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I Believe in You

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LeAura and Coleman Alderson

Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe in your dreams? I believe in you. Seriously. But let’s back up for a minute.

FIRST…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY DEAR HUSBAND!! Today, 7/30/20, begins the 67th voyage around the sun on terra firma for my husband and sweetheart of nearly 32 years, Coleman Alderson.

Without his faith and trust, this community and none of what we’re doing and aspiring to with iCreateDaily, would’ve been possible. Or at least it would’ve been a whole lot harder. 

I awaken each day, so grateful for him and this life we get to share. 

What’s for You Here?

Beyond your appreciation of my appreciation and celebration of this new year of Coleman’s life, this sharing has a lot to do with you as well if you will stick with these thoughts to come.


There’s one thing Coleman has contributed to my life more than any other, of his many, wonderful attributes.

Coleman believes in me. 

He has faith in my vision and my capacity to achieve it, even when I’ve doubted, even when I’ve failed, and failed again. Even when he had no reason to believe. 

His unwavering faith and support have always been there to bolster my doubt and catch my falls and fails with understanding, encouragement, faith, trust and belief.

I’m getting chills even as I write this, for this is the first time that I’m really giving voice to this realization in writing, let alone sharing it with you.

The other reason for the chills… that wonderful spine-tingling confirmation from the Soul saying “Yes! You’re on track, Dear”, is the realization of the wonderful connection between this priceless gift from Coleman and iCreateDaily.

This helped reveal the next slogan for iCreateDaily as well.

New iCreateDaily Slogan

Transformation through creation.®

Once we believe in ourselves, we can risk curiosity, wonder, spontaneous delight, or any experience that reveals the human spirit.”
~E.E. Cummings, poet, painter, playwright, author, 1894-1962

But How Does This Relate to You?

What Coleman has been for me, iCreateDaily is to be for you and all to come.

Who Believes in You?

If you have someone in your close circle who believes in you, that’s fantastic!! If not, or you need an extra boost, then that’s a large part of what iCreateDaily is here to do and be for you.

We believe in you.

iCreateDaily Present and Future

We don’t yet have the staff to teach you how to improve upon your craft, though that is a part of our evolving vision. Until then, we share resources we find that may help, as do you share what you’re finding that may be helpful for others too.

Together, we learn and grow stronger and better in the journey of creating the life we want to live.

We haven’t yet arrived at our major success goal from which to teach you how best to succeed at selling your creations, if that’s your goal. We’re on that journey with you, sharing what we learn as we go, and sharing the expertise of others.

But we are here to encourage you to be on your creator’s journey, and in particular, to create the life you wish to live. And as we grow into our success, one goal at a time, we’ll be ever more able to help you in yours.

What we have in abundance is belief in you, and the awareness of the incredible power you have to achieve your goals, if you choose to.

“Practice any art, music, singing, dancing, acting, drawing, painting, sculpting, poetry, fiction, essays, reportage, no matter how well or badly, not to get money and fame, but to experience becoming, to find out what’s inside you, to make your soul grow.”
~Kurt Vonnegut, writer, author, playwright, 1922-2007

I Believe in You… We Believe in You

For now, what we can contribute is that we unequivocally believe in you.

We’re here to help you lay that foundation by realizing that you are perfectly capable of achieving your dreams. It begins with a dream supported by belief and brought to life daily by the decisions you make and the actions you take.

Mindset is fundamental. Seeing is believing, but to believe is to see and to be. To believe is to become. 

I’ll be sharing more of the unfolding iCreateDaily vision over time. For now, please remember that we believe in you and we’re here for you. So never hesitate to let us know what you’re working on, what you’re aspiring to and what would help you most.

Back to Coleman.

Coleman Alderson

Fiction Author

Coleman is also a creator in several ways. He’s a fiction author with two novels published and literary pros have complimented Coleman’s writing as that of a seasoned author. There is to be a third and final in the series, but he has put that creative aspiration on hold to attend to the necessary that helps make all that we’re working toward possible.

Gardener, Dad, and Oh So Many Hats

Coleman is also creator of food and beauty as our master gardener. Creator of health as “doctor”, investor, land/property manager, provider and oh-so-capable Mr. Fix-everything, to name just a few of the many hats he wears so well and with such good cheer and ability.

This kind, generous and compassionate man is an excellent example of one who is living his future into being, unfettered by a past that could have marred a happy life. 

I am so grateful for him and that we’re each able to grow more fully into ourselves together and individually. We’re steadily evolving the vision of the life we will create over the next 30-40 years together.

Yes… if you’re in your 60’s as we are, then it’s not how old you are but how many years you have left to rock your world!! Whatever your age, it is most important to focus on how much time you have to come, not on all that’s past.

Thank you Dear Coleman.. for who you are and all that you do. Thank you for believing in me and encouraging the continuation of iCreateDaily. Gratitude from an abundant heart.

Gratitude to the iCreateDaily community for pursuing the creation of the life you wish to live and the creativity that must be expressed and shared.

The day is the way to create the life you want to live.


~ LeAura


I Believe in You Songs to Inspire!

These performances are listed alphabetically by the artist’s first name. Enjoy, and let us know your favorite!

Alison Krauss – I Believe in you

Bob Dylan – I Believe In You

Celine Dion – I Believe in You

Kacy Hill – I Believe In You

Kylie Minogue – I Believe In You

Melbourne Mass Gospel Choir – I Believe In You

Michael Bublé – I Believe in You

Sinead O’Connor – I Believe In You

Whitney Houston – I Believe in You and Me

Mariah Carey &Whitney Houston – from The Prince Of Egypt

We Believe in You –

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