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Mother’s Day Poems and Quotes for When You Need a Little Help With Words

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Happy Mother's Day greeting with beautiful sunset roses,

We’ve only just begun collecting Mother’s Day Poems and Quotes and will be adding many more over time.

Glad to publish yours here, either your favorites by others or that you’ve written. Just send it to us and include your site of social page if you’d like it included in tribute.

Angels and Mother’s Day Poems


You’re the one with those Angel Eyes
You’re an angel in a mother’s disguise
You’re the one who sees us through
You, sweet momma, and your heart so true
You’re the sun that makes the flowers
With you, momma, I could talk for hours
About things we’ve seen and things we’ve done
An Angel, sweet momma
You are the one
I know how much I mean to you
As far as you see out the ocean blue
I know how much you mean to me
My momma, my Angel, eternity

~Shannon DeAnna Schofield, poet, author, gardener beekeeper, b.2/23/1977


Now I have your Angel Eyes
I’ll be your Angel in a daughter’s disguise
I’ll be the one to see you through
With love and grace…
My oath to you
Now you see your duty is done
You ran a great race
Our hearts you’ve won
Now imagine a journey so sweet
A sunrise over the lake,
Dancing in the street
I wish you could see you through my eyes
Your love and kindness are the best prize
A most beautiful soul you are
A shimmering, glimmering, shining star!
A beautiful Angel I hold so dear
My sweet momma do not fear
This next leg of our journey may be bumpy and long
We’ll turn up the music momma and we’ll sing a song
I’ll carry you down this leg of this life
I’ll lighten your path with love and light
I have always known what I mean to you
As far as you see out the ocean blue
I know exactly what you mean to me
My momma, my Angel, eternity

~Shannon DeAnna Schofield, poet, author, gardener beekeeper, b.2/23/1977

Gratitude and Mother’s Day Poems


So many blessings in each day…
Years of good memories – quite an array. 
The nurture of our homes in the woods, 
Enchanted forest of nature’s goods.
Flourishing plants, flowers and trees…
Home to butterflies, birds and the bees.

Your love of nature taught me how
To treasure the fascination of nature’s tao.
Those seeds were planted, and now I’m keen,
so grateful for miracles from ethers unseen.
You and your life, a Soul solid and sound
My Love for You ever Deep and Profound..

So grateful for you… and your Love ever True…
Happy Mother’s Day to You❣️

~LeAura Alderson, creator –®
Mother's Day Poem for a nature lover, or gardener, Mother's Day Meme for a nature lover,


So grateful for the years we’ve had.
Most were good, a few were bad.
We weathered together through thick and thin
A Mother’s Love forever without end.

Your presence is etched in every cell
Expressions and laughter I know so well.
You I could count on to always be there
with a ready hug and a listening ear.

So many things enjoyed over time
Memories cherished, fun and sublime.
All the wonderful movies and books
Deep conversations, moments and looks.

Love of music and nature we shared
Joy and sorrows, you always cared.
In my heart forever, you shall be,
As close as my next fond memory.

Snippets of life, fleeting flashes in time
Gratitude and grace abide in heart’s shrine
That eternal flame ever kindled
A Mother’s Love never dwindled.

So grateful for you
A Mother’s Love True.
Held ever close with care
The memories we share.

Now and forever through and through
Thank you, thank you… I’ll always love you.

Happy Mother’s Day❣️

~LeAura Alderson, creator

A Mother’s Heart – Mother’s Day Poem


With a touch she can calm you as no one else can.
With a look she can scold you and shame a grown man.
Her love has made you who you are today.
She gave it freely expecting no pay.

She can kiss you oh so gently and she can whop you upside your head.
She can make you happy or sorry for every word you’ve ever said.
Don’t ever underestimate her if someone would harm you, they’ll wish they were dead.

No momma bear is fiercer than your mom defending kin.
She’ll fight you to the death and my bet’s on her to win.
For you see my child and this I’ll tell you true…
There’s no stronger bond on earth than your Momma’s Love for you.

Julie Courtois, writer, poet

When Mother’s Day is Tough

I wrote this for all the mothers who are sad on mothers day. I have another I wrote for a friend who lost her mother but it’s not specifically about mothers, just grief in general. I think of those who are sad on the days we celebrate. I hope for their peace and comfort.

Shannon’s empathic sensitivity shows up in this poem.


What is a mother to you
Is she someone you call when you’re feeling blue
Is she someone who will make you food
Maybe she can change your mood

My mother is precious to me
She taught me love and to live free
I have other mothers and you may too
A mother is a woman who cares for you

Sometimes a mother cares for furrbabes
These mothers are special
These mothers are great

Some mothers replace a missing piece
Not all mothers give birth, you see
Other mothers have lost their heart
I pray for their comfort and a new start

I hope for light to brighten their way
I hope for peace until that day
A mother is so many things
Think of a mother and what that means

A woman who gives love and care
A mother is a warm hug to wear
Take care of our mothers and you will see clear
That hope for tomorrow is right here
The knowledge they share and care they freely give
Bring hope for tomorrow so all can live

~Shannon DeAnna Schofield, poet, author, gardener beekeeper, b.2/23/1977

If you’d like us to publish your Mother’s Day poems, you can submit here.

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