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A Garden Poem – Of a Garden

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A Garden Poem by Shannon Schofield #AGarrdenPoem #GardenPoem #GardenPoetry

Poet, beekeeper, business owner and gardener, Shannon DeAnna Schofield says, she loves “waking to dancing words”. These are the words that danced into Shannon’s mind early one summer morning… A Garden poem.

Above feature image by ArtTower from Pixabay 

A Garden Poem


by Shannon DeAnna Schofield

My body sits restful on this shore
My mind is idle and in a bore
Heart yearns for something more
And I thought of a garden.

Daisies dancing in my mind
Regal roses smell so fine
Glads stand tall in a line
In my dream of a garden.

Shovel and spade ready to toil
As I push and dig in heavy soil
It’s so hot my blood will boil
As I construct a garden.

Rain and sun come from above
In a tree is a cooing dove
My heart is now filled with love
When I grow a garden.

Permeating scents of mints and balm
As loud cicadas sing their song
All of this is peaceful calm
As I walk throughout a garden.

Taters, maters, cukes delight
Each are worth all the plight
To have a plethora of food in sight
All because of a garden.

Nutrition and light will deploy
Fill my soul with enduring joy
Freedom of heart I now employ
Within the banks of a garden.

My soul is filled and now I know
As I watched my garden grow
All of this food to bestow
With the harvest of a garden.

Twirling circles in a dance
Wildly moving in a trance
Now I know I have a chance
It is all because of a garden.

Shannon DeAnna Schofield, poet, author beekeeper, gardener
A Garden Poem by Shannon Schofield #GardenPoem #GardenPoetry #GardeningPoem

Thanks to Shannon for sharing A Garden Poem with us. She’s working on her second book… you can find her first book, Perfectly Imperfect, here.

You’ll find more garden memes and poems here, and a garden metaphor article here.

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