Your Destiny: Be Your Own Hero

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Is your destiny set…?

Or do you create it? This is an oft debated topic, with strong opinions on both sides, as well as those who do not believe in destiny at all.


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How about you? Do you believe that the purpose of your life is set and predetermined by you, God or others…? Or, do you believe it is mutable, and something you’re able to change?

Audio Article – Be Your Own Hero


Religion Aside

For many, their religion is believed to dictate their destiny. Be it God or karma, some in each religion tend to believe their life is out of their hands and in the hands of God. Or that karma past, dictates circumstances that cannot be changed but by the will of God or Lords of Karma.

For our purposes here, we’re speaking to all that’s possible for each of us to achieve, no matter—and perhaps even in spite of—prior conditioning. Unless you allow that to limit you. If you’re limited by prior conditioning… by what society, parents, teacher and others told you, let that limitation go.

What’s holding you back now?

What if that were no longer an issue. What could you do next? And of that, what is it that you’re able to do now, without the perfect circumstance?

If nothing was holding you back, what would you do?

Life Purpose

No matter whether you’re “supposed to be” a surgeon or a painter… an author or an actor… a singer or an entrepreneur—or any combination of these—the outer forms your creativity takes on, is for most of us, rarely so specifically important. So if you’re not certain of your life purpose, don’t worry.

Life purpose is more of a concept than a specific thing.

Most artists we know are not creative in only one area. It’s like cuisine: most of us have favorite foods, but we also enjoy favorite foods in different cuisines. Same thing with art, music, books, flowers… whatever. It’s rare for book lovers to love only one kind of book. Rare for chefs to enjoy cooking—and eating—only one kind of food, and so forth, whatever the topic, there are many possible variants.

It’s the same thing with life purpose. There are many different ways we can express our life purpose, and many different names and nuances we can give to any life purpose we perceive.

One of the reasons for this is that life purpose more often than not, is a wide ranging generalization. Like painting, and the wide array of color options and images to paint; or music and songs to sing or play. So too with our life purpose, and subsequently, so too with destiny. More often than not, destiny is the horizon before us.

For more on discovering purpose, you may enjoy this article and quotes.

Your destiny is ever the horizon before you. Head in the direction that will take you closer to the person you wish to become.
~LeAura Alderson, author, entrepreneur, co-founder-iCreateDaily

Your Destiny

No matter whether you have a keen sense of your destiny, or feel completely clueless as to what it is you’re here to do, there’s a simple truism that’s relevant for every living organism, and especially humans.

Humans are the bridge between animals and angels… between devil and divinity. Our evolutionary birthright is to ascend into the glory of greatness. To be all that we can be.

Our heroes are those who have fought their way to a higher level of being by the sweat of struggle and strife. The heroes of stories are to inspire us and remind of us our destiny… of what’s possible. It’s just that we tend to forget that it is an example and reminder, rather than entertainment, or the prerogative of the privileged.

Heroes are so because they fought their way to be who they became.

Destiny is simple. Your destiny is to be all that you can be.
~LeAura Alderson, author, entrepreneur, co-founder-iCreateDaily

Be Your Own Hero

Who do you admire? Who are your idols? They hold clues to your destiny.

One of our favorite performing artists is dancer-violinist extraordinaire, Lindsey Stirling. I am not here to be a violinist, or even an exquisite dancer, though I did take years of classical Indian dance classes. However, movement, music and dance stirs my soul and propels me into doing and being more on the trajectory that I’m on.

The role of heroes today is not to save us, but to inspire us to take action and to be your own hero.
~LeAura Alderson, author, entrepreneur, co-founder-iCreateDaily

Don’t be a Spectator

As children, we see and do… see and do. Children see the examples of their elders and mimic them. The child doesn’t want to just watch mom or dad cook; he/she also wants to help. The child doesn’t watch others dance; he/she wants to also jump in and dance.

Then somewhere along the way, too often, we begin to lose our spark… our enthusiasm… our energy and intrigue with trying, and jumping in and doing.

Perhaps it begins in middle school when we become self-conscious and shy. Perhaps sooner, or in high school. Perhaps in the workplace where we lose sight of our dreams in the fog of routine and work we don’t love.

Don’t be a spectator… get into the arena of your dreams.
~LeAura Alderson, author, entrepreneur, co-founder-iCreateDaily

Revisit and Revive Your Vision

What were the dreams of your younger self? How have those changed? How can you embellish it with highlights from your childhood?

Your earliest daydreams may hold clues. Lindsey Stirling is one of my heroes. I admire her incredible musical talent, her wide ranging and fluid dance skills and the fantastically creative video performances she proliferates.

Lindsey Stirling reminds me to be a better version of myself, because of her example of that. She is one of my creative heroes, and her musical performances stir me to be better and be better… to do more and be more of who I’m capable of being, whatever that may be for me, at whatever age.

As you pursue your personal excellence and be your own hero, you will in turn be hero and inspiration to others.

A life lived fully, inspires others to rise into fuller lives.

Head in the direction of dreams. Your hero awaits. There you will find your destiny… yourself… the hero in you.
~LeAura Alderson, author, entrepreneur, co-founder-iCreateDaily

Lindsey Stirling

There are MANY delightful Lindsey Stirling music videos. Here are two of our favorites to enchant and entrance.

Lindsey Stirling – Crystalize production in a beautiful “ice castle”.

Lindsey Stirling – water fountain show.


We shared another all time Lindsey favorite in this article as well. Or check out Lindsay’s Christmas productions, such as this one, especially if you’re reading this around the holidays.

Share some of your heroes with us… and even better? Share a story about You Being Your Own Hero!

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