your art is to give it heart and soul. To name it is to frame it in personality.
~LeAura Alderson,®

Akiane Kramarik’s Story of the Naming of a Painting

Observe Akiane’s skill at telling the story of her painting and the naming of it. If you’re just getting started in this, don’t let it intimidate you.

“We cannot teach a flower how to grow, we can only learn from it.”
~Akiane Kramarik, child prodigy artist, philanthropist

For more on Akiane, please visit this article.

“Soul is like monarch without a crown in an endless palace of relationships. Where each mature relationship is patience, and each immature relationship is a performance.”
Akiane Kramarik, child prodigy artist, philanthropist

SOURCE: Akiane’s book, Akiane-My Dream Is Bigger Than I : Memories of Tomorrow

Sometimes, the Art is the Story

And then there’s art like that of the awesome Land Artist, Jon Foreman, where indeed… the art is the story.

A movement for creators serious about their work.

The Day is the Way.


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